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Top 5 Donald Trump Voice Changer [Sound like Trump]

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 29, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Many celebrities are known worldwide for their achievements and contributions. Some are popular for specific elements of their behavior or attributes, whether positive or negative. In fact, sometimes, these idiosyncrasies have become synonymous with their identity.

The former United States president, Donald Trump, is one example whose hairstyle and voice are as extremely popular as the man himself. Thus, many people also try to mimic these, using donald trump voice changer tools, for example, to modify their voice in real-time with a similar effect.

Here you will learn about the top tools available that come with this feature in it.

Donald Trump Voice Changer App

Certain tools are highly useful for the process if you want to adjust the voice settings and record voiceovers while sounding like Trump. Here are the top 5 of these programs with relevant information about their uses and disclaimers. Read properly to know which suits you.

Top 1. Voicemod

Voicemod is one of the best voice changers for pc available to use the Donald Trump voice style during online conversations or streams. It is possible to activate this sound effect in some short steps and continue using it while operating other apps, like Zoom, Discord, etc.

You can access the TUNA section to download this sound collection. Then, install the Donald Trump sound effects in the Voicemod Soundboard for further customizations.



  • Sound effects and voice choices are available
  • Customize the clips in the Soundboard
  • Offer a whole collection of sound effects


  • Mainly for Windows users
  • You need to upgrade your plan to get all features

Top 2. NyVox Voice Changer

NyVox is an anime voice changer tool that is powered by strong AI algorithms for precise voice modification. It is not heavily complex to activate, but it does require some extra steps to enable the AI voice sound of Donald Trump while speaking.

You will get 32khz of voice audio quality support in this software and have no functionality problems even while speaking another language. Check the pros and cons of this tool.

NyVox Voice Changer


  • No subscription cost
  • Compatible with different GPUs
  • Suitable for stable voice-modified conversations online


  • Extra devices are needed for better quality
  • Only available on Discord for now

Top 3. Celebrity Voice Changer

One of the best anonymous voice changers for unique Voice sounds and celebrity voice effect options is the iOS and Android-based Celebrity Voice Changer app. Install the right tool into your device and record your voice after installation.

Then, choose the Donald Trump voice effect option from the list and adjust your voice quality to that style with simple steps.

Celebrity Voice Changer


  • Easy to save and share the recorded clips
  • A variety of celebrity voice effect options are available
  • Instant generation of the changed voice recording


  • Only available for mobile-based users
  • The quality of the changed voice effect is not stable sometimes

Top 4. Voice.ai

One of the best voice changers for streaming available to get celebrity-based sound effects like Donald Trump is the Voice.ai software. Of course, you will get more features to adjust the sound quality with this editor. This is due to the advanced algorithms incorporated here that detect human speech changes.

So, the software will detect and change the users' voice to sound like the selected celebrity or other sound effects after you make the customizations. Then, it will enact similar intonations to seem like a realistic copy.



  • Specialized AI technology changes voice inflections
  • Compatible with multiple platforms like Skype, Discord, etc.
  • Supports multiple languages


  • AI Voice Changer is not free to use
  • The Donald Trump effects need to be modified

Top 5. AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND

AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND is a high-quality software for premium-level voice-changing work. Moreover, users can customize the type of voiceovers they record and change parameters like pitch, volume, timbre, etc.

This way, you can directly customize it to become similar to Donald Trump's sound with focused customized. Moreover, a preset analyzer here will detect both sound clips for you and help you align them better. Then, listen to the sound preview for a better understanding.

AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND


  • Record your voiceover in crisp audio quality
  • Analyze and compare different voices and mimics
  • Morph-premade sound recordings


  • Doesn't offer an instant Donald Trump voice-changer effect
  • Complex to understand for total beginners

Donald Trump Voice Changer FAQs

Transform your voice into Donald Trump's voice with an AI voice changer. Perfect for pranks and impersonations. For answers to your queries, read the FAQs section below.

1. How do you get Trump's voice on Voicemod?

Voicemod users can browse the TUNA-based sound collection for meme-worthy sound clips of Donald Trump. Then, through the Soundboard, one can apply the voice effect for real-time voice-changing effects.

2. What voice changer does Donald Trump use on Discord?

If you want to use the Donald Trump sound effect on your Discord channel, a suitable software for that is Voicemod, which is compatible with the software.

3. What is the most realistic voice changer?

Multiple voice changer tools allow users to create relatively realistic voice copies, especially for celebrities like Donald Trump. To give an example, the best app-based ones are Voicemod and Voice.ai.

4. Is there a real-time voice changer?

Multiple voice changer apps and tools allow users to change their voice in real-time using voice effects. A suitable example is Voicemod, which allows users to change their voice during conference calls, video streams, etc.


Overall, multiple paid and free tools are available online for users to change their real voice to sound like Donald Trump. Using these apps, you can modify digital voice during game streaming, voice recording, video creation, etc.

Firstly, take time to understand why you need the voice changer, like to hide your identity during online interactions or to prank people you know. Based on your main need with the voice changer app, you should choose the right software to use for yourself.

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