Top 7 MP3 Volume Boosters [Increase Audio Online Free]🔊

How to make your MP3 sound louder? Here are 7 best web-based MP3 volume boosters to increase the audio volume for free. Read on to pick one.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Picture this: you're immersed in your favorite song, podcast, or audio clip, only to find that the volume falls short of delivering the intensity you crave. Or you have hearing impairments and cannot figure out the words clearly. Either way, this is where an MP3 volume booster comes in handy when things frustrate you.

In this guide, we'll explore the top 7 MP3 volume boosters that can turn up the audio experience, catering to both enthusiasts seeking an extra punch and individuals with hearing difficulties looking for enhanced clarity.

MP3 Volume Booster⬆️ Max Volume🔊 Max File Limit🗃️ Recommend💡 Avoid⛔
EaseUS Online Vocal Remover 300% 150 MB Versatile tool for MP3 volume change. Don't support cloud.
MP3Louder 50 DB NA Adjust the left and right channels. Support only MP3.
123APPS 200% <10 GB Decrease and increase the song. Paid to process faster.
Audio Trimmer Extreme 100 MB Without sacrificing the audio quality. No granular control over dB.
OnlineConverter 200% 200 MB Support audio and video formats. Ads and slow processing.
Safeaudiokit 20 DB NA Upload from the cloud storage. It can only boost up to 20 dB.
Songpeel 20 DB 50 MB A simple volume booster supports multiple files. Limit adjust range for the volume.

1. EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

What tops the list is a versatile, free MP3 voice remover and MP3 volume changer, EaseUS Online Vocal Remover. It is a 5-stem separation program that detaches vocal, noise, and instruments from songs. Then, you are able to tune up the pitch, volume level (0-3x), and speed of the generated audio file.

mp3 volume booster easeus online vocal remover

Compatible with multiple file formats such as MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, AC3, MP2, and MP4, you are free to make a karaoke track or BGM out of any audio and video files. The AI audio enhancer ensures the work is done seamlessly, effortlessly bringing a heightened clarity and richness to your audio.

Key Features

  • Increase the volume of MP3 audio files.
  • Remove vocals from a song.
  • Find the key of your song.
  • Denoise audio and video files.
  • Separate instruments from songs.

How to make MP3s louder online?

Step 1. Visit EaseUS MP3 volume booster.

Step 2. Find the pitch changer and drop your song.

Step 3. Boost the volume to the degree you like.

Step 4. Preview and download the final work.

2. MP3Louder

MP3Louder is a user-friendly freeware offering a convenient solution for adjusting the volume levels of uploaded MP3 audio files online. This versatile tool empowers users not only to amplify but also to decrease the volume, catering to diverse audio preferences.

mp3 volume booster mp3louder

It only supports the MP3 file format, and the maximum volume increase achievable is 50 decibels. Additionally, users have the option to enhance specific channels, choosing between left, right, or adjusting both for a customized and optimized listening experience.

Key Features

  • Increase or decrease the volume of MP3.
  • Boost 50 decibels at most.
  • Adjust the volume for specific channels.

How to increase the volume of your MP3 song?

Step 1. Access MP3Louder and browse your song.

Step 2. Select "Increase volume."

Step 3. Choose the decibels you want to increase.

Step 4. Select the channel.

Step 5. Press "Upload Now" and download the file.

3. 123APPS

123APPS is a free and versatile toolkit for audio, videos, and PDFs. Featuring support for all popular file formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV, M4R, and FLAC, this online volume changer offers users the flexibility to manipulate their multimedia content seamlessly. Notably, users can upload up to a generous file size limit of 10 GB, ensuring a virtually limitless capacity for handling larger files.

mp3 volume booster 123apps

With an extremely easy user interface, anyone can master the volume booster. The SSL certificates ensure all uploaded files remain private and secure. Although for faster processing of additional files per day and an ad-free, clutter-free user interface, opting for the premium plan is available at SGD$6.9 per month or SGD64 annually.

Key Features

  • Increase 200% and decrease -100% the volume of audio files.
  • Support multiple popular file formats.
  • An easy volume changer free online.
  • SSL certificate ensured privacy.
  • Change speed and pitch.

How to change the volume online?

Step 1. Go to the online volume changer.

Step 2. Click "Open file" to browse or drop it here.

Step 3. Draggle the dot to the left or right to decrease or increase the volume.

Step 4. Preview the song and press "Save" once you like it.

4. Audio Trimmer

Audio Trimmer is a user-friendly online tool that allows you to amplify the sound of your audio files without the need for complex software installations on your device. It supports MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, M4R, M4A, AAC, FLAC, and AIF files.

mp3 volume booster audio trimmer

It doesn't provide detailed song adjustments beyond volume, nor does it offer a preview option. However, it balances song output by limiting audio peaks to 0 dB and increasing signal gain. Also, uploaded files will be removed from the server within two hours.

Key Features

  • Support various audio files.
  • Balance the overall sound quality.
  • A versatile tool for audio.

How to increase the loudness of your audio files?

Step 1. Visit the audio volume booster.

Step 2. Click "Choose File" to upload.

Step 3. Adjust the loudness degree from Mild to Extreme.

Step 4. Press "Boost Volume" and download the file.

5. OnlineConverter

OnlineConverter contains a series of tools for audio conversion and editing. It increases and decreases the volume of multiple audio formats, such as MP3, M4A, MP4, WAV, MIDI, and more. But it cannot convert encrypted or protected audio files. You can change your volume by percentage or by decibels and select a part of the audio.

mp3 volume booster onlineconverter

The maximum upload file size is 200 MB, ensuring efficient processing of a wide range of audio and video files for seamless conversion. Two drawbacks of the converter are ads and slow processing.

Key Features

  • Completely free for commercial or personal use.
  • User-friendly tools for easy file conversion.
  • Increase from 10% to 200%, or 1dB to 30 dB.
  • Select the start and end time for the duration.

How to increase the volume of your song or video?

Step 1. Go to and select "Increase MP3 Volume."

Step 2. Click "Choose File" to load your song or video.

Step 3. Select the volume percentage or decibel to increase.

Step 4. Set the duration for increase.

Step 5. Press "Convert" and download the converted file.

6. Safeaudiokit

Safeaudiokit is a complete audio editing tool that allows users to cut, split, crop, trim, join, and increase the volume of MP3 files. You can adjust the slider between -20dB and 20dB to change the MP3 volume. It also supports WAV, FLAC, OGG, AAC, and other more.

mp3 volume booster safeaudiokit

The MP3 volume changer allows you to upload the file from Google Drive, Dropbox, or the local library. Then, you can toggle the slider to change the volume. Also, improve your song's quality using the pitch and speed changer, bass booster, and equalizer.

Key Features

  • Increase the volume of audio files without losing quality.
  • Adjust the volume from -20dB to 20Db.
  • Include bass and pitch changer, audio trimmer, and equalizer.
  • Support multiple audio formats.

How to increase the volume of your MP3 song?

Step 1. Visit Safeaudiokit online MP3 volume booster.

Step 2. Upload an audio file.

Step 3. Draggle the volume slider and make other changes as needed.

Step 4. Preview and download as an MP3/MAV file.

7. Songpeel

Songpeel is a free volume booster with an easy-to-use interface. It flexibly lowers and boosts the volume of any MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, and FLAC song; all you need to do is move the volume slider to the left. The website also includes other audio tools like acapella extractor, audio reverser, BPM detector, karaoke maker, vocal remover, and more.

mp3 volume booster songpeel

The tool adjusts the volume from -20 dB to 20dB and doesn't provide additional adjustment features.

Key Features

  • Online vocal remover to convert MP3 to karaoke.
  • Support many audio formats.
  • The max file size is 50 MB.

How to boost the volume of your song?

Step 1. Go to the website and browser device.

Step 2. Select a song from the local.

Step 3. Drag the dot to the right.

Step 4. Preview and download.

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Wrapping up

To sum up, this article has explored the top 7 MP3 volume boosters that empower users to enhance their audio experiences effortlessly and free of charge. Whether you're aiming for a more vibrant listening adventure or need to address specific audio challenges, these tools offer versatile solutions.

Additionally, for those looking to further refine their audio projects, EaseUS Online Vocal Remover stands out as a valuable companion, providing a seamless way to enhance volume and create customized, professional-quality audio.

Audio Volume Booster FAQs

1. What is volume booster?

A volume booster is a tool or device designed to increase the audio output of a device beyond its default or maximum level. It can be a software application, a feature within an operating system, or a physical accessory.

2. Is volume booster safe?

While volume boosters can amplify audio output, their safety depends on careful usage. Excessive volume levels can lead to distorted sound, damage to device speakers, and potential harm to hearing.

3. Does volume booster work?

Yes, volume boosters are designed to increase the audio output of a device, making the sound louder than the default or maximum levels. They can be effective in enhancing the overall volume, but users should use them cautiously to avoid potential issues.

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