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How to Download an Entire SoundCloud Playlist to MP3 in 3 Ways

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How to Download an Entire SoundCloud Playlist to MP3 in 3 Ways

updated on Feb 22, 2023 | Home > Video & Audio Downloading

SoundCloud is one of the largest music streaming sites. You can create a playlist using your own songs or others' songs. When your want to have an official release of your songs, you can mark a playlist as an album, EP, Single, or a compilation. People can view this from the tab Album on your page.

No matter you are an artist or not, you may want to download a SoundCloud playlist to your device for reasons. This article will show you how to download a SoundCloud playlist to MP3 with 3 SoundCloud playlist downloaders.

Part 1. Can I Download SoundCloud Music 

Whether you are an uploader who wants to download the songs you uploaded or a common user who wants to download others' tracks, you can only save a SoundCloud track from the "Download file" option. If you don't see the option, that means the direct download permission is disabled for the track by the uploader and you can't get it off from SoundCloud.

As an uploader, you can enable the download permission and then download your track. While as a common user, you can only save SoundCloud tracks using a SoundCloud downloader.

Part 2. How to Download SoundCloud Playlist to MP3

You can download songs from SoundCloud one by one if they are downloadable. When you want to download multiple tracks or an entire SoundCloud playlist, it is time-consuming to get them one by one. When it comes to downloading a SoundCloud playlist, you need the help of a third-party SoundCloud playlist downloader.

In this section, you will get to know 3 useful SoundCloud playlist downloaders that can download an entire SoundCloud playlist at one time. Let's get started.

1. EaseUS Video Downloader 

EaseUS Video Downloader is a versatile video and audio downloader with a bulk downloading feature. With the feature, you can batch download video and audio files from websites by URL. You can enter either multiple video/audio URLs or enter the URL of a playlist/channel. When you want to download a SoundCloud playlist, a YouTube playlist, or a YouTube channel, you can choose EaseUS Video Downloader to complete the task in several clicks. EaseUS Video Downloader allows you to download audio in MP3 or WAV and you can choose the format and audio quality based on your needs. 

As a desktop downloader on Windows and Mac, EaseUS Video Downloader is light in size and free of ads. With the intuitive interface, it is quite easy for you to get started with the downloader. See key features of EaseUS Video Downloader below.

  • Download video and audio from 1,000+ websites using URLs, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Twitch.
  • Convert videos to MP4/MP3/WAV, supporting the most popular social media websites
  • Save audio or song in MP3 or WAV
  • Download playlist/channel from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bilibili, and more sites
  • Download part of videos or audio from a playlist or channel
  • Extract MP3 from videos 
  • Download live streams from YouTube and Twitch


In Step 2, the tool ticks all the SoundCloud tracks by default, if you want to download part of the SoundCloud playlist, you can untick some tracks and download tracks you like only. In case you need it, check out this guide on how to download YouTube playlist to MP3.

2. is an online SoundCloud playlist that downloads an entire SoundCloud playlist in one zip file. By copying and pasting the SoundCloud playlist's URL into the bar, you can get tracks included in the playlist. While sometimes you may not be able to download all tracks in the SoundCloud playlist due to copyright issues. The tool will list songs you can't download after parsing the URL. Now let's show how the SoundCloud playlist downloader work.

Step 1. Open the website with any browser on your computer. Make sure you select the tab "Playlist."

Online SoundCloud playlist downloader - 1

Step 2. Go to SoundCloud, copy the link of the playlist you want to save, and paste it into the searching bar. Click "Download."

Step 3. Click "Download" and wait for the playlist downloader to handle the task. Wait for a while and a zip file containing SoundCloud music will be saved to your computer. 

Online SoundCloud playlist downloader - 2

Step 4. Click the three-dot icon of Google and select "Downloads" to find the zip file. Locate it on your computer and unzip the file to get the SoundCloud playlist. may mark some copyright-free tracks as undownloadable, even if the uploader enables the download options. In such a case, you can try EaseUS Video Downloader to download these tracks.

3. GenMP3

GenMP3 is another type of SoundCloud playlist downloader. Instead of downloading all SoundCloud tracks in a playlist into a zip file, the tool will parse the link and provide a download button to all tracks. In other words, the downloader will parse the SoundCloud playlist URL and allow you to download tracks one by one. The downloader doesn't allow you to download all tracks in one click. You can use this tool when you want to download part of the SoundCloud playlist. See how to use this online SoundCloud playlist downloader.

Step 1. open the site on your computer. 

Step 2. Get the SoundCloud playlist URL and paste it into the online downloader. Click the "Download" button.

Step 3. Then all the tracks in the SoundCloud playlist will be displayed on the page, with a download button. Click the button to save the song. You need to download tracks one by one.

Online SoundCloud playlist downloader - 3

The Bottom Line

In the above content, you have learned how to download a SoundCloud playlist to MP3 in 3 methods. With the 3 ways, you can either download part or all tracks from a SoundCloud playlist or album. But be noticed that you are only allowed to download songs that have a download button. If there is not one, you need to get the permission of the uploader to download SoundCloud tracks or playlist.

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