Best 9 Audio Pitch Changer in 2024🎚️[Apps & Online]

Discover the top nine audio pitch changer tools. Here is a detailed guide on features and functionalities to find the perfect tool for your needs.

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Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Pitch is an essential element of sound. It determines whether a note sounds high or low to the human ear. In music, pitch influences the overall mood and emotional impact of a composition. However, sometimes, you need to manipulate pitch to achieve desired effects. Pitch changer tools can alter the pitch of audio recordings without affecting other aspects, such as tempo or timbre. As the demand for versatile and reliable pitch-changing solutions continues to rise, the need for the best tool becomes increasingly important. This article mentions the 9 best audio pitch changers. We will explore the features and functionalities of the top nine tools available.

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5 MP3 Pitch Changer Online Websites

Online tools offer the flexibility of managing tasks without waiting for downloads and installing software. Here are the five best MP3 pitch changers that you can access online.

1. EaseUS Online Vocal Remover: Best Choice for You🔥

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is a powerful tool for changing pitches online for free. Using advanced AI technology, it excels in separating vocals from any audio or video file with precision. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process. The AI algorithm identifies and isolates vocals from the music, yielding crystal-clear instrumental sound. It is ideal for karaoke or remixing purposes. Users can download the extracted files in a karaoke version or instrumental track. The tool enables users to separate audio elements without compromising quality. EaseUS Vocal Remover offers multiple features for remixing and sampling personalized tracks.


🎊Reasons to choose:

  • Free and online access
  • Adjust the pitch, tempo, and speed of the audio
  • It uses advanced AI technology to separate vocals seamlessly
  • Supports MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, FLAC, M4A formats
  • Enables users to create karaoke tracks and remixes

2. Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover is a versatile solution for adjusting the pitch of audio tracks easily. Using sophisticated algorithms, this app offers users the ability to modify the pitch and tempo of songs. By adjusting the musical key and BPM sliders, users can transpose music to different keys and change playback speeds. The app automatically analyzes the musical key and BPM of the input audio. Furthermore, users can rest assured about their privacy and security. The app operates as a serverless application, ensuring that files remain on the user's device without being uploaded to external servers.


🎊Reasons to choose:

  • It offers a straightforward process to change the pitch of audio tracks
  • Supports file formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and OGG
  • Adjust the pitch by up to positive or negative 24 semitones
  • Option to use sample audio for experimentation before applying pitch changes
  • Offers presets such as the 440 Hz to 432 Hz Converter

3. Audio Alter

Audio Alter is a convenient solution for adjusting the pitch of audio files. It supports various file formats. users can drag and drop the audio file into the interface. It can quickly change pitch while maintaining the original tempo of the audio. Users can adjust the pitch by up to positive or negative 24 semitones, equivalent to two octaves up or down. It provides flexibility for creative experimentation. You can download the modified audio file with the adjusted pitch. Audio Alter offers preset options such as the 440 Hz to 432 Hz Converter. It caters to specific preferences in pitch standards.


🎊Reasons to choose:

  • Allows users to upload audio files easily
  • Supports file formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and OGG
  • Users can change the pitch of audio files without affecting the tempo
  • Allows users to adjust the pitch by up to positive or negative 24 semitones

4. MyEdit

MyEdit Pitch Changer offers a versatile solution for altering the pitch of audio files. Whether you're a singer or voice-over actor, this tool caters to various needs with its powerful functionality. Users can drag and drop their audio file or use the sample audio to upload. The pitch changer online allows users to adjust the pitch of speech or entire songs without affecting tempo. Singers can easily match songs to their vocal range. You can change the key to practice tracks and add character to voiceovers. With quick results and browser-based functionality, it can enhance your audio editing experience.


🎊Reasons to choose:

  • Offers a simple and intuitive interface
  • Supports MP3, WAV, FLAC, and M4A formats
  • Allows users to adjust the pitch of audio files using a slider
  • Enables users to preview the modified audio before downloading it, ensuring desired results

5. Truetone

Truetone Guitar's Music Speed Changer tool provides a versatile platform for modifying audio playback. Whether you need to slow down or speed up music, you can adjust the audio pitch. It also helps in creating audio loops. This YouTube pitch shifter online offers intuitive controls and real-time audio processing. Its tempo and pitch sliders allow for making adjustments. With the ability to change music speed without affecting pitch, musicians can perfect audio sections. Additionally, the pitch-changing feature enables users to match the tuning on their guitar effortlessly. It focuses on specific musical passages.


🎊Reasons to choose:

  • Real-time audio processing to modify music speed and create audio loops instantly
  • Provides sliders for adjusting both tempo and pitch
  • Allows users to easily create audio loops for focused practice on specific musical passages
  • Supports various file formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and M4A

4 Audio Pitch Changer Software for PC

Audio pitch changer software allows users to enhance their audio using installed apps. Here are the four best audio pitch changer software for Windows and Mac.

1. Audacity

🖥️Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Audacity is the premier choice for audio editing and recording. It has multiple audio editing features to meet the diverse needs of creators. Audacity is a versatile platform for producing music and podcasts. Its powerful features make it ideal for beginners and experienced users. It supports multiple audio formats to help you import and export any file type. Furthermore, its plugin support enables users to enhance their productions with a vast selection of third-party plugins. With deep audio analysis tools such as the Spectrogram view and scientific Vamp analyzers, users can visualize frequencies and adjust them.



  • Record and edit audio with a range of tools for precise control over sound
  • Audacity supports all major audio formats
  • Enhance productions with third-party plugins
  • Users can visualize frequencies and perform in-depth audio analysis
  • Features such as a musical view and time stretching

📚If you are looking for ways how to change the pitch in Audacity, the following post can help you:

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2. Steinberg Cubase

🖥️Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Steinberg Cubase is a useful tool for music production. With its comprehensive features, Cubase allows users to produce tracks from inception to completion seamlessly. Whether crafting electronic beats or orchestrating symphonic arrangements, Cubase adapts to any musical genre. It accommodates the creative visions of artists across the spectrum. Moreover, Cubase has an extensive library of high-quality VST instruments and plug-ins offering limitless sonic possibilities. Its MixConsole feature simplifies professional mixing with customizable channel strips and advanced routing options. The tool ensures optimal control over every aspect of the mix.



  • Professional composition, recording, and editing workflows
  • From electronic beats to orchestral arrangements
  • An extensive collection of high-quality VST instruments and plug-ins
  • Allow users to correct pitch imperfections and enhance the audio quality effortlessly

3. Logic Pro

🖥️Compatibility: Mac and iPad

Logic Pro is a flagship digital audio workstation for macOS. It is a powerhouse for music production with its versatile pitch-changing capabilities. Its robust creative tools and professional songwriting offer pitch manipulation functionalities tailored for Mac users. Its integrated Dolby Atmos tools enable users to create fully immersive spatial audio mixes. With its advanced features like Flex Pitch and Flex Time, users can edit the level and pitch of individual notes. It allows users to manipulate the timing and tempo of recordings and transform any audio sample into a malleable instrument. Its comprehensive editing features make it a useful tool. 



  • Logic Pro provides powerful creative tools for professional songwriting.
  • Users can mix and export songs as spatial audio.
  • Offers a massive collection of plug-ins and sounds to enhance creativity.
  • Control music-making sessions from an iPad or iPhone with Logic Remote
  • Includes advanced MIDI editing capabilities.

4. FL Studio

🖥️Compatibility: Windows, macOS, and iOS

FL Studio is known for its versatility and innovation in music production. It offers multiple tools for creating and editing music. Among its multiple features is a robust pitch changer capability. Users can manipulate the pitch of audio recordings with precision. FL Studio empowers you to explore your creative vision. It can change the pitch of vocals or entire compositions. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionality, FL Studio allows you to experiment with different pitches. You can craft unique and captivating musical arrangements. It offers multiple features to fine-tune a vocal performance and create innovative sounds.



  • An all-in-one solution for recording and editing music.
  • AI-powered mastering to achieve professional-sounding results. 
  • Users have access to a vast library of samples and loops.  
  • Supports MIDI controllers, allowing users to control various aspects of their music production. 


Pitch plays a crucial role in music and audio production. It influences the tone and overall quality of a sound. This article explored the nine best web-based and software audio pitch changer tools available. From their diverse features to their ease of use, these pitch changers offer a range of options for musicians and professionals. Whether you want to fine-tune vocal performances or experiment with creative sound manipulation, these pitch changes can help.

For maximum audio customization, consider using EaseUS Online Vocal Remover. It is a versatile recording and editing tool that also offers pitch adjustment capabilities. With an intuitive interface and advanced features, the free online tool is suitable for new and expert users.

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