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Rel has always maintained a strong curiosity in the field of computer and multimedia. She is committed to researching the most practical solutions to computer problems and is also good at writing articles related to screen recording, video editing, and PDF.

Rel joined EaseUS in 2023 and has one year of SEO experience. As an SEO writer, Rel is good at writing articles about data security and the use of multimedia software.
Rel graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with a degree in English. She is keen to provide readers with high-quality solutions to help people enjoy a better life.
Rel likes sports and fitness during break. She thinks nothing is more important than health.

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Top 7 Karaoke Websites Online Free - Still Available in 2024

Enjoy singing songs with the best karaoke websites online for free! Here are the best platforms to enjoy karaoke online with friends.

Rel   |   Jul 16, 2024

How to Download Someone Else's Twitch VOD

It is easy for you to download your own Twitch VOD since Twitch provides a download button for you. But when it comes to downloading Twitch VODs of other users, you will find there is no such button available. To help you download any Twitch VOD, there are three proven ways for you.

Rel   |   Jul 15, 2024

What Does BPM Mean in Music and How to Find It?

BPM, which stands for beats per minute, measures a song's tempo. Our guide explains how to identify BPM, what it means in detail, and which tool to use to find it.

Rel   |   Jul 15, 2024

How to Find BPM of Spotify Songs🆕2024 Ultimate Tutorial

Do you want to find the BPM of Spotify Songs? Are you particular about the BPM (beats per minute) of songs? Then follow this easy guide on seeing BPM on Spotify or using a BPM analyzer for Mac.

Rel   |   Jul 15, 2024

Best 5 Podcast Voice Changer - Free Version Included

This article covers the 5 best podcast voice changer, including their key features in detail with the price and compatibility too. Although choosing the best voice changer for your device can be difficult, assess your requirements first before making a selection. Keep reading!

Rel   |   Jul 15, 2024

How to Slow Down a video on YouTube - 4 Effective Ways

Has someone created a YouTube video that is playing too fast, and the audio is unclear? Then, this guide tells how to slow down a video on YouTube using the built-in option and software that can help fix any speed and audio issues.

Rel   |   Jul 12, 2024

How to Change BPM of Song in Abelton - 2024 Effective Tutorial

Discover the effective ways how to change the BPM of audio in Ableton Live. Here are the best free tools to enhance your music files.

Rel   |   Jul 12, 2024

Step-by-Step: Download YouTube Videos with VLC🔥2024

Do you know how to download YouTube videos with VLC on your computer? There's no need to worry if you don't. In this post, we will guide you on how to do it. Read through the post and find the answers. 

Rel   |   Jul 12, 2024

Top List for Minecraft Villager Voice Generator and Soundboard

Enjoy the magical voice effects with top Minecraft voice changer and Minecraft soundboards. Here are the best tools to enhance your gameplay and create engaging content.

Rel   |   Jul 12, 2024

6 Best Real Time Voice Changer for PC - Never Miss!

Real time voice changers for PC can be a challenging task to find. But, tools like EaseUS VoiceWave top the list of 6 of the best tools that you can find for PC today.

Rel   |   Jul 12, 2024

How to Download Microsoft Stream Video as MP4

Do you need help with "how to download video from Microsoft Stream"? This post will provide detailed tutorials about downloading videos from Microsoft Stream with your own videos and others' videos.

Rel   |   Jul 11, 2024

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