Background Noise Removal AI-Based Recommendation in 2024

This post will give you the top 8 websites and top 3 software recommendations for background noise removal tools and they are all based on the newest AI model. You can choose the one that meets your needs most.

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Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Type ⭕Pros ❌Cons
  • No need for extra installation
  • Some provide noise removal directly with the URL
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Ease of use
  • Lower security guarantee
  • Higher security guarantee
  • The extra installation will take up more space on your computer
  • Should consider the software's compatibility

According to research, excessive background noise may interfere with listeners' ability to focus and understand information. Whether you are creating content for social media, a podcast, a video series, etc., clear and understandable audio is essential.

There are plenty of apps available that help you remove background noise from your audio or video. These applications use advanced signal processing algorithms and techniques to detect and reduce background noise, maintaining the clarity and comprehensibility of the main audio source. In this article, you will learn about free background noise removal AI apps and online websites.

Remove Background Noise from Audio Online Free with Top 8 Websites

Are you trying to find websites to remove background noise online for free that are both easy to use and highly effective? These are our top 8 suggestions for Windows and Mac PCs.

1] EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is an online vocal removal tool powered by AI that has no system limitations. It enables users to create acapella from songs and even from videos, extract instruments from specified audio clips, and separate vocals from songs. This tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify and extract human voices or music from an audio file without any effort or quality loss.

easeus online vocal remover

🎆Reasons to choose:

  • It is compliant with a variety of audio separator types and can help you separate vocals from instrumental audio like drums, bass, and piano.
  • It supports various types of video formats, including FLAC, M4A, WAV, MP4, MOV, and MP3.
  • It gives users the option to extract voice from audio or video files for use in remixing or karaoke.
  • It can retrieve voice tracks from URLs shared on YouTube or SoundCloud.

✍️User's experience: It effortlessly removes vocals from songs, elevating my listening experience to a whole new level.


With the most advanced capabilities of AI, enables you to work smarter. You can improve your voice's quality and remove distracting noises from your audio, videos, or screen recordings, such as drums, fans, tapping traffic, and other background noises. You can quickly remove distractions and convert your recordings to clear audio.

media io

🎆Reasons to choose:

  • It assists you in eliminating noise from recordings, songs, background music, and other audio files.
  • It supports audio file types like MP3, M4A, OGG, AU, MP4, MOV, VOB, and MTS and can upload other files on any device anytime.
  • You can adjust the noise level and achieve the best possible audio noise reduction.

✍️User's experience:  With this app, I can easily remove vocals from any songs on my playlist because I love karaoke a lot. I really like how organizes and keeps track of each song's pitch.

3] is a next-generation AI voice removal and music source separation service that offers quick, simple, and accurate stem extraction. It can eliminate tracks with vocals, instrumentals, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizers without giving up sound quality. It also lets you quickly access a stripped-back audio file that removes unwanted noise while maintaining vocal clarity.

lalal ai

🎆Reasons to choose:

  • It can divide and reorganize audio files as needed.
  • It has AI-driven background noise reduction features.
  • It has advanced sound technology, including the ability to remove vocals, instruments, or other accompaniments.

✍️User's experience: Literally the best vocal remover in the game. I've used software and other websites, but LALAL.AI gives the best results.

4] uses the latest advances in AI and audio processing to eliminate background noise and improve your speech automatically. You can change the volume level, eliminate background noise, and reduce room echoes. It also offers a seamless way to improve voice recordings in this digital age where content creators, from YouTubers to podcasters, emphasize excellent audio quality.

audo ai

🎆Reasons to choose:

  • It eliminates background noise automatically, saving you the trouble of looking for a quiet spot to press record.
  • It automatically cuts down on reverb, or echo, in your recordings. You can also avoid spending money on acoustic foam panels for your recording studio.
  • It automatically adjusts volume levels for the best possible sound, all with a single button click.

✍️User's experience: I was looking for a way to improve the audio of a video for my next product launch. I went to look at saas but yours is the best. 

5] is a tool that uses AI to remove background noise and reverb from your audio recording or podcast. It eliminates the pauses, unwanted sounds, and hesitations to enhance the smoothness and caliber of your recordings. It offers an appealing and professional audio quality for podcasting, voiceover, presentations, and personal recordings. You can save time and effort by concentrating on confidently and clearly expressing your point.

cleanvoice ai

🎆Reasons to choose:

  • It employs sophisticated algorithms to identify and eliminate undesired mouth sounds, like clicking or smacking the lips.
  • It eliminates slight pauses or stammers that interfere with the flow of your recordings.
  • It produces crisper and more defined recordings by adjusting the frequency balance and removing unwanted background noise.
  • It saves you time and effort by automating the audio editing process.
  • It adjusts to your voice and speaking style, eliminating unwanted aspects without compromising your unique style.

✍️Editor's review: Thanks to the powerful technology of Clean Voice AI, you will be able to get rid of those empty words, unwanted mouth sounds, and inconvenient babbling that often sneak into your recordings.


With its AI-powered noise cancellation, transcription, and meeting notes features, Krisp is free software that helps you be as productive as possible during meetings and calls. Krisp's free version offers noise cancellation for 60 minutes every day. Reputable brands like ClickUp, GitHub, and Chegg rely on Krisp. In addition to noise cancellation, Krisp provides tools like file analytics, voice cancellation, the ability to add a virtual background to video calls, etc.


🎆Reasons to choose:

  • It identifies noise and customizes features.
  • It includes an acoustic correction for echo.
  • It has a record audio feature.

✍️User's experience: Krisp has been a breath of fresh air in the bustling cacophony of modern life. Its noise-canceling magic has transformed my online meetings and voice recordings into clear, professional engagements. 

7] Myedit

MyEdit offers expert-quality audio editing and everything you need to generate a high-quality sound. It uses AI to instantly eliminate background noise from audio for clear, sharp audio. It is perfect for voiceovers, dialogue, narrators, and podcasts. You can remove wind or background noise, adjust your voice, extract instrumentals, find the BPM of your song, and cut audio.


🎆Reasons to choose:

  • It easily eliminates unnecessary background noise from audio without downloading any files to your device.
  • The file types it supports include MP3, WAV, FLAC, and M4A.
  • You can create a karaoke version of a song by extracting the instrumentals and removing the vocals. 

✍️User's experience: Wide range of characters and voice filters, file format support, supports popular audio formats, quick processing, limited preview length, no advanced editing features, etc.

8] Wondershare Noise Reducer

Wondershare Noise Reducer is a noise reduction tool powered by AI to enhance any audio. You can eliminate all unwanted sounds, including wind, crowd noise, etc., for free. Reducing or completely removing the background noise interrupting human voice is possible. Compared to other noise reduction functions, it can handle general ambient sounds.

wondershare noise reducer

🎆Reasons to choose:

  • It enhances the clarity of the voice in audio and can filter out background noise.
  • It eliminates noises like wind, hum, reverb, hiss, click, and other unnecessary sounds.
  • It is a one-touch noise reduction powered by AI that does not need complex parameter settings.

✍️User's experience: Wondershare AILab Noise Reduction tool. It's the ultimate solution for quickly removing voice and wind-like noises from an audio file. It is platform-independent as it is available online and can be accessed with the help of a web browser client.

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Remove Background Noise from Audio with Desktop Software

Let us look at a few desktop software you can download and use to remove background noise from audio. While there are many tools, apps, and noise-cancelling software out there that claim to be the best, let us look at the best ones in this post:

1] Audacity

🖥️Compatibility: Mac, Windows, and Linux

💰Price: Free

Audacity is a free, open-source, cross-platform noise cancellation software. Anyone looking to do some basic editing and fine-tuning of their audio files can download and use this noise-canceling software. This includes spoken word artists hoping to break into an established market and entrepreneurs looking to launch their podcasts.


2] Noise Blocker

🖥️Compatibility: Windows, Mumble, Slack, Discord, and Skype.

💰Price: Free (daily usage is limited after one hour) or download for a price for unlimited use.

With Noise Blocker, you can pre-record sounds you want the tool to eliminate for upcoming calls or streams. So, to keep unwanted noises from getting through to the listener, the software compares the news sounds you recorded beforehand with those that occur during a live call. You can pre-record sounds such as mouse clicks, laptop fans, humming sounds, keyboard typing, etc.

noise blocker

3] Solicall

🖥️Compatibility: Any softphone on any operating system and any desk phone as well as any communication software like Skype for Business or Genesys.

💰Price: Free

Using patented technology, SoliCall enhances the quality of audio in telephone conversations. The software includes advanced noise canceling technology, a versatile echo cancellation program, and the most advanced NOISE FIREWALL for contact centers and crowded workspaces. No matter your company's phone system, you can easily improve call quality. The software is robust, portable, and suitable for usage in any phone setting. It also uses a strong AI engine and an advanced analytic engine.


Final Words

For audio calls, podcasts, video content creation, etc., you must create good-quality audio and video to keep your audience engaged. Only noise-free, smooth audio will draw viewers to the audio or video. This article covers the best AI background noise removal tools and vocal noise removal solutions. The options depend on the purpose for which you use the background noise removal app. Overall, EaseUS Online Vocal Remover will be your best choice and you will love it as long as you try it. 


1. How do I remove background noise from audio for free?

You can quickly enhance the track quality and remove unwanted background noise from your video by using free noise-canceling software or online tools like EaseUS Online Vocal Remover,, Cleanvoice, Audacity, Noise Blocker, etc.

2. What is the best AI tool to remove background noise?

You can use AI tools like Krisp Podcastle,, Noise Eraser, Kapwing, VEED, Adobe Express, etc., to remove background noise from audio, video, podcasts, calls, etc.

3. Is it possible to remove background noise from an audio file?

Numerous AI online tools and desktop software are available to remove background noise from an audio file, some of which are paid, some are free, and some are more efficient and user-friendly than others, particularly when removing background noise. Most come with a built-in plugin or tool for removing background noise.

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