Why Can't I Save a TikTok Video? Here Are 2 Fixes to Solve the Problem 

If you download TikTok videos frequently for offline watch or reference, you may encounter failures to download TikTok videos sometimes. You want to ask why cant I download TikTok videos. In this article, you will find common causes of the problem and corresponding solutions. Also, we will provide you with extra two ways to download TikTok videos to cope with such conditions.

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Aug 09, 2023

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One of the significant and useful features of TikTok is that TikTok allows people to download videos from the app. With the feature, you can download videos to your local device for offline watching, like keeping a cooking video so that you can follow it to cook the dish. Unfortunately, sometimes you are not able to download a TikTok video, and you may have the doubt, "Why can't I save a TikTok video?"

Well, in the guide, you will find several reasons why you can't save videos on TikTok. What's more, you will learn 2 ways to save videos from TikTok in 2023 from the article.

Part 1. Why Can't I Save Videos on TikTok 2023

The in-app save option of TikTok makes it easy for you to download a TikTok video to your phone or tablet. However, sometimes you may find the option unavailable; thus, you can't download the TikTok video inside the app. While this is not the only situation where you can't save a TikTok video. Let's show you common reasons leading to the problem.

No 1. Video Download Disabled by Creators

The most common cause of the issue "can't download a TikTok video" is that the video download option is disabled by the creator. When the download feature is disabled, the "Save video" option will become greyed out. TikTok grants creators the right to enable or disable video downloads in Settings. 


You can use TikTok video downloaders to download TikTok video without save button. We will show 2 ways to download TikTok videos in the next part.

No 2. The Account Is Private 

Similar to the video download disabled by creators, the video download option for a TikTok video is not available if the account is private. The download option for all videos on a TikTok private account is greyed out. 


If the account is private, you can't get the link to the TikTok video, and there is no way to download the TikTok video. While if you can watch a private video on TikTok, you may know the creator as the creator has approved your follow request previously. You can contact the creator to request a copy of the video if you have a decent reason to download the video and won't use the video improperly. 

No 3. Network Errors

Network errors may be another reason that prevents you from downloading a TikTok video. If something is wrong with your network, you can't download anything from the Internet. You can try to open a browser on your phone and see if you can visit Google or any other sites as normal. If you can't open any page, you should troubleshoot your network connection.


Fix your network issue, and you will get the issue solved.

No 4. The TikTok Server Is Down

Another cause with a low probability is the server down. If the server of TikTok is temporarily down, you may fail to download any TikTok videos. While this possibility is tiny for this. Even if it happens, it won't last long, and you can wait for several minutes and try again later.


TikTok won't leave its server down for a long time. Wait for a while until the server is up. Then everything will be back to normal. 

Above are the 4 possible causes of the issue that you can't download a TikTok video. We have provided the corresponding solutions for each one.

Part 2. How to Download TikTok Videos with Third-Party Tools 

As you know why you can't download TikTok videos, you can take relevant measures to cope with it. If it is because the creator disables the video download option, here are some workarounds for you to download TikTok videos outside the app.

You can use a desktop TikTok video downloader or an online TikTok downloader to help you save TikTok videos that you can't save from the app.

Methods Effectiveness Difficulty
EaseUS Video Downloader High - Download high-quality TikTok videos via 3 clicks
Online TikTok Downloader Medium - Easy to use but highly rely on Internet condition

Method 1. EaseUS Video Downloader

EaseUS Video Downloader is a secure video downloader for Windows and Mac users. With the built-in downloader and embedded browser in the app, you can either download TikTok videos by link or by username, no matter if the video download option is on or off.

easeus video downloader

It allows you to download TikTok videos with original quality. If you want to download sounds from TikTok, you can set MP3 as the output format for the downloaded TikTok video.

Besides downloading video and music from TikTok, you can also download YouTube videos, or any video content from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitch, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. It supports rip content from 1,000+ websites in total. For most sites, you can customize the format and quality of the downloaded items. Also, the batch downloading feature lets you save up to 50 videos at one time.

🔥To get the TikTok video you love, you can download this best TikTok video downloader on your Windows or macOS PC and follow the tutorial EaseUS offers below!

Step 1. Click to open EaseUS Video Downloader on your PC or Mac. Go to Twitch to find the highlight/past broadcast/upload/clip/collection you want to download. Copy and paste the link to the searching bar and click "Search." 

Download videos from Twitch - Step 1

Step 2. The Twitch highlight or past broadcast will be opened and played inside the software. Click the download button below to save it.

Download videos from Twitch - Step 2

Step 3. After the downloading process finishes, you can check the Twitch highlight or broadcast in the "Finished" tab. Click the searching icon to locate it on your PC or Mac.

Download videos from Twitch - Step 3

Disclaimer: The information provided in this guide is only for personal fair use. EaseUS never advocates any copyright infringement action.

🎯Also, read the following tutorials:

Method 2. Online TikTok Video Downloader - SSSTIK

SSSTIK is a free tool to download and convert TikTok videos from the website. The online TikTok downloader can help remove the watermark when downloading a TikTok video from Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. While if you need to download the TikTok video with a watermark, the tool also gets you such a download option. 

What's more, if you want to rip audio from TikTok, SSSTIK helps download TikTok videos in MP3. 

Step 1. Open a browser on any device you have and visit the page: https://ssstik.io/en

Step 2. Copy the TikTok video link on your device.

On a computer, go to TikTok web and find the video, then click the share icon and choose "Copy link" to copy the video URL.

On a mobile device, open the TikTok app and find the TikTok video you want to save. Tap on the share option and get the link by tapping on "Copy link."

Step 3. Paste the TikTok video link into SSSTIK and click "Download."

Step 4. Click on the download option you need to save the TikTok to your device. Wair for a while until the downloading completes.

SSSTIK - help you solve the problem that you can't download TikTok video


1. How to save TikTok videos without a watermark?

You can save TikTok videos without a watermark by using a professional video downloader, like EaseUS Video Download. It is desktop software for Windows and Mac users. Only needs the TikTok video link/URL, then this great tool can free download any TikTok videos for you and offer up to 4k/8k video quality. With its help, you can not only obtain watermarked videos but also extract audio from the videos or directly convert them into MP3 format. EaseUS can meet your diverse needs

2. How to turn on save video on TikTok after posting?

To Turn on save video on TikTok after posting, you can follow the simple tutorial below.

Step 1. Run the TikTok app, and head to the Profile option.

Step 2. Navigate to Menu>Settings> Privacy.

Step 3. Now you can choose to turn  On or Off the Video downloads setting


The article answers your question about why can't I download the TikTok video and how to locate the cause. After you find the cause of the problem, you can cope with the right measure. If it is not an objective factor that you can't do anything, you can always use the tool we talk about in Part 2 to help you download TikTok videos to your device, and we believe EaseUS Video Downloader will be a great choice for all PC users.

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