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AI Voice Over Generator Free: Online Text to Speech

Make studio quality voiceovers for your videos online with more than 149 languages or dialects, and 468 voices in natural AI style. The volume, mood, and pauses are all up to you.

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AI Voice Over Software for Text to Speech Voices

Generate realistic AI voices and convert text to human-like speech as easily and naturally as possible. Try our AI voiceover today for free!

  • 468+ Voices in 149+ Languages

    468+ Voices in 149+ Languages

    Create voiceovers with over 468 human-like AI voices in as many as 149 languages with ease. Choose your natural sounding voices at high quality from a wide range of accents, tones, ages, female voices, male voices, or neutral sounds.

  • Easy Voice Over Powered by AI

    Easy Voice Over Powered by AI

    Insert text to generate speech, translate text and then convert it into speech, download audio mp3/wav/flac and export subtitles in sct, docx or txt. Speak a text with AI-powered voices and add subtitles to your videos. Adjust tone, speaking speed, intonation or add pauses, etc to bring your content to life in seconds.

  • Image, Video & BGM Libraries
    Coming Soon...

    Image, Video & BGM Libraries

    Inside EaseUS VoiceOver, several stocks of royalty-free images, video clips, and background music are already available. Explore and find the template that works for your use case. A slicker, simpler & smarter AI text-to-speech video creation now.

AI Voice Generator Helps You Do Voice Over Like A Pro

The best free voice-over generator is ideal for any content creator like Podcast, video actors, moviemakers, influencers for social media, YouTube creators, animators, and anchors.

  • Podcast


    Turn to an AI voice generator to create audio content and start a new podcast automatically without any professional voice-over talent. Add your script & music to get your audience more engaged with AI voices.

  • YouTube channels

    YouTube channels

    Make YouTube videos easy to follow by the script and capture the audience's attention on social media quickly, suitable for various types of videos, such as vlogs, gaming channels, or entertaining content.

  • E-learning courses

    E-learning courses

    Create online courses or tutorials by using a voice-over generator to add narration to videos and improve the learning experience, making it more engaging and accessible for students.

  • Presentation


    Make explainer videos and generate professional-sounding narrations that align with the video's content to showcase products or services and provide clear and concise explanations.

  • Marketing & business

    Marketing & business

    Businesses need to produce marketing videos for promotional campaigns and add persuasive and compelling voice-overs to grab viewers' attention, deliver critical messages, and create a professional impression.

  • Social media video

    Social media video

    Influencers generate high-quality voice-overs in a matter of minutes with no training, control the content by different voices, languages, tones, and styles to match the specific theme or mood of videos.

How to Voice Over A Video Online for Free in Simple Steps

Make unlimited, high quality voice overs for your videos by simple 4 steps.

  • 1

    Create a voice-over project

    Click "Get Started Now" button and create a task or multiple tasks to add a voiceover in the workspace. Make sure you have set up the audio settings to record your voice-over.

  • 2

    Select the voice and language

    Select the voice from the list by gender or style, and choose the specific language for the voice.

  • 3

    Enter text script and convert to speech

    Type or paste your text into the field, and start transcribing it into voiceovers. Adjust the vocal, volume, emphasis, speed, pitch, pause, and pronunciation to make the voiceover sound the way you want.

  • 4

    Export voice or script for your video

    Export the voice or script in any format like MP3 or WAV suitable for the video, and confirm the audio file of natural sounding quality voice.

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What Users Say About EaseUS VoiceOver?

  • EaseUS VoiceOver User: Kevin Rook

    Kevin Rook

    EaseUS Voiceover software has exceeded my expectations.

    The voice quality is exceptional, and I appreciate the wide variety of languages it supports.

    The ability to customize the voice characteristics, such as accent and tone, allows me to tailor the voiceovers to different projects and target audiences. The real-time preview feature has been invaluable in fine-tuning my voiceovers until they sound perfect.

    Overall, this software has elevated the quality of my videos and presentations.

  • EaseUS VoiceOver User: Manny Kressel

    Manny Kressel

    I've been using this simple voice generator for my podcast, and it has been a fantastic tool.

    The voices sound incredibly natural, and the speech rate control helps me maintain a consistent pace throughout my episodes. The software's ease of use and integration capabilities make it a breeze to add voiceovers to my recordings.

    I highly recommend this software to any podcaster or content creator looking for professional and polished voiceovers.

  • EaseUS VoiceOver User: Michelle Ball

    Michelle Ball

    This Voiceover app powered by AI has revolutionized my video marketing efforts.

    he quality of the voices is outstanding, and the ability to adjust the speech rate and add pauses has enhanced the overall flow of my promotional videos.

    The software's integration with video editing tools makes the process seamless, allowing me to focus on the creative aspects of my videos. The real-time preview feature has been a game-changer, enabling me to fine-tune the voiceovers until they are perfect.

    I highly recommend this software to any marketer or content creator.

  • EaseUS VoiceOver User: Michelle Ball

    Michelle Ball

    EaseUS VoiceOver has been a game-changer for my e-learning courses.

    The multilingual support allows me to cater to a global audience, and the customizable voices enable me to match the narration with the content and target audience perfectly. The ability to adjust the pronunciation and add pauses has significantly enhanced the overall quality of my courses.

    It's an excellent tool that saves me time and effort while delivering top-notch voiceovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the most realistic voice over generator?

    Determining the most realistic voice-over generator depends on naturalness, intonation, expressiveness, and adaptability to different scripts. EaseUS VoiceOver stands out as a top choice since it employs an advanced AI algorithm for deep learning and data training and captures subtle nuances in human voices. And it offers substantial voices and languages.

  • Can I make an AI of my own voice?

    Creating a personalized AI model of your own voice typically involves a process known as voice cloning. There are various tools and platforms that use deep learning techniques to analyze and replicate the unique characteristics of a person's voice. TTS services like Kits AI, VoiceDub, and Singify offer voice cloning services.

  • What is the AI that can do voice overs?

    The AI that can do voice overs is generally referred to as an AI-powered text-to-speech service or a voice changer. TTS uses deep learning and neural network architectures to mimic human sounds. You can go to EaseUS VoiceOver, one of the best AI voice generators online that do voice over for your worry-free voice generation.

  • Is there a program that converts text to audio?

    Yes, there are several programs and tools available that can convert text to audio, including text-to-speech(TTS) software like EaseUS VoiceOver and other online text-to-speech services like Google Text-to-speech services and Amazon Polly.

  • How to do text to speech voiceover?

    To create a text-to-speech voiceover, you need to do these things, including preparing the script or text, choosing an online or a desktop TTS tool, owning a computer or device to tun the TTS software, and video editing or multimedia software (optional) to integrate the audio file with your projects.

EaseUS VoiceOver

EaseUS VoiceOver

New Release

Text to Speech AI Voice Over Generator Free & Online

* No installation required