Popular TikTok Sound Effects List & Soundboard Recommendation

Being a TikTok user, are you looking for the best ways to get your videos viral worldwide? Don't worry; this post offers a complete guide to the popular TikTok sound effects list with the two best soundboards for Windows, Mac, and online users!

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Updated on May 24, 2024

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TikTok has become immensely popular for making content creation easier than ever, but you must be extra creative to stand out. One thing that can help is the pre-existing catchy and funny trending TikTok sound effects for edits to make your videos engaging. Some software and online websites even offer TikTok sounds for those who think outside the box, turning their videos into a worldwide sensation.

In this article, you will learn about the top TikTok sound effects list and the two best TikTok soundboards to add a fun element to your videos.

20 Trending Sound Effects in TikTok

Although it is challenging to curate the trending TikTok sound effects for free download from too many options, here are a few that rank the best. Let's explore:

1- Aesthetic

Since aesthetics are trending in everything, the audio of this song by Tollan Kim is as sweet as a calming sunrise. This super versatile track works great in any video; however, you can use it primarily for daily routines, makeup, skincare, and recipe videos. It can also be beneficial for product videos and weekend highlight vlogs.

2- Baby Talking

Baby Talking is about high-pitched and gibberish vocals that mimic the baby's talk. This is often used for humorous and cute content. You can get this TikTok sound effect in MP3 download files and try it to make family vlogs, pet videos, or any other lighthearted tone content.

3- Orchestral Risers

Those looking for a creepy sound for their TikTok videos should try this Orchestral Risers sound effect. Try this to add a suspense or dramatic element to videos. Since this sound effect usually builds tension, it is perfect for before and after transformation, lead-up to a surprising moment, and revealing videos.

4- See You On The Other Side

This trending TikTok sound became popular at the end of the previous year. This sound effect works excellently in the New Year and New Goals videos. However, you can also use this sound as a reflective track in the farewell, adventure, or deep emotional content. It can even be used in videos of significant life changes and overcoming challenges.

5- Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

Here is a lively and playful soundtrack reemerging on TikTok, bringing the funny and comedic vibes. Although it is mainly used for pet and funny videos, you can also try it for how-to, behind-the-scenes, funny fails, and quirky cooking sessions. It works wonders as background music in verbal videos by adding a lighthearted feel.

6- Golden Hour: Piano Version

Golden Hour is a soft and soothing sound in its piano version, capturing the warm and magical vibes of the golden hour. Since this TikTok sound effect can add a sparkle to your videos, you can use it in time-lapse videos, other peaceful nature content, or as background music while doing a voiceover.

7- Merry Christmas Chipmunks

Are you looking for something extra festive to add to your Christmas videos? If yes, here is the high-pitched sound of Merry Christmas in the voice of the famous chipmunks. It is not only perfect for holiday-themed content like Christmas decor tutorials and holiday party vlogs but also for reacting to someone falling over in the snow.

8- Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is not about the singer but a song by Armani White. You will find many compelling videos on TikTok that use this sound effect of people glamming in baggy clothes. You can use this viral song clip in the transformation videos. It can also be used in artistic makeup tutorials, fashion clips, or deep emotional expression videos.

9- Robotic Voice 15 Seconds

Here is a short sound clip in the robotic voice with different lines, while the most trending one is the "foolish human" line. It will work great for TikToks in terms of tech-related content, futuristic themes, and humorous tracks where the mechanical voice adds a unique touch.

10- Ding Echo Combo

The Ding Echo Combo sound effect is the ultimate solution for the game show parodies. You can easily add this hilarious sound to a fun video of someone doing something sarcastic. It is a simple yet effective sound clip to draw attention to specific moments, such as game achievements, comedic elements, etc.

11- Espresso

Do you know that TikTok users feel like Sabrina Carpenter is the queen of TikTok? It's because all the videos featuring her songs go viral on this platform. Her new song, Espresso, is a fantastic track to use as background music for fashion vlogs. You can use its sped-up version in the TikToks, primarily related to the classic TikTok fashion.

12- Tubarao Te Amo

Tubarao Te Amo has a catchy, rhythmic tone with a strong beat, perfect for showcasing visually awesome content. It can be used to display any charming product or newly launched service. You can even draw attention to something through this sound effect. However, it is becoming viral for sports and fitness-related content.

13- Happy

Since this Happy sound effect is upbeat, cheerful, and energetic, you can use it to make positive video content, such as sharing moments of joy, celebrations, and fun DIY projects. It gets excellent when accompanied by cool cars and sports tricks. You can even use it for an upcoming product launch with the 3, 2, 1 countdown.

14- Bebe Dame

Bebe Dame is a gentle and beautiful love song for your TikTok videos. It can be used in various types of videos, especially cherished memories and dance videos. You can also use it in romantic content or as catchy background music for creative pieces. It even works best for the marketing of Valentine's products.

15- Bouncy Ringtones

The Bouncy Ringtones sound clips are light and playful, which can be used in creative transitional videos and comedic content or highlight amusing notifications and reactions in the videos. Each ringtone will be bumpier than the previous one. Compared to the branded ringtones, they won't bring copyright issues to your video content.

16- End of Beginning

Here is the audio by Djo for using it with the lyrics, "and when I'm back in Chicago, I feel it." TikTok users often use this part to present a place or something special to them. This is usually for adding a dramatic and profound touch to your videos. Another trend that came with this clip is "If I won the lottery, no one would know, but there would be signs."

17- More passion, more energy

More passion, more energy sound is usually trending in hilarious videos because it's like a photographer giving instructions to models during a photoshoot. However, it is also used for animal clips and videos to show how excited you are about a thing you love. You can even try it to show how you motivate yourself for something.

18- Rubber Toy Duck

Who doesn't know about the bright yellow rubber ducks that squeak on squeezing? The ones that are used in the bathtubs and what everyone loves. This quirky sound effect is used primarily for adding humorous or cute elements to your videos, particularly those featuring pets, children, and playful activities.

19- Made You Look

Made You Look is not only a viral sound clip on TikTok but all over social media platforms. You can see thousands of dance videos with this song without getting distracted for a moment. Create somewhat intriguing content to feature this sound effect and post it at the opportune time for high engagement.

20- Walking Around – Instrumental

Walking Around is a song by Eldar Kedem, the perfect sound clip to upbeat your TikTok videos. You can use it for different purposes, such as behind-the-scene videos, recaps, a vlog, and scenic videos. This instrument sound can also be used as background music for the causal lifestyle content and thoughtful storytelling.

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Best TikTok Soundboard to Make Your Videos More Funny🤣

If the pre-existing TikTok sound effects can't meet your demands, you may try some third-party software or online solutions. This section will help you learn about professional software and an easy-to-use online website.

1. EaseUS VoiceWave - Windows

EaseUS VoiceWave is a comprehensive software on Windows that offers voice-changing features with a broad range of TikTok soundboards. You can access more than 300 sound presets, with ongoing development for more options. However, its funny TikTok sound effect list include Electronic Shock, Funny Music, Drowning, Doll, DJ, Cartoon, Horror, etc. You can get this program for free on your Windows PC by clicking the button below! 

easeus fortnite soundboard

Moreover, you can change the speaker's voice in your TikTok videos, adjusting pitch and adding effects like echo and reverb. Besides working well with TikTok, it supports 200+ online games and 50+ instant messaging apps. So, it suits everyone, including content creators, live streamers, game players, and Vtubers.

🎀Other reasons to choose: 

📚As a professional voice changer, you can read more information about EaseUS VoiceWave from the following post: 

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2. Myinstants - Online Website

Myinstants is an excellent choice for those seeking TikTok soundboards. This official website and application offers an extensive range of popular meme sounds as soon as you sign up. It allows you to listen to the different sound effects.

main interface of myinstants

You can use the search box if you cannot find a specific sound. And what's more, you can navigate to the Viral category from the menu to check the trending soundboards.


  • Provide well-organized categories for meme sound effects.
  • Offer different trends varying from country to country
  • Let you demo, copy, and share the sounds on popular platforms

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Since TikTok sounds are crucial for making compelling and shareable videos, this post has offered the best and ever-lasting TikTok sound effects list with suitable video use. But to make your videos more funny and relevant, you can use the best TikTok soundboards.

Although EaseUS VoiceWave is highly recommended as it offers voice-changing capabilities and trending TikTok sound effects for edits in one place, those who prefer online websites can use Myinstants. Try EaseUS now, and you won't regret it!

EaseUS VoiceWave

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