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How to Download Someone Else's Twitch VOD

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How to Download Someone Else's Twitch VOD

Myra updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

Can You Download Someone Else's Twitch VOD

That depends. If you are looking for an official way to save someone else's Twitch VOD, the answer is absolute "No."

As you may know, when you are looking to download your own Twitch VODs, you can make Twitch store your broadcasts automatically by enabling "Store saved broadcasts" in Settings. Afterward, you can go to the Video Producer page and click "More" > "Download" next to the video you like to save it to your device. However, there is no such access for you to download Twitch VODs from other channels.

Then can you download someone else's Twitch VODs? If you are willing to apply a third-party Twitch VOD downloader, then it'll become quite easy for you to save someone else's Twitch VODs. Third-party Twitch video downloaders allow you to save a Twitch VOD or clip regardless of its channel. Thus, when you want to download someone else's Twitch VODs, it's necessary to let such a tool help.

How to Download Someone Else's Twitch VOD with EaseUS Video Downloader

Do you want to convert Twitch VODs to MP4 in 1080p, download Twitch clips to MP3, or download Twitch live streams? If you do, I'd like to recommend a reliable video downloader for PC & Mac for you - EaseUS Video Downloader.

With such a tool installed on your computer, you can download online video, audio, and thumbnail from various sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and more. When it comes to Twitch video download, EaseUS Video Downloader helps to:

  • Download Twitch VODs, clips, and live streams
  • Convert Twitch videos to MP4 in 1080p/720p/480p/360p
  • Convert Twitch clips to MP3
  • Get Twitch video thumbnails

When you want to download someone else's Twitch VODs, don't hesitate to try this tool to get the videos you want successfully.

Step 1. Click to open EaseUS Video Downloader on your PC or Mac. Go to Twitch to find the highlight/past broadcast/upload/clip/collection you want to download. Copy and paste the link to the searching bar and click "Search." 

Download videos from Twitch - Step 1

Step 2. The Twitch highlight or past broadcast will be opened and played inside the software. Click the download button below to save it.

Download videos from Twitch - Step 2

Step 3. After the downloading process finishes, you can check the Twitch highlight or broadcast in the "Finished" tab. Click the searching icon to locate it on your PC or Mac.

Download videos from Twitch - Step 3

Disclaimer: The information provided in this guide is only for personal fair use. EaseUS never advocates any copyright infringement action.

As mentioned, Twitch is not the only site EaseUS Video Downloader supports. Whether you want to download songs from YouTube music or convert Twitter videos to MP3, it will also perform well. Hence, if you want to download any video from any site quickly and safely, EaseUS Video Downloader is a good choice for you.

How to Save Someone Else's Twitch VODs Online

Nowadays, more and more programs have their online equivalents. It's no exception when it comes to Twitch video downloaders. Online Twitch VOD downloaders and video downloader extensions are attractive since they don't require any software installation. 

However, since Twitch VODs are generally hours-long and online video downloaders rely on network connections to work, they might be slower than downloading Twitch VODs using a desktop Twitch video downloader.

If you prefer an online service to download Twitch VODs from other channels without software installation, you can go to the best Twitch clip downloader to find a tool that fits your needs perfectly.

Common Questions and Answers

There are some questions and answers you may be interested in.

Can You Download Twitch VODs in Bulk?

EaseUS Video Downloader allows you to download online video or audio files in bulk. But there are seldom online Twitch video downloaders that are capable of downloading multiple items all at once. Therefore, if you need to download Twitch VODs from other channels in bulk, you'd better apply a desktop video downloader.

Can You Download Convert Twitch VODs to MP3 or MP4 Directly?

Of course, you can. There are many tools that have these functions as basic features. Besides, tools that work with VODs also support Twitch clips. Thus, you can use the very same tool to download Twitch clips if you need to.

How to Download Twitch Videos to Mobile Devices?

You can download Twitch videos to your computer first with one of the ways above and then transfer videos from the computer to your mobile device. If you are an iPhone, you can use iPhone transfer software to put videos on your iPhone. While if you are an Android user, using a USB cable is enough. 

The Bottom Line

Downloading Twitch VODs now becomes quite easy for you. Even if you want to download online videos from other sites, the methods listed above are also applicable. With these downloaded videos, you will be able to enjoy them freely without network connections. By the way, remember not to re-edit other's videos unless you are authorized. 

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