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How to Download Embedded Videos from Any Page and Site

updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

If you are looking for a way to download an embedded video from a page and a website, keep reading. This article provides you with easy ways to download embedded videos.

The embedded videos you see may be self-hosted or from third-party video-sharing sites. The methods to download an embedded video varies depending on where the video is hosted. We will cover each situation in this guide. 

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Part 1. Download Embedded Video with EaseUS Video Downloader 

Part 2. Save Embedded Videos from Websites with Online Video Downloader 

Part 3. Download Embedded Videos with Browser Developer Tools (Self-hosted)

Part 1. Download Embedded Video with EaseUS Video Downloader 

Most videos embedded on a page are from other video-streaming sites, like YouTube and Dailymotion. These sites provide embed codes that can be used directly on a page. In such a case, downloading an embedded video from a page is equal to downloading a video from video-streaming sites. Thus this question becomes easy. You need a video downloader to help you download the embedded video from the page. 

EaseUS Video Downloader is a helpful video grabber on Windows. You can use its video downloading feature to save embedded videos from websites. You can use either the page URL or the video URL to download an embedded video to your PC. EaseUS Video Downloader can save videos from 1,000+ sites, supporting almost all video sharing and streaming sites you've heard of. Let's check the step-by-step guide below for details.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Downloader on your PC. Copy the URL of the page and paste it into the bar at the start page. Click " Search" to proceed.
You can also copy and paste the video URL. Right-click on the embeded video and select "Copy video URL" to copy the URL.

Download embeded videos - 1

Step 2. The page will open inside EaseUS Video Downloader with a download button below. Click "Download" to save the video.

Download embeded videos - 2

Step 3. Then EaseUS Video Downloader will start download the video. After the downloading is completed, you can check the embedded video in the "Finish" tab.

Download embeded videos - 3

Disclaimer: The information provided in this guide is for personal use. EaseUS is in no way collaborated or affiliated with the any site and will never approve any copyright infringement action. The use of the downloaded files is solely at your own risk.

Part 2. Save Embedded Videos from Websites with Online Video Downloader 

We have also tested some online video downloaders, which can directly parse the page URL and download embedded videos from video-sharing sites. If you have bookmarked an online video downloader, you can try it. In case you have not used an online video downloader before, we have also included a detailed guide below for your reference.

Step 1. Find the embedded video you want to download. Copy the URL of the page or the video.

Step 2. Open an online video downloader in your browser. Then paste the links to the online downloader. Click the button to proceed.

Step 3. The site will parse the page's URL to inspect the items on the page. After the video is loaded, click the download button to keep it to your PC.

Download embedded video - 1

Part 3. Save Embedded Videos with Browser Developer Tools (Self-hosted)

Apart from uploading a video to a video-sharing site like YouTube and adding the embed code directly in the article to embed a video, admins can also self-host a video and embed it into the website. In this case, most third-party video downloaders are incapable of saving embedded videos. You can take advantage of the browser developer tools to rip the embedded video from the site. Let's see how to do this.

Step 1. Open the page with the embedded video you want to save in the Chrome browser.

Step 2. Click the three-dot icon > "More tools" > "Developer tools" to open the code page. You can also press "F12" to open it fast. 

Step 3. Stay on the "Element" tab and inspect a selected element on the page. Click the arrow icon (it will turn into blue) and move your mouse to the embedded video on the page and click. Then go through the code in the developer tools to look for the URL of the video. The URL usually ends with .MP4. 

Step 4. Click to open the URL. If you can't, copy and paste it into a new tab to load the video. Put your mouse within the video page, right-click to select "Save video as..." to save the video to your PC.

Download embeded videos - 2

That is all about how to download an embedded video from any website with browser developer tools.

We have tried to use EaseUS Video Downloader to parse the page URL. It surprises us that it can successfully grab the embedded video with the page's URL. If you have got it on your PC, you might as well give it a try before using the developer tools. 


These are three ways to download embedded videos from any website. Before we took the topic, we thought it was hard or complicated to grab an embedded video from the Internet. While during the process to collect the workable solutions, we found the truth differs from what we've imagined. When there is a problem, there is always somebody providing you with a solution. So here we got the three ways to download embedded videos. If you have long been looking for a way to do this, try the tools or solutions we offer in this guide.

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