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Top 5 Girl Voice Changer [Apps & Online]

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 23, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

If you want to alter your voice to a girl voice in gaming or other scenarios, you may need a girl voice changer app. Normally, it can change your voice to a female voice and turn it into a funny one.

With such a tool, you can use it when chatting with friends during a call or making a video that needs voiceover. Whatever the purpose is, you can change your voice in real-time or after recording audio. Check the voice changer app in this review to start!

Girl Voice Changer Apps Never Miss

In this part, we will give you some girl voice changer apps that can be used on PC or mobile phones. You may choose an app based on your demands.

#1. Voicemod

Available on Windows 11/10

Voicemod is a voice changer app compatible with Windows PCs. Whether you want to prank your friends, hide your identity online, or improve your video by changing your voice, it can help. As an anonymous voice changer, it hides your real identity.

The voice "Alice" is the girl voice changer in Voicemod. Therefore, you only need to launch the app, choose "Alice", and modify your original voice. If you want to check the results, you can toggle on the "hear myself" option.


Main Features:

  • It can automatically connect other applications
  • Offer more than 90 preset voice filters
  • Users can create their own voice in the voice studio
  • Layer the voice with any sound or music

#2. Girl Voice Changer PRANK

Available on Android

Girl Voice Changer PRANK is a voice changer app with over 1M users in Google Play. It changes your voice into different tones by applying effects. It brings more joy when you are chatting with friends through voice messages or calls.

Moreover, this app can record your voice with its sound effects. After recording, you can share the edited audio files with your friends on social media. We also listed some of its main features below. Let's check on it together.

Girl Voice Changer PRANK

Main Features:

  • It is also a voice changer for YouTube
  • Good at changing male-to-female voices
  • Offer various voice effects in the library
  • Pitch adjustments are supported

#3. Girls Voice Changer!

Available on iOS

Girls Voice Changer! is another mobile app that lets you export your voice in different kinds of girls' tones. All you need to do is record your voice using Girls Voice Changer while applying its sound effects.

Moreover, this app provides various sound filters like Doll, Man, Sleepy, Machine, Cat, Bird, Fast, Ghost, Bee, Alien, Kid, Slow, Squirrel, Fear, Echo, Monster, Snail, etc. You need to subscribe to the premium version for all features. 1 Week, 12 months, and Lifetime plans are available.

Girls Voice Changer!

Main Features:

  • Record your voice with effects you choose
  • Save the edited audio locally or share it with friends
  • Support previewing the modified voice
  • It is also a voice changer for WhatsApp

#4. LingoJam

Available for browsers

LingoJam is an online voice changer to convert your voice or an audio clip to a girl's voice. It changes your voice by modifying your voice pitch to make it sound younger. Since a girl's voice is usually higher-pitched than an adult woman's, you can choose how high-pitched (or "young") you want.

As it works online, you don't need to download any software. All you have to do is go to its "Girl Voice Changer" webpage and click "record a clip" to modify your voice. Alternatively, you can upload a voice recording to edit it.


Main Features:

  • Turn text to speech with your voice
  • Save the audio locally to your device
  • It is a free TikTok voice changer
  • Users can control the voice pitch and speed

#5. Voicechanger.io

Voicechanger.io is another online tool that can modify your voice with sound filters. With this voice changer, you can save and use the generated audio clips for any purpose. Also, there is no need to credit voicechanger.io if you don't want to.

The way to input sound is flexible. You can upload audio files from your device, use the microphone to generate an audio file immediately or generate speech from a text phrase. Check more features of this tool below.


Main Features:

  • Modify the sound pitch and speed
  • Users need to speak slowly when using it
  • No need to download and pay anything
  • Work as a Snapchat voice changer

Girl Voice Changer FAQs

Check the frequently asked questions and their answers to get more information.

1. How do I change my voice to a girl?

You may choose a tool introduced in this article to change your voice to a girl with voice effects inbuilt. They are:

  • Voicemod (Windows 11/10)
  • Girl Voice Changer PRANK (Android)
  • Girls Voice Changer! (iOS)
  • LingoJam (Online)
  • Voicechanger.io (Online)

2. Is there a girl voice in Voicemod?

Yes, Voicemod is one of the best voice changers where you can change your voice into a girl's voice in no time. And the girl voice filter in Voicemod is called Alice.

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