Best Free 10 YouTube Volume Boosters Cannot Miss 2024📢

A lot of people face the issue of low volume on YouTube, and so they look for alternative ways. Using a YouTube Volume Booster is the best way to fix this issue, and this article will define it in detail.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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YouTube's volume can be a downer for some users, especially those who like to listen to music on high. Now, there are a few ways they can fix that, and that is by either using expensive hardware or programs that boost volume.

But, as mentioned, expensive hardware is out of reach for most users. So, the better idea is to use a YouTube volume booster that allows them to listen to music on YouTube or speed up MP3 volume quite easily. So, let's talk about the best volume boosters for YouTube available today.

Best YouTube Volume Booster Online Free

The best YouTube Volume Booster available today is EaseUS Online Volume Changer. As the title of this software suggests, it's a vocal remover but serves quite a few purposes, such as being a quality MP3 volume booster.

Rating: 5/5

💵Price: Free

 EaseUS Online Volume Changer

Besides that, this program has all the makes of the best vocal remover to increase the volume of any file. So, let's say you like a specific song or music video on YouTube; you can separate the music or vocals from the track while boosting the volume.

You can also change the pitch of the song. Besides that, it also supports various formats like MP3, WAV, or M4A.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Supports various file formats
  • Can increase or decrease volume up to 3-x
  • Modifies the pitch and volume of any file
  • Ability to find the key or BPM in a song
  • Up to 150 MB file downloads
  • Only available online
  • Only supports MP3 downloads

Feel free to visit the online tool to boost your video volume!

3 Easy YouTube Volume Booster Firefox/Chrome Extensions

There are quite a few extensions available for the likes of Firefox and Chrome that you can use to boost volume on YouTube. But we're going to talk about 3 easy YouTube sound boosters for Firefox and Chromes. So, here they are:

1. Volume Booster for YouTube (Chrome & Firefox)

Rating: 5/5 on Chrome

💵Price: Free

Volume Booster for YouTube is one of the leading extensions on both Firefox and Chromium-based browsers available today. Known for its improved audio experience with the help of the 2X feature, Volume Booster for YouTube is an easy and simple solution for low-sounding videos or music on YT.

Volume Booster for YouTube

Another thing that makes it ideal for any speaker or headphone user is the increased level of noise while keeping quality. This is much akin to the 200% feature in VLC. Therefore, it's one of the leading browser extensions you can use today for this purpose.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Easy volume boosting
  • Not tough on the hardware
  • Free and easy to use
  • Distorts sounds when over 250%
  • A little buggy in Firefox
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Best 10 Free Volume Boosters [for Android/iPhone/PC]

Discover the top free volume booster apps for PC, iPhone, and Android devices. Here is a detailed guide to enhance your audio experience.


2. Volume Booster (Chrome)

Rating: 3.8/5 on Chrome

💵Price: Free

Volume Booster is another good tool to increase the video volume of YouTube videos. This extension can be found on both the Chrome web store and Firefox add-ons store. And the good thing about this is that it won't only work with YouTube videos but other online media as well.

Volume Booster

Therefore, if you're looking for a quickfire way to increase volume, then Volume Booster might just be the right option for you.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • 100% free to use
  • Shuts off automatically when not in use
  • Work like a charm on Windows and Mac
  • Only works with selected websites
  • A bit heavy on RAM/CPU

3. 600% Sound Volume (Chrome & Firefox)

Rating: 3.9/5 on Chrome

💵Price: Free

600% Sound Volume is an extension that does exactly what the name says. This sound booster can help you rake your audio up 6x the normal one. Now, any YouTube videos with low volume levels can easily be heard with this.

600% Sound Volume

However, with that much volume, the downside is the fact that it also distorts or ruins the quality once it goes past 200% or more.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Great clarity
  • Very easy to use
  • Ideal for YouTube
  • Occasional glitches

3 Best YouTube Volume Boosters for Windows/macOS

Now that we know about the extensions and other programs, let's talk about installable programs for Windows or Mac. There are quite a few software programs available today that can boost the volume of a PC and subsequently increase YouTube volume, too. Here are 3 best of them:

1. Letasoft (Windows)

Rating: 3.8/5 Softonic           

💵Price: $19.95 for Basic, $34.95 for Standard, $49.95 for Professional

Letasoft Sound Booster is an installable sound booster that offers up to a 500% boost in volume. This is particularly a popular tool among users who have low-quality sound hardware, such as cheaper headphones or basic sound cards.

Letasoft Sound Booster

Now, there's always a risk of sound distortion and breakage when boosting volumes that high. But, for YouTube videos to sound louder, users can try keeping it around 200% or less.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Best in clarity
  • Auto-start at startup
  • Very simple to configure
  • Can be quite buggy
  • Takes its toll on the RAM

2. Audacity (Windows and macOS)

Rating: 4.7/5 Softonic

💵Price: Free

Audacity is perhaps a software that needs no introduction. However, it's not exactly a volume booster that works live with Windows or macOS. However, you can download videos/music from YouTube in MP3 format and then use Audacity to increase the volume.


Now, the reason Audacity increasing volume of said files works well is because of its remarkable features. It can retain quality while boosting the volume and quality of any audio that you put through it.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Open-source free tool
  • Improves volume and quality
  • A ton of applicable effects
  • No live implementation
  • Ideal for experts

3. Boom 3D (Windows and macOS)

Rating: 4.8/5 Softonic

💵Price: 30-day free trial, $12.51

Boom3D is a professional-grade tool for both Windows and macOS. That's why it works perfectly as a YouTube volume booster, as it offers quite a few options to make a PC sound louder and better. This includes detailed volume control and equalizer settings.


That means the user can increase the quality and sound of their PC, including software like Google Chrome, quite easily.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Boosts both mic and headphone audio
  • Ideal for music
  • Works on Mac and PC
  • Lack of proper support
  • Slow-ish app design

3 Free YouTube Volume Booster iPhone/Android Apps

While there isn't exactly a YouTube volume booster on iPhones or Androids, there are quite a few apps that work the same effect. This type of booster extension can make a phone sound louder and provide various types of volume controls. So, here are 3 best free YouTube volume boosters for iPhone/Android:

1. Volume Booster GOODEV (Android)

Rating: 4.6/5 Google Play

💵Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Volume Booster GOODEV is another great program and app to boost a phone's volume. While available only on Android as of this writing, this is the best option for those who suffer from low-volume issues on YouTube and other platforms.

Volume Booster GOODEV

It's also rated quite well, and that proves that the app works well and provides good options to boost the volume of online videos.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Quite easy to use
  • Works on phones with Android 4.0 and after
  • Affordable paid version
  • Limited free use
  • Quite limiting features

2. Volume Booster-Sound Booster (Android)

Rating: 4.7/5 Google Play

💵Price: Free, $8.43 for 

Volume Booster-Sound Booster is another great app for Android phones with 10 million+ downloads on Google Play. This Android app has just the right options for the user to get their video volumes higher and enjoy the music a tad bit louder.

Volume Booster-Sound Booster

Now, the app offers various options and goes from 150%-200% without breaking or distorting the sound quality.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Offers a 40% boost in volume
  • Option to select apps to boost volume
  • Attractive designs/themes
  • Unnecessary permissions required
  • Lots of ads

3. Louder Volume Booster (iOS)

Rating: 4.5/5 App Store

💵Price: Free, $8.4 per week, $42.2 lifetime

Louder Volume Booster is an app with a title that thoroughly describes what it does. It makes an iOS-based device sound louder with sound-boosting elements that boost not only the bass but also the volume.

Louder Volume Booster

Besides that, it offers quite a few other options, like an in-built equalizer to bring more clarity or enhance specific areas of sound in an iPhone. That's why it's the best iOS YouTube volume booster you can use today.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Enhances quality and volume
  • Lots of customizability
  • Easy interface
  • Crashes sometimes
  • Quite heavy on RAM/resources

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Final Words

There you have it, good folks of the internet: the best kind of volume boosters you can find for each platform. While all of these programs have their perks and disadvantages, some programs are better than others.

The one option that stands out among them is EaseUS Online Volume Changer, as it can enhance any downloaded/extracted audio from YouTube. It has a lot of features that prove it to be the best YouTube Volume booster for any user.

FAQs About Volume Booster for YouTube

There might be further questions in the minds of users, and this section will address those queries:

1. How can I increase YouTube volume?

There are quite a few ways that a user can increase their YouTube volume, and the best way to do that is by using a downloaded software or an extension. Here's what they need to do:

  1. Step 1. Download a volume booster/extension.
  2. Step 2. Use the volume booster to increase volume by 1.5 or 2x.
  3. Step 3. Try the YouTube sound and see if they like it.

2. What is the YouTube extension for volume increase?

The Volume Booster Extension on Google Chrome is one of the leading extensions to increase the volume of YouTube videos. However, there are quite a few other extensions for Firefox and other browsers like Opera or Safari as well.

3. Why is YouTube volume low?

There are times when YouTube volume is low because of an issue with hardware or software. Other times, the issue is with low volumes or upload rates of the video on YouTube. This can be fixed by using a volume booster for a phone, PC, or browser.

4. Where is YouTube volume control?

The YouTube volume control is on the bottom-left side of the screen, right beside the Play/Pause button. On iPhones or Androids, the volume for YouTube is controlled via the physical volume rocker keys on the phone.

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