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Thanks for reading my articles. I sincerely hope they can give you a clue in problem-solving.

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Melissa is a sophisticated editor for EaseUS in tech blog writing. She is proficient in writing articles related to multimedia tools including screen recording, video editing, and PDF file conversion. Also, she's starting to write blogs about data security, including articles about data recovery, disk partitioning, data backup, etc.

Melissa has worked as a technical writer since she graduated from university. She wrote many essays related to screen recording, video editing, and iOS & Android problem-solving. All she wants is to provide solutions to help people. Now she's concentrated on solving PDF-related problems and writing blogs about data security.
As a graduate of Business English, Melissa received her bachelor's degree from SWUST. After graduation, she was passionate about writing non-literary articles and gained a lot of experience, which has laid a solid foundation for her current job.
In her spare time, Melissa enjoys watching English TV series and movies. She also likes to sing and travel.

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3 Ways to Download Playlist from YouTube as MP3 on PC

If you found or created a playlist of YouTube music videos and would like to get them on your PC in MP3, you can use a YouTube playlist to MP3 converter or downloader to download YouTube playlist to MP3.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 27, 2024

Snapchat Voice Changer: Change Your Voice on Snapchat

The voice changer feature on Snapchat can change your voice on Snapchat during calls. In this article, we will show you how to use the inbuilt tool to modify your voice. Also, we will give you some other Snapchat voice changer apps.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 27, 2024

Top 4 Old Man Voice Changer in 2024 [Apps & Online]

Choosing an efficient old-man voice changer is a task considering the number of voice tools on the internet. In this article, we present you four special old man voice changers capable of generating realistic voiceovers for your videos and games.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 27, 2024

[2024 Updated!] 9 Voice Changer WhatsApp Users Want

Have you ever thought about changing your voice when speaking or calling someone on WhatsApp? If so, you will need a voice changer for WhatsApp. This review will give you some popular ones for PC and mobile users.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 27, 2024

10+ Voice Changer for Discord [2024 List]

Voice changers for Discord can be fun to use and play with. This article will help you find 10 of the best discord voice changers you can use today.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 27, 2024

Best 6 Female to Male Voice Changer in 2024

Are you looking for a female-to-male voice changer? If so, you can stop searching. This review gives you the best female-to-male voice changer apps and online tools to help you change your voice to a man's. Read ahead to choose one.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 27, 2024

How to Download Audio from Instagram Reels

You can also find trending and beautiful music on Instagram Reels apart from entertaining content. This guide will show you how to save audio from Instagram Reels and download Instagram Reels audio to your devices.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 26, 2024

How to Download All Videos from a Dailymotion Playlist

You may have known how to download videos from Dailymotion, but still wonder how can you download the Dailymotion playlist. Follow the content in the article, you will get to know how to download Dailymotion playlist.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 26, 2024

2 Ways to Download Songs from YouTube on Mac

This article introduces multiple ways to download songs from YouTube on Mac.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 26, 2024

Best Scary Voice Changer Apps Never Miss! [2024]

Scary voice changer apps can turn your human voice into a scary ghost voice. If you want to prank your friends, especially on Halloween day, you may need a capable scary voice changer app. This review will give you the most popular ones for your choice.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 26, 2024

Top 8 Venom Voice Changer [PC, Mobile, and Online]

Venom voice changer can help you become an iconic character in a few seconds. However, are there any good or reliable tools? Yes, there are, and this article will help you with seven of the voice changers that will help you sound like Venom in real-time.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 26, 2024

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