Top 6 YouTube Unblocked Google Sites Free List in 2024

Can't watch YouTube content because it is blocked? Don't worry. Enjoy unrestricted video access with our top 6 Free YouTube unblocked Google sites available in 2024.

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Updated on Jun 19, 2024

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A YouTube unblocked website helps you access and watch blocked content. These websites use proxies to hide your IP address and change it to a new IP address to bypass restrictions. You get access to unauthorized YouTube videos with these sites.

YouTube is the world's most popular website for watching and downloading series, with over 2.6 billion active users. However, some schools and workplaces prohibit certain parts of YouTube and its services. Due to state policies, countries like China, Russia, Brazil, and Iran ban full-fledged access. 

However, we believe any ban on freedom of speech isn't healthy. This blog presents the best 6 free unblocked YouTube proxy sites available in 2024. Before we dwell into details, here is a summary of our discussion: 

🚩Site Name ✅Locations 💰Cost
YouTubeUnblocked USA and Europe
  • Free Mode Available
  • Premium costs$3.50/per month
ProxySite USA and Europe
  • Free Mode Available
  • Premium mode costs $9.99/per month
4everproxy 21 Countries
  • Free Mode Available
  • $3.95/per month (Best Value Offer)
Smartproxy 195 Countries
  • Free Mode Available
  • Site Unblocker costs $6/ GB 89+
  • Free Mode Available
  • Premium mode costs $2.9/ per month.
Zalmos 8 Countries
  • Free

Best 6 Free Unblocked YouTube Sites List

Although the internet is filled with many so-called YouTube unblocked sites, only a few sites genuinely do their job. These are our top picks for unblocking YouTube. 

1. YouTubeUnblocked

YouTube Unblocked is a world-class website. It acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet, providing an indirect connection to all YouTube videos. The site also protects your privacy by hiding personal/browsing details.  It is free and accessible from all devices. 

The primary YouTube Unblocked servers are located in the USA and Europe. Using the website is straightforward. You only have to visit the proxy's home page and type the YouTube URL. Then click on the Go Button to get access. YouTube will be there for you. 


✅Reasons to Choose

  • Simple and easy to use
  • It doesn't require any additional software or extension
  • 100% protection against any traceability 

💔Reasons Not to Choose

  • Only limited to the USA and Europe

2. ProxySite 

ProxySite is the next tool in line. The website can unblock YouTube from anywhere in the world. It has about 20 US and 18 EU servers readily available. The data integrity policy ensures that your browsing details and personal data remain hidden and untraceable from relevant authorities. 

ProxySite can unblock website browsers, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and other restricted sites. To do so, visit the ProxySite web page and enter the YouTube URL. Then, click on the Go option to unblock YouTube. 


✅Reasons to Choose

  • SSL encryption to prevent tracking
  • Wide range of servers in different locations
  • Stream videos without any loss of quality and resolution

💔Reason Not to Choose

  • Annoying adds

3. 4everproxy

4everproxy is a high-quality web proxy and VPN server. The website can unlock YouTube in no time. It can be used with smartphones, computers, TVs, routers, and other devices. It gives the best video resolutions with no time lag.

4everproxy doesn't store any data from your network and browsing activities. It makes it secure and transparent. The website also has an in-house DNS service to prevent DNS data leaks from the user's end. Not just YouTube, it can unblock all notable video streams with ease.


✅Reasons to Choose

  • User-friendly interface
  • Customization features are available.
  • No bandwidth limitations are present. 

💔Reasons Not to Choose

  • Limited server networks

4. Smartproxy 

SmartProxy uses data center proxies to unblock YouTube at the speed of light so you can get quick videos quickly. It also provides 100% control over your information and data security. It doesn't limit data usage or the number of connections.  

SmartProxy possesses over 55 million IP addresses, ensuring that YouTube users from 195 countries have unlimited access to the site. It can also unlock Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other streaming websites. The website is compatible with all devices. A premium version is also available for businesses. 


✅Reasons to Choose

  • Wide range of servers
  • It is equally suitable for individuals and businesses
  • Above 99% success rate 

💔Reasons Not to Choose

  • Slow response

5. Hide. me is a household name in the industry. The platform offers 2400+ servers in 89+ locations. It can unlock YouTube from all major regions of the world. The proxy uses Bolt technology to provide the fastest access speed on Windows. is compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome, Mozilla, and other major platforms. You only have to download the desktop version or browser extension to use it. It doesn't store IP details, data logs, or leaks to keep your privacy intact.


✅Reasons to Choose

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • High-quality video streaming experience
  • Native support for IPV6 traffic 

💔Reasons Not to Choose

  • The free version has data usage restrictions 

6. Zalmos  

Zalmos is our sixth and final pick of the day. The software can unblock YouTube without revealing your PCL location. Zalmos can also easily unlock other websites like Facebook, Reddit, X (Twitter), and Yahoo. It is accessible from all devices, including PCs, Laptops, smartphones, and smart TVs.

Zalmos allows you to browse anonymously with no risk of traceability. To unblock YouTube, visit the Zalmos webpage and enter the video URL. After this, click on the Go option at the right of your screen to see the desired results.


✅Reasons to Choose  

  • Primary interface with simplified options
  • Decent quality online video resolutions
  • Quick navigation without any risk

💔Reasons Not to Choose

  • Highly susceptible customer support

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Extra Tip: Download Unblocked Videos with Professional Software

Online Unblocked websites are great for accessing blocked videos, but there are some downsides: they display excessive ads, the server can become unresponsive, and, at times, the video resolution doesn't stay the same. To avoid this, we recommend downloading your favorite unblocked videos with professional software like EaseUS Video Downloader to enjoy the content truly. 

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😉Here are the key features of the EaseUS Video Downloader:

  • It facilitates batch download, allowing you to download multiple clips, movies, or songs at the same time
  • The download speed is 30 times greater than its peers
  • The option to download subtitles is also available
  • A preview option is also available 
  • All videos are free from any annoying watermark or logo

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Wrap Up

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform of our time. Some countries, schools, and organizations put partial or permanent bans on accessing YouTube content. This blog reveals the top 6 unblocked YouTube websites of 2024.

All 6 websites offer secure streaming without data storage. We have presented the web address, intro, interface, and pros and cons of each site. For the best viewing experience, we also recommend downloading blocked videos using EaseUS Video Downloader. So, what are you waiting for? If you find it useful, share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.


These are the most frequently asked questions on the web about our topic of discussion.

Q1. Why will YouTube videos get blocked? 

There can be many reasons for this. YouTube videos can be blocked due to age restrictions, geo-blocking, and license cancellation. However, the most common are the restrictions put in place by either the state, school, or employer.

Q2. Is it legal to download blocked videos from YouTube?

As a rule of thumb, it is illegal to download any video from YouTube without permission. However, as long as you don't upload it on YouTube, you are safe per current regulations.

Q3. How to watch YouTube unblocked at school?

The best option is to use YouTube's unblocked website for school free of cost. You should pick a site based on your device, location, and internet speed. You can also download blocked videos with EaseUS Video downloader for the best viewing.

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