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[How to Fix] Clownfish Voice Changer not Working

Melissa Lee updated on Apr 23, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Clownfish Voice Changer is a familiar voice changer application available free of cost. People are very much okay with this application when accessing communication platforms globally; it is trustworthy too.

However, issues like Clownfish Voice Changer not working while using this application should be rectified when you regularly use communication platforms. Are you experiencing issues with Clownfish Voice Changer? Do you looking for the reasons and guide to fix it?

If you do, no worries. We will show you how to fix this problem. We tested some fixes and listed the feasible ones in this article. Check what we tested in the chart below:

❓Content included Reasons and fixes
💻Test running on Computers
✅Success rate Above 98%
⏱️Time costed Within 10 minutes

Possible Reasons

The users of Clownfish may need help for not working correctly and clarification about the right reasons. At this stage, people want to know the exact reason for not working. For information, an application like Clownfish Voice Changer needs the proper installation manually.

Also, you need to use the latest version, whereas the older version needs to be ignored. When you are using this application, you must check the updates at regular intervals of time.

Fixes of Clownfish Voice Changer not Working

Here is the list of fixes you can try to fix the issue behind the Clownfish Voice Changer not working.

Fix 1: Update to the Latest Version

Clownfish Voice Changer is a popular celebrity voice changer that can turn your voice into any popular character or celebrity. However, this application's older or out-of-date version may lead you to face Clownfish Voice Changer not working conditions. To fix it, you can go ahead with the latest version. To make this possible, follow the proper steps for updating the application.

Unintall a Program

Step 1. First, you need to search the control panel, which you can find in the search bar, and tap the enter button to open it.

Step 2. Locate and open the Programs and Features section.

Step 3. Locate and then select the Clownfish app and then Uninstall.

Step 4. Once the above process is done, you can visit the site of Clownfish Voice Changer and grab the latest version of this application.

Step 5. At last, make sure to restart the PC and stick to the latest version.

Fix 2: Installation of Microphone

You can follow this solution if you disagree with the above method. Yes, approaching the process like installing the microphone in Clownfish can fix and use it further. To make this thing happen, check out the steps below.

Install Microphone

Step 1. First, you need to run the respective clownfish program. After that, you need to right-click on Clownfish, where you can check out the taskbar.

Step 2. Now choose the desired microphone that suits your PC and complete the installation.

Step 3. You can now restart your PC to check whether the application is working.

Fix 3: Update Drivers

The usage of outdated drivers could bring issues and make your application not work. Also, there is a high chance that using a malfunctioned device driver or outdated device can cause an error. So, here let's follow the steps discussed below to fix it.

Scan Drivers

Step 1. Install a third-party driver, such as EaseUS DriverHandy, on your PC, and launch it. It should include an option to scan and update the drivers.

Step 2. Tap on the scan now button, and you should wait until the system gets scanned and display the issue if it's found.

Step 3. Now, you must click the update button to help the drive automatically get the correct version.

An Alternative of Clownfish Voice Changer

If you face errors with Clownfish, you can find an alternative voice changer like Voicemod. It offers real-time voice changing and custom sound effects for different communication desktop applications.

With the support of Voicemod, it will allow you to choose and adjust speaker and microphone settings. Also, if you compare it to Clownfish, one can expect the best alternative option, like Voicemod. The application delivers the best features to experience the users.


Main Features of Voicemod:

  • The live voice changer doesn't require prerecording
  • Users can get the voice modulator set up within 5 minutes
  • Users can create their own voices for the soundboard
  • TikTok voice changer to polish your videos
  • It won't ruin the performance of apps or games

Clownfish Voice Changernot Working FAQs

Now that you know the solutions, here are some frequently asked questions about the topic. 

1. How do I get my Clownfish Voice Changer to work?

If you are running an application with an older version, find the latest version and update it. Once done, you can restart and check out. Done that, make sure to change the default mic to Clownfish, and then you can use it to change the voice.

2. Does Clownfish work on Windows 11?

Yes, it will work on Windows 11, but there can be compatibility issues as the updates are slow. You may have to use the compatibility mode to fix the problem.

3. Does Clownfish Voice Changer have viruses?

No. If you download it from the official website, there is no virus. However, if you have doubts, make sure to scan them with your security software.


Finally, people facing the issue of the Clownfish Voice Changer not working for a long time and want to fix it soon can check out the above solutions. The discussed different methods will be helpful for you to fix the issues soon.

If you are still struggling with it despite trying all methods, you can choose an alternative application like Voicemod. Yes, it will be offering exciting features to experience at any time. Even the usage is simple for the users as you may find it interesting once you access it.

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