Best 10 Free Volume Boosters [for Android/iPhone/PC]📱

Discover the top free volume booster apps for PC, iPhone, and Android devices. Here is a detailed guide to enhance your audio experience.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Volume boosting is a fundamental aspect of our digital audio experience. Content creators strive to add more immersive sounds to music and videos. Whether you want to enhance the clarity of dialogue in a video or in a podcast, you can do this with volume boosting.

From volume booster apps to multimedia players, there are multiple tools available for volume boosting or lowering video volume. These MP3 volume booster apps amplify sound and offer additional features such as equalization and bass boosting.

This article explores the top 10 free volume boosters available across various platforms. Here, we'll highlight their features and benefits to help you make an informed decision. 

Best AD-Free Volume Booster Online

Volume Boosters offer features to enhance your audio and sound experience. A web-based app offers flexibility to work with all operating systems. One of the best and most recommended Volume Booster Online tools is EaseUS Online Vocal Remover.

🔥Rating: 5/5

💲Price: Free

EaseUS Online Volume Booster is a versatile audio enhancement tool. The quick MP3 voice remover allows users to decrease or increase the volume of audio files by up to three times. It offers precise adjustments to match your preferences. Additionally, the tool offers the features to change pitch of a song, providing users with greater control over the sound of their audio.

EaseUS Online Volume Booster

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover can analyze and identify the key and BPM of a song, facilitating accurate adjustments and remixing. Its supported file formats are MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, and MP4. With a maximum file limit of 150MB within a 20-minute duration, it ensures efficient processing. It can effectively remove vocals and other elements without compromising audio quality. 

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • You can decrease or increase volume by up to 3x
  • Capable of modifying pitch and volume
  • Can identify key and BPM
  • Removes vocals, instruments, and noise from audio/video files effectively
  • Internet dependency

To get a smooth, ad-free volume boost experience, access the website now:

3 Free Open-Source Volume Boosters for Windows 10/11

Volume Boosters for Windows help you enjoy multiple features on your PCs. Here are 3 best free open-source Volume Boosters for Windows:

Equalizer APO

🔥Rating: 4.5/5 SourceForge

💲Price: Free

Equalizer APO Volume Booster is a versatile audio enhancement tool for Microsoft Windows systems. It allows users to fine-tune their audio output with precision. Its unlimited filters and compatibility with multiple channels allow users to customize their audio experience. Equalizer APO Volume Booster supports multiple file formats, such as MP3, WAV, and FLAC. Its increased range and fast response times enable real-time adjustments.

Equalizer APO

Moreover, you can add VST plugins to enhance its functionality. Equalizer APO maintains audio quality without sacrificing performance. It is an indispensable tool that helps users with how to make Spotify louder and optimize the listening experience on Windows.

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • High customization
  • Low CPU use
  • Quality equalizer
  • There is a steep learning curve
  • Limited audio presets
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Top 10 YouTube Volume Boosters [Web/Extension/Phone/Desktop]

A lot of people face the issue of low volume on YouTube, and so they look for alternative ways. Using a YouTube Volume Booster is the best way to fix this issue, and this article will define it in detail.



🔥Rating: 3.9/5 on TrustPilot

💲Price: Free

FxSound Volume Booster is a powerful audio enhancement tool for Windows. It offers multiple tools to elevate your audio experience. It offers features like real-time audio enhancement and Dynamic Boost. You can also enhance the Clarity, Bass, and Ambience. Its supported file formats include MP3, WAV, and FLAC. Its increased range enables precise adjustments to audio settings.


The software is fast to convert, ensuring real-time adjustments without compromising audio quality. Other notable features include its lightweight design and compatibility with various hardware setups.

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • Automatic audio enhancement
  • Has an equalizer, effects, and presets
  • Limited features


🔥Rating: 4.5/5 on G2

💲Price: Free

Audacity is a versatile audio editing software. This open-source tool offers multiple features to edit and enhance audio. It is compatible with multiple operating systems, such as Windows and macOS. Its supported file formats are WAV, MP3, FLAC, and Ogg.


Its Amplify feature enables users to increase Audacity volume levels without losing audio quality. The tool supports the integration of various third-party plug-ins, which can enhance its functionality. Its efficient processing capabilities ensure fast conversion times while maintaining the integrity of the original audio. 

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • Free to use
  • Functionality can be extended using plugins
  • Advanced features
  • Doesn't support system-wide audio boosting and improvement
  • Requires manual adjustment
  • Limited to audio files

3 Best Free Volume Booster Apps for iPhone

Apple App Store also offers free volume enhancement apps. Here are the free Volume Booster apps for iPhone:

Volume Booster

🔥Rating: 4.4/5 on Apple Store

💲Price: Free

Volume Booster is an iPhone app that can amplify the sound output of your device.  It allows users to boost the volume of iPhones by up to 1000%. The app is tailored to enhance the sound of low-level audio files or weak microphone speakers.

Volume Booster

Additionally, Volume Booster supports various file formats, allowing users to amplify a wide range of audio content. It does not compromise audio quality, ensuring that the amplified sound maintains its clarity and fidelity.

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • Amplifies iPhone sound by up to 1000%
  • A simple solution for low-quality speakers
  • Maintains audio quality
  • Premium features require a subscription
  • Some users report issues

Volume Booster - Equalizer FX

🔥Rating: 3.6/5 on App Store

💲Price: Free, $2.99/week, $4.99/month, $5.99/Quater, $7.99/year

Volume Booster - Equalizer FX is an innovative app for iPhone users to enhance their experience while listening to music. With its pro-10-band equalizer and powerful bass volume booster, users can customize and amplify their sound output. Additionally, the Bass Booster feature enables adjustments of sound effect levels to ensure optimal audio quality. The app supports various file formats, including MKV, MP4, AAC, AVI, MP3, MOV, AIFF, and M4A.

Volume Booster - Equalizer FX

Its 3D Surround Music Player volume booster offers a rich auditory experience with powerful 8D sound and various reverb effects. Users can also customize sound quality for tracks from their device's music library or import music from the Files app and iTunes library.

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • Pro-10-band equalizer
  • Powerful bass volume booster 
  • 3D surround music player  
  • Complex interface
  • Limited customization options for EQ presets
  • No option to export music with EQ settings applied

Speaker Boost - Volume Booster

🔥Rating: 4.2/5 on Apple Store

💲Price: Free, Full version at $3.99/week, $39.99/year

Speaker Boost - Volume Booster is a versatile app to enhance your iPhone's speaker sound volume. It provides full control over sound quality. This app offers an extra high volume booster to deliver louder audio output.

Speaker Boost - Volume Booster

With simple and easy-to-use controls, users can adjust the volume to their preference. It ensures clear and powerful sound performance. While it excels as a speaker booster, it also functions effectively as a volume booster for headphones. Additionally, the app offers a seamless experience with regular updates to fix bugs and improve performance.

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • Enhances speaker sound volume
  • Provides full control over sound quality
  • Works as both speaker and headphone booster
  • May not work with all Bluetooth devices
  • Issues with connectivity
  • Limited features in the free version

4 Best Free Volume Booster Apps for Android

Here are the best free Volume Booster apps for Android:

Volume Booster GOODEV

🔥Rating: 4.6/5 on Play Store

💲Price: Free

Volume Booster GOODEV is a compact Android application designed to amplify the volume of your device's speakers or headphones. This app provides a simple solution to boost sound output. It is optimized for devices running Android 4.4 and higher, as well as those below 4.2.1.

Volume Booster GOODEV

Notably, the app does not adjust speakerphone volume during phone calls but focuses on enhancing audio for media playback. Users can easily toggle the volume boost on and off via a notification icon. You can customize its visibility in the app's settings.

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • Boosts speaker or headphone volume effectively
  • Useful for enhancing audio
  • Compact app size
  • Not compatible with certain older Android devices
  • Limited functionality
  • No support for adjusting speakerphone volume during phone calls.

Volume Booster-Sound Booster

🔥Rating: 4.9/5 on Play Store

💲Price: Free

Volume Booster - Sound Booster is an audio enhancement app for Android devices. It offers multiple features to enhance your listening experience. With its powerful volume-boosting capabilities, it can amplify your sound. It allows users to go beyond the limitations of their device's default volume settings.

Volume Booster-Sound Booster

It delivers HD-quality audio that's both louder and clearer. The app offers multiple brilliant features, including a bass booster and a 3D virtualizer effect. Its 10-band equalizer and over 20 preset effects help you fine-tune your sound. Additionally, users can enjoy customizable, colorful edge lighting that visualizes their music. 

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • Amplifies volume up to 200% for louder and HD-quality sound
  • Bass booster and 3D virtualizer effect
  • A 10-band equalizer with over 20 preset effects
  • Limited customization
  • Consume additional battery power during use

Wavelet: headphone specific EQ

🔥Rating: 4.2/5 on Play Store

💲Price: Free with in-app purchases

Wavelet is an Android app for headphone users to optimize audio experiences. It offers headphone-specific equalization with extensive customization options. Wavelet has over 3400 optimizations for various headphone models. With its AutoEq feature, all included headphone models are measured and compensated to the Harman target.

Wavelet: headphone specific EQ

The app features a 9-band graphic equalizer to compensate for missing frequencies or annoying spikes in their audio output. Additionally, Wavelet offers advanced features such as reverberation simulation, virtualization effects, and bass tuning in the pro version. 

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • AutoEQ feature ensures sound quality tailored to headphones
  • 9-band graphic equalizer for frequency adjustments
  • Advanced features like reverberation simulation and virtualization effects
  • Bass tuner for enhancing or reducing lower frequencies
  • May not support all headphone models
  • Limited file format support

Flat Equalizer - Bass Booster

🔥Rating: 4.7/5 on Play Store

💲Price: Free with in-app purchases

Flat Equalizer - Bass Booster is a versatile audio enhancement Android app. It offers multiple tools to elevate your music listening experience. With features like Equalizer FX, Bass Boost, and Virtualizer, you can customize your sound output.

Flat Equalizer - Bass Booster

The app follows Google's Material Design principles to ensure an intuitive user interface. Users can control each aspect and fine-tune settings without enabling all effects. Whether using headphones or external speakers, Flat Equalizer optimizes audio quality. Key features include a 10-band EQ for precise audio equalization and presets for various music genres.  

Pros👍🏻 Cons👎🏻
  • Independent control over each effect
  • Compatibility with all music and video players
  • Presets for various music genres and customizable 10-band EQ
  • No advanced features 
  • Limited customization options 

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Final Words

Volume boosters play a key role in enhancing your auditory experiences across various digital platforms. With multiple options available, selecting the best volume booster app is essential imperative to ensure optimal sound quality. This article mentions the top 10 free volume boosters for PC, iPhone, and Android devices.

From equalization and bass boosting to customizable presets, these apps offer a range of functionalities to cater to diverse audio enhancement needs. However, for those seeking advanced audio editing capabilities, EaseUS Online Volume Changer is a standout choice. With multiple audio enhancement tools, it provides a comprehensive solution for refining and perfecting audio content. 

FAQs About Free Sound Booster

While looking for the Volume Boosters for your audio, you might have some confusion. Here are some insights into the process

1. Is there a free volume booster?

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is a free online volume booster tool offering multiple audio enhancement tools. Among Android apps, "Volume Booster GOODEV" is known for its simplicity and effectiveness in boosting audio output. iOS users can use "Speaker Boost - Volume Booster" for customizable volume enhancement.  

2. How do I make my volume louder?  

To make your volume louder, you can use various methods depending on your device and preferences. The most recommended option is to use a volume booster app like EaseUS Online Vocal Remover, which offers features to amplify audio output. 

  1. Step 1. Visit the EaseUS Online Vocal Remover website.
  2. Step 2. Upload your file in the pitch changer tab.
  3. Step 3. Adjust settings such as volume and pitch. 
  4. Step 4. Once you've uploaded your file and made any necessary adjustments, initiate the processing of the file.   
  5. Step 5. Download the final audio.

3. Is there an app to make your cell phone louder?

There are multiple apps available that can make your cell phone louder. One such app is Volume Booster - Sound Booster works on cell phones and offers multiple audio enhancement features. With its volume-boosting functionality, you can amplify the sound output of your device's speakers or headphones.  

4. Which is the best volume booster?

The best volume booster app for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Popular options include EaseUS Online Vocal Remover for web-based processing, "Volume Booster GOODEV" for Android devices, and "Speaker Boost - Volume Booster" for iOS devices. These apps are well-regarded for their effectiveness in increasing audio volume and enhancing sound quality. 

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