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Unlock the hidden potential of your favorite songs by learning how to get isolated tracks from songs with our step-by-step guide. Read to discover the secrets to isolating vocals, instruments, and more.

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Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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How do DJs get isolated tracks from songs to do remixes?

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Have you ever wondered how vocals, guitar, or drum beats make up your favorite songs? If you're a music lover, knowing how to get isolated tracks from songs can help open up a world of creativity. After separating the audio track from the song, you can use only the vocals or specific instruments as a karaoke track, study material, cover, or create a new composition. In this article, you'll learn three ways to separate your music tracks quickly. Let's start.

You may get a glance at these three ways and make your final decision carefully.

Methods Effectiveness Difficulty
EaseUS Online Vocal Remover Isolate instruments precisely free at one time Super easy
Audacity Separate musical tracks one by one Easy
Moises Offer high-quality paid instrument isolation Easy

Isolate Instruments from Songs Online Free

EaseUS's online vocal remover harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to separate music tracks for free effortlessly. It analyzes your MP3 files and isolates them into individual instrument tracks. This versatile tool empowers you to eliminate instruments from a song or isolate a specific track, be it for guitar, bass, drums, or vocals, enabling a deep dive into the world of music.

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

Moreover, this tool extends its utility beyond track separation. It excels in removing unwanted noise from your audio, such as vocals or intrusive background noise like breathing, wind, or echo, all in the quest for enhancing audio quality. In essence, it functions as an instrument maker, vocal remover, and noise reducer, offering many possibilities.

  • Swiftly employ AI for noise reduction in audio
  • Provide users with the capability to make acapella from song
  • Precisely remove vocals without compromising audio fidelity
  • Its built-in player facilitates real-time preview and adjustment of alterations

Since it has so many features, why not give it a try right away?

Now, let's delve into the specifics of how to use it to obtain individual audio tracks from a song. Please refer to the detailed steps below:

Step 1. From the main page of EaseUS Online Vocal Remover, choose "Vocal Remover" from the left, and click "Choose file" to upload your video or audio files. You can also drop the file into the window.

upload files

Step 2. By AI algorithm, all the vocals in the audio will be recognized automatically and then separated from the music in seconds.

AI algorithm

Step 3. Once vocals are extracted, audition the audio, and then choose to download the extracted Karaoke, instrumental sound, or background music.

download files

Isolate Instruments from Songs with Audacity

In addition to swiftly separating instrument tracks using the tools mentioned above, you can also achieve this using a well-established tool. You can use Audacity to remove or significantly reduce certain audio components in a mix through phase inversion, even to remove vocals from recordings.

To isolate drums:

Step 1. Import Audio

Import your audio into Audacity and split the stereo track into two separate tracks.

audacity split track

Step 2. Invert the Track

Select one track, click "Effects," and choose "Invert." After inverting the audio, you can lower the volume of one of the channels and play it back, noticing that some elements of the vocals and the mix gradually disappear.

audacity invert track

Step 3. Use an Equalizer to Fine-Tune the Audio

Utilize an EQ to control the mix elements you wish to eliminate from the overall mix.

equalization audacity

To isolate the bass:

Step 1. Select the track and navigate to "Effect."

Step 2. Locate the "High-Pass Filter" option.

audacity isolate bass

A small window will appear. In this window, you can leave the default values as they are.

Get Isolated Tracks from Songs with Moises

Moises allows users to make a karaoke track, isolate individual instruments for music practice, or use the stems for new music production. It employs artificial intelligence through the open-source Spleeter to effectively split vocals from instrumental music in any given song.

Depending on the user's requirements, the tool can isolate the track into as many as five separate tracks. However, unlike all features available for free with EaseUS Online Vocal Remover, users may need to pay for advanced features.

Here's the process for using Moises to achieve stem separation:

Step 1. Click on the plus sign (+) to import audio files from your device or cloud storage.

moise import audio

Step 2. After clicking "Next," wait a few seconds and then select your desired option—either "2 tracks" (vocals + instrumental) or "4 tracks" (vocals + drums + bass + others) to separate the track.

moise separate track

Step 3. Once you've completed the audio track separation, click on the cloud icon to download the resulting tracks.

Final Words

You have various options to obtain individual isolated tracks from music, including audio editing software like Audacity or specialized tools designed for stem separation. This article presents three strategies for efficiently accessing music tracks.

However, Audacity can be a bit daunting for beginners due to the multiple steps required to fully isolate elements like bass, drums, and guitar from the music. EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is ideal for newcomers seeking a user-friendly and efficient solution. It allows for creating song tracks; it's free and supports separating multiple tracks.

You can use the tool for free right now by clicking the button below.

FAQs on How to Get Isolated Tracks from Songs

Now that you've explored the various methods for isolating tracks from music, you might have some questions. Here are answers to some common queries.

1. Can you separate tracks from a song?

Yes, the fastest way is to use an instrument maker tool such as EaseUS online vocal remover, which supports extracting at least four audio tracks.

2. How do I extract stems from a song?

You just need to choose a service designed for stem separation. Tools used for this purpose include Adobe Audition, PhonicMind, EaseUS online vocal remover, etc. Typically, you just import the songs and apply stem splitting to get separate stems.

3. What app isolates instruments from a song?

Some well-known options include Audacity, EaseUS online vocal remover, PhonicMind, LALAL.AI, etc.

4. Is it possible to isolate vocals from a song?

Yes, specialized vocal removal tools and methods like phase inversion, EQ, and filtering in Audacity can separate vocals from songs.

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