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Top 6 Best Voice Changer for Stream (Real-Time)

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 16, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

If you are a streamer, who wants to amuse your audiences or make your live stream funny and interesting on Twitch, Discord, or other platforms, the easiest and quickest way is to change your voice or add some funny sound effects while streaming. And all can be done with a voice changer for the stream. 

A professional voice changer for streaming is capable of altering the pitch and timbre of your voice, and even applying special effects almost in real-time. After testing many voice changers on the market, we have picked out six excellent ones to share here. So now, let's jump into it.

#1. Voicemod

If you search best voice changer for streaming on Google, you might always find Voicemod. It is one of the most popular voice changers for stream worldwide. This software allows you to experiment with your creativity and change your voice in real time with numerous voice filters.

Plus, using this voice changer for gaming, you can even change the intensity of these effects or adjust the volume and mix of your chosen voice. With its help, you can create entertaining content for live streaming with ease.


Key features:

  • Provides more than 80 voice effects and counting
  • Allow you to customize the hotkeys to access your favorite voices on the fly
  • Compatible with almost all games and live streaming platforms
  • Enables you to add sound effects to your game with a soundboard

#2. AV Voice Changer

To make your voice sound deeper, higher, older, younger, or more feminine while streaming, you can try an easy-to-use live streaming voice changer - AV Voice Changer.

This voice-changing program offers numerous voice effects and sound filters, including 70 background effects, 17 non-human voices, 40 plugin audio effects, and more. Using this program, you can easily change your voice to a robot, alien, monster, and more in your live streaming. Moreover, it even extends its definition to a complete voice morphing process, like voice attributes, and voice beautifying with more advanced settings.

AV Voice Changer

Key features:

  • Let you set the global hotkeys for frequently used features and nickvoices
  • Perfectly compatible with all communication software and live streaming platforms
  • Allow you to record your voice with sound effects
  • Enable you to import and process many audio files at the same time

#3. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

If you usually need to switch to PC or Mac for live streaming, NCH Voxal Voice Changer might be your best choice. This voice changer runs smoothly and perfectly on both PC and Mac, allowing you to change your voice flexibly in real-time without delay.

From Girl to Alien, the voice changing options are limitless. And you can apply different voice filters to modify your sound in streaming. Whether you use Discord, Twitch, TeamSpeak, or other software, this software can always help you modify your voice!

Voxal Voice Changer

Key features:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Work smoothly on both PC and Mac
  • Allow you to create and custom unlimited voice effects
  • Let you switch between different voices using custom hotkeys

#4. MorphVOX Pro

MorphVOX is also an excellent voice changer for stream, which enables you to modify your voice on Windows or Mac easily and quickly. This software supports many applications, including but not limited to Twitch, Skype, Discord, Fortnite, etc., where you can make your voice sound like a male/female, demon, baby, and more.

Besides that, it also can be used in the studio. It is usually used with multimedia programs like Sound Forge, Vegas, Audacity, ACID, etc.


#5. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is another popular voice changer for streaming on the market. Using this software, you can modify your voice in Helium pitch, radio, robot, baby pitch, and many more. Unlike other programs, this voice changer is installed on the system level, so every application that uses a microphone or other audio capture device will be affected. So, in general, your voice will be changed in Skype, Discord, Viber, etc.

Clownfish voice changer

Key features:

  • There are lots of interesting sound effects available
  • Come with a music player
  • Offer a speech-to-text assistant
  • Virtual Studio Technology plugin support

#6. VoiceMeeter

The last but also excellent streaming voice changer is VoiceMeeter. It is able to mix audio sources coming from audio devices as well as from audio applications, and it can be used to increase or reduce the pitch of your voice too. Audio Mixer Application endowed with Virtual Audio Device used as Virtual I/O to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications. It will always work perfectly whether you use it for gaming or streaming.


Key features:

  • Completely free
  • Let you mix your voice and video game audio on Skype and more
  • Manage simply whatever sound sources on your computer in an easy way

Final Words

Having voice changes during your stream can be a very interesting aspect of the streams, whether it's something you always do or something you occasionally do for funs and giggles. On this page, you can learn some easy yet powerful voice changers for streaming, and just select your desired one to start your task!

Voice Changer for Stream FAQs

1. How can I change my voice while streaming?

The easiest way to change your voice while streaming is to use an excellent voice changer for streaming. As we discussed in this post, you can try Voicemod, NCH Voxal Voice Changer, Clownfish Voice Changer, or other your desired software to modify your voice.

2. Can voice changers get you banned?

No. It changes your microphone sound but does not affect the game or streaming. So it does not get you banned.

3. What do YouTubers use for voice changing?

Below are some voice changers YouTube used usually:

  • Voicemod
  • Clownfish Voice Changer
  • Voxal Voice Changer
  • MorphVOX

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