How to Find Trending Sounds on TikTok in 2024

Explore the latest methods to uncover trending sounds on TikTok this year. Stay ahead of the curve with our expert tips.

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Updated on Mar 05, 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • 1️⃣To find the trending sounds on TikTok in the app, go to its "For You" page or use its serach function.
  • 2️⃣To find trending sounds on TikTok for your business or brands, go to TikTok's Creative Center.
  • 3️⃣To get all the popular sounds and songs, go to Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music and search for the playlist by typing in phrases like "TikTok trending sounds" or "TikTok popular songs."
  • 4️⃣To get a complete understanding of TikTok trends, more than just trending sounds, go to websites like TokChart.

Suppose you are a content creator for TikTok. In that case, you must know the importance of following the TikTok trends to ensure your content remains relevant to the current interests and preferences. Trending sounds and challenges especially have the potential to go viral, significantly increasing your reach and impact on the platform. Then, you must be familiar with how to find trending sounds on TikTok. This article, however, summarizes all the possible ways to find trends on TikTok. So keep reading.

Way 1. Check TikTok Creative Center

If you want to know the popular sounds on TikTok, TikTok's Creative Center should be the first place you try. It contains an ever-increasing collection of songs and sound effects worldwide. These sounds are divided into themes such as sound effects, ACG, vlogs, and games; genres such as Classical, Chinese Tradition, RAP, and electronic; and moods such as angry, chill, weird, romantic, and more.

tiktok creative center

You can choose different sounds based on your creative content, and these songs and sound effects have been pre-screened for commercial use, which means you can use them for free for commercial purposes. In the Creative Center, you can find popular sounds in two ways:

Use Trends to find popular songs and sounds:

Step 1. Go to the TikTok Creative Center and select the "Trends" tab from the top navigation bar.

Step 2. Choose "Songs."

creative center trends

Use Creative Tools to find popular sounds on TikTok:

Step 1. Go to the Creative Center and select the "Creative Tools" tab from the top navigation bar.

Step 2. Choose "Commercial Music Library."

creative center creative tools

Way 2. Browse TikTok's Sound Library

TikTok's sound library is also a helpful resource, but it's important to note that the playlists that appear in this section may vary based on your viewing preferences and history.

Here is how you can find and use the trendy sounds in TikTok with its sound library.

Step 1. Press the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen to generate a video.

Step 2. Tap "Sounds," located at the top of the camera screen.

Step 3. Browse the sound library and playlists, and you may find popular sounds.

Step 4. Then tap your preferred sound, and select "✔" if you will use it in your creation.

tiktok sound library

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Way 3. Utilize TikTok's Search Function

TikTok's search function is probably one of the simplest ways to discover trending sounds.

Here is how you can do it:

Step 1. To access the search tool in the TikTok app, tap the magnifying glass icon in the screen's top right corner.

Step 2. Type a phrase like "viral sound" or "trending songs" in the search bar.

Step 3. Tap the "Sounds" tab and scroll through, especially the ones labeled "popular."

Step 4. Tap on the "Use this sound" button to add it.

tiktok search function

Way 4. Scroll TikTok's For You Page

Scrolling through the For You page is among the simplest ways to discover popular TikTok sounds. It allows you to use TikTok as you normally would, requiring minimal additional effort or time. Popular sounds or songs will undoubtedly repeat as you scroll, and you will recognize popular content after a few minutes. However, similar to using the search bar to find popular sounds, this method is limited as it only caters to the user's personal interests.

tiktok for you

Way 5. Follow TikTok Reddit

Trends on TikTok come and go quickly. Therefore, exploring how to find popular sounds on TikTok can be frustrating. Fortunately, the r/TikTok community on Reddit can help. The r/TikTok subreddit gathers popular social news, discussions, and content. You can try these niche communities if you need to track popular TikTok sounds.

Way 6. Check Spotify Playlist

Leading streaming services like Spotify are also good places to find popular songs on TikTok. Enter "TikTok" in the search bar and select "Playlist" to find playlists containing popular TikTok sounds.

spotify tiktok playlist

Way 7. Check Apple Music

Apple Music has a massive catalog of more than 100 million songs. Like Spotify, you could get a list of popular songs after you search "TikTok viral songs."

apple music titktok

Way 8. Explore YouTube

YouTube gathers popular trend songs, content, and videos online, so you can also find TikTok's trendy sounds. Enter keywords like "TikTok trendy sounds" or "TikTok popular songs" in the search bar to find millions of results related to it.

Way 9. Check out TokChart

Some websites like TokChart also enable users to easily spot songs about to go viral and provide inline trend graphs to get a pulse on the current trends quickly. It also offers a customer filter option that allows users to find exactly what they want. It is constantly updated with fresh data procured from multiple sources 24/7, and it offers one plan with simple and straightforward pricing.

tokchart tiktok sound

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To Sum up

Using popular sounds or songs in your videos can accelerate the spread of your content. This article outlines several effective methods for discovering popular TikTok sounds, helping you quickly and easily understand the platform's latest trends.

If you come across a video and like its sound, we also recommend a more straightforward and more direct method - downloading it to your device using EaseUS Video Downloader without the need to search elsewhere.

Share this insightful article with your friends and fellow TikTok enthusiasts! Let's spread the knowledge on discovering popular TikTok sounds.


FAQs of How to Find Trending Sounds on TikTok

After reading some valuable ways to find the trending sounds on TikTok, you are a little closer to an explosive increase in views, shares, and likes. , this FAQ section will give you answers to some questions asked by most readers to provide you with a deeper insight.

1. How do you find what is trending on TikTok?

You can use the "For You" section that recommends other videos based on your searches and viewing history to discover viral trends on TikTok.

2. Why can't I see trending sounds on TikTok?

There are a few possible reasons why you may be unable to see trending sounds on TikTok. ​It's possible that your request has been blocked due to a network policy.

3. What is the trend song in TikTok 2023?

TikTok's top 3 songs in 2023 are If We Ever Broke Up – Mae Stephens, What It Is (Solo Version) – Doechii, and Cupid (Twin Ver – Sped Up Version) – Fifty Fifty.

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