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Top 4 Old Man Voice Changer in 2023 [Apps & Online]

Melissa Lee updated on May 18, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

We always try to imitate our friends and family to pull their legs in family gatherings. But what if you want to disguise your voice to an old man to sound like a professional artist? You cannot do it until or unless you are a voice artist. But with the development of deep learning and AI technologies, converting your voice into an old man or anyone you want has become effortless.

Now, if you are looking for an old man voice changer to convert your voice and integrate it with external applications like Discord and Twitch, we have got them covered in this article. We ran many tests on them and made a table to show you the most important testing data. Have a look at them now.

?How many tested 10+
?Product types Online and offline
?Voice effects tested Over 100
?️Device compatibility Windows and Mac PC
?User ratings 3-4 out of 5

Old Man Voice Changer App

There are tons of voice changers, but as promised, we have got the best ones out of them. We have personally tried and tested these tools to monitor various factors like performance, integration, voice filters, sound effects, and more.

1. Voicemod

Voicemod is a great voice changer software you can use to sound like an old man. This Voice modulator helps you to disguise yourself like an old man. Also, this female-to-male voice changer can change the gender of your voice easily. It has over 80+ voice filters at its disposal. The tool can integrate with external applications for gaming and streaming needs.

Another stand-out feature has to be the Voicelab. You can upload your audio file and apply voice filters, sound effects, and audio effects like pitch, speech, low pass, and harmony to personalize your voice using this feature.



  • Excellent customization options with Voicelab feature
  • An insane library with professional voice filters and sound and audio effects
  • Offers background noise addition or removal to enhance the audio


  • You can only avail of Voicelab with the PRO version
  • The free version offers only 7 sets of presets

2. MorphVOX 

MorphVOX is another voice changer for gaming that can change your voice without a hassle. The tool comes with a great set of background noises to improve your audio vibe. You can get this in two modes, and the pro version offers a lot of customization options for choosing preconfigured voices, pitch, speech, voice effects, and graphic equalizer.

The second one is a simple mode with preconfigured noises and text-to-speech features. The ultimate deal if you are a beginner looking for an old-man voice generator with a seamless integration experience with desktop applications. It comes with an inbuilt microphone and unlimited hours of recording and editing features to sound as human as possible.



  • A robust library with professional voiceovers
  • A great set of customization options to adjust pitch, speech, equalizer, etc.
  • Integration with games and streaming apps is top-notch


  • Users cannot save the files locally in mp3 format
  • The full version seems a little pricy

3. Clownfish Voice Changer 

Also, check out the Clownfish Voice Changer to disguise your voice as Old Man. This all-in-one voice changer is brilliant as it allows you to record the audio or upload it, customize it with excellent options, and apply voice filters to sound exactly how you want. The stand-out features have to be the professional voiceovers generated from AI and the customization options to adjust the audio characteristics like emphasis, volume, pitch, and speech.

You will get voice filters like man, woman, old man, robot, helium pitches, celebrities, and cartoons. You can set up this voice changer with all desktop apps for games and apps with ease. Just a microphone setup is enough, and you are good to go.

Clownfish Voice Changer 


  • Ability to convert voices in real-time
  • You can adjust the microphone during the recording and conversations
  • Uninterrupted integration for gaming and streaming apps


  • New voice filters do not get added frequently
  • You can avail of the free version, but it limits the basic voice filters

Old Man Voice Changer Online

Typecast.ai is a totally online-based TikTok text-to-speech voice changer with 300+ professional voiceovers. It can generate voice-over for videos and games with virtual AI avatars. It comes with a simple ad intuitive interface with a lot of voices like man, woman, child, old man, etc.

The best feature has to be the ability to put emotions into the AI avatars; sounds fantastic, right? You can tailor your narratives with different kinds of emotions and bring your audio to life and import the files onto your device.



  • Great set of Text to Voice templates
  • Create realistic voice avatars as Video narrators
  • Adding emotions to your audio files


  • The tool supports only two languages: English and Korean
  • The settings to fine-tune emotions into speech are pretty basic but can be better

Old Man Voice Changer FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent FAQs asked on Old Man Voice Changers. If you have similar queries hope this will help you. 

1. What is the app that changes your voice to an old man?

You can find many voice changers to modify your voice into an old man. Our suggestions would be Voicemod, typecast.ai, Clownfish, and MorphVOX, as they come with customization options and filters.

2. How to get a guy voice changer?

It is pretty easy. You just need to download voice changers like Voicemod, Clownfish, or MorphVOX. Configure the input audio devices to the voice changer microphone. Now, select the guy filters and speak on your Microphone. Tada, directly you can speak like a man.

3. Is there a voice changer that sounds real?

Many companies use AI and deep learning techs to fine-tune audio to sound as accurate as possible. Here are some voice changers that churn out the most realistic voiceovers.

  1. 1. Voicemod
  2. 2. MorphxVOX
  3. 3. Clownfish Voice Changer
  4. 4. MURF.AI
  5. 5. Typecast.ai


Choosing one old man voice changer in the sea of voice changers is definitely a task. We have introduced some of the most popular and realistic voice changers to sound like an old man.

Along with the features, also learn the instructions to apply the old man voice filter and disguise your voice. This article makes it easy for you to choose a tool to hide your voice on games and streams anonymously.

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