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EaseUS Video Downloader: Unblocked YouTube to MP4 Converter

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EaseUS Video Downloader: Unblocked YouTube to MP4 Converter

Myra updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

Many online YouTube to MP4 converters and YouTube video downloader extensions have been blocked by browsers, especially Chrome, which prevents you from getting videos from YouTube.

Indeed, both online downloaders and browser extensions are prone to be blocked by browsers and the website or extension that works properly today may fail to work tomorrow. Therefore, it's necessary to find a YouTube to MP4 converter or YouTube video downloader that won't be blocked or banned easily.

EaseUS Video Downloader: Unblocked YouTube to MP4 Converter

When you want a YouTube video downloader that won't be blocked, the choice for you is a desktop app. As a versatile video downloader, EaseUS Video Downloader has amazing features including:

  • Download videos & audio files from over 1000+ sites
  • Allow you to select a format and quality before you download the video or audio file (for some sites)
  • Convert video to MP3 or WAV directly (for some sites)
  • Download YouTube thumbnail
  • Download TikTok to GIFs

Compared with the two types of YouTube to MP4 converters mentioned above, a desktop-based video downloader like EaseUS Video Downloader excels mainly in four aspects. More specifically:

More Stable: Unlike online YouTube video downloaders and extensions, desktop programs have less reliance on network connections and run independently (without your browser's support). Thus, even if a browser, like Chrome, has blocked an online YouTube to MP4 converter or extension, a desktop-based YouTube video downloader will stay uninfluential. That's why when you find you can't download YouTube videos via a website anymore, you can still save videos for offline watching with a desktop video downloader.

More Reliable: If you downloaded online video or audio files using websites before, you must have the experience of being redirected to unrelated pages during the process. That won't happen if you use EaseUS Video Downloader.

Faster: Although online services save your time in downloading and installing a program, they are slower when it comes to the video downloading process. Besides, since websites rely on a network connection to work, it will take you much time when you need to download items in large size.

More Powerful: Generally, there are more features in a desktop YouTube to MP4 converter than on a website. For example, EaseUS Video Downloader enables you to download video or audio files in bulk and download items by channel or playlist, but an online YouTube video downloader won't.

Therefore, if you are looking for an unblocked YouTube to MP4 converter, EaseUS Video Downloader is highly recommended. It is not only more stable but also more reliable and faster than its online competitors. (If you want to know more choices, go to the best YouTube video downloader apps to check various YouTube video downloaders.)

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 Easily

Given the popularity of YouTube, EaseUS Video Downloader has advanced support for the site. When you copy a link from YouTube, you can select the video format and quality you like. Thus, it will be easy for you to convert YouTube videos to MP4.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the video you want to convert in the address box and click "Search."

Download YouTube video - 1

Step 2. Check the video and click "Download."

Download YouTube video - 2

Step 3. Choose MP4 as the target format, select a quality you prefer to download, and then click "Download."

Download YouTube video - 3

Step 4. When the downloading process has done, click "Open" to check the downloaded video from the "Finished" section.

Download YouTube video - 4

Disclaimer: This post is limited to personal use only. It is illegal to save any copyrighted content without the content owner's consent. EaseUS does not approve of copyright infringement in any way.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to get an unblocked YouTube to MP4 converter or YouTube video downloader, EaseUS Video Downloader is a suitable choice that will fulfill your needs well. Besides, given its wide support for various video/audio sites and social networking sites, you will need it next time you are going to download an online video or audio file for offline enjoyment. 

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