How to Turn on/off Subtitles on Amazon Prime [All Devices]🎉

Learn how to effortlessly manage subtitles on Amazon Prime. Discover step-by-step instructions to toggle subtitles on or off for a seamless viewing experience. Whether you're enjoying movies or shows, easily customize your subtitle preferences on Amazon Prime.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Jan 11, 2024

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Despite the discrepancies between subtitles vs. closed captions, they play a crucial role in enhancing accessibility and comprehension, and Amazon Prime streaming services offer a simple yet effective way to control them.

Whether you're watching gripping movies or captivating shows, the ability to easily turn subtitles on or off ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the content.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the straightforward process of managing subtitles on Amazon Prime, allowing you to enjoy your favorite entertainment on your terms.

Enable and Disable Subtitles on Amazon Prime

Enhancing your Amazon Prime content with subtitles, like adding closed captioning to a video, is a straightforward process without much effort. However, specific steps may vary with the different streaming devices you are using.

1. On Smart TV📺

Ensuring clear comprehension of Amazon Prime shows and movies on your Smart TV is as simple as enabling or disabling subtitles. Let's delve into the specific instructions to seamlessly toggle subtitles on and off.

1️⃣On Fire Stick

Step 1. Open the Amazon Prime app on your TV and play the video.

Step 2. Press the three-line button on your Fire TV Stick remote.

Press the three-line button

Step 3. Select "Subtitles" from the menu at the bottom corner of the screen.

choose subtitles

Step 4. Scroll up to select the subtitle language or "Off" to disable the captions.

Here's a short video guide for your reference📽️:

2️⃣On Apple TV

To turn off subtitles on Apple TV on the Prime app, you can follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Play the title on Apple TV and pause the video.

Step 2. Grab your TV remote and slide down the trackpad.

Step 3. Select "Subtitles" and choose "Automatic," Language, or "Off" to enable and disable them.

open subtitles section

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3️⃣On Samsung TV

Step 1. On your Samsung TV, open the settings hub.

Step 2. Go to "General" > "Accessibility" > "Caption Settings."

click on general select accessibility samsung tv

Step 3. Choose to turn on or off subtitles.

caption settings samsung tv

4️⃣On LG TV

Step 1. Press the home button on your LG remote.

Step 2. Choose the settings icon on the upper right of the screen.

Step 3. Select "Accessibility" > "Subtitles."

find accessibility in menu

Step 4. Choose to turn on or off.

5️⃣On Sony TV

Step 1. Hit the home button on the remote and select "Settings."

Step 2. Find and enter the "Caption Vision" menu.

Step 3. Select the subtitle option to turn on or choose "Off" or "Disabled."

Step 4. Press the "Exit" or "Back" button on the remote.

2. On Roku🎥

Similar to managing Disney Plus subtitles Roku, you can put subtitles on Roku devices for Amazon Prime on remote.

Step 1. Hit the home button on your Roku remote.

press home on roku remote

Step 2. Go to "Settings" > "Accessibility" > "Captions mode."

Step 3. Choose "On always," "On replay," or "Off" to enable or disable the subtitle.

captions mode on off roku

3. On Xbox🎮

When using Amazon Prime Video on a gaming console, the method to enable or disable subtitles follows the same steps as mentioned for a Fire TV Stick. Instead of the remote control, you can utilize the buttons and navigation controls on the console's joystick or controller.

Step 1. Click the "X" or "A" to pause on your console.

xbox console

Step 2. Use the joystick to locate the subtitles menu.

Step 3. Select subtitles and choose to turn them on or off.

4. On Web📍

Sometimes, you might prefer to immerse yourself in Amazon Prime content without subtitles on the web.

Step 1. Open Prime Video on the web and sign in.

Step 2. Play the title and move your cursor to show "Subtitles and Audio."

Subtitles and Audio

Step 3. Click "Off" or select the caption language.

Step 4. If the subtitles are still here, click "English CC" and "Off" again.

5. On Mobile📱

By default, subtitles are typically enabled in the Amazon Prime Video app for Android and iOS. Should you desire to disable them, adhere to the steps outlined below.

1️⃣On iPhone/iPad

Adding captions to a video on iPhone can be very straightforward.

Step 1. Open your iOS devices.

Step 2. Go to "Settings" > "Accessibility" > "Subtitles & Captioning."

Subtitles & Captioning

Step 3. Toggle it on or leave it off by default.

2️⃣On Android

Step 1. Start the Amazon Prime Video app on your Android device and watch the TV show you liked.

Step 2. Tap the screen while watching the video.

Step 3. Click the speech bubble in the upper right and choose "Off" or the language to turn off or on the subtitles.

turn on off subtitles on android

Why Can't I Turn off Subtitles on Prime

Have you encountered an issue while watching a show? Initially, it had German subtitles, which you tried to turn off by toggling the settings. Although the menu showed subtitles off and switched to English CC, you still see subtitles on all content. What could be causing this ongoing problem?

  • Playback Platform: Depending on the device you're using to stream Prime Video, the process of turning off subtitles might vary. Different devices have different settings and interfaces.
  • Account Settings: Your Prime Video account might have default subtitle settings that need adjustment. Ensure your subtitle preferences are set to "Off" in your account settings.
  • Content-Specific Settings: Some content on Prime Video might have mandatory subtitles due to licensing agreements. Check if the issue persists across different titles.
  • App Updates: Outdated app versions might cause glitches in turning off subtitles. Make sure your Prime Video app is updated to the latest version.
  • Accessibility Settings: Your device's accessibility settings might inadvertently affect subtitle display. Review and adjust these settings if needed.
  • Language Settings: Language preferences could be impacting subtitles. Ensure that your language settings are aligned with your subtitle preferences.
  • Device-Specific Issues: Certain devices might have bugs or limitations that affect subtitle control. Check for any device-specific troubleshooting steps.
  • Internet Connection: A poor internet connection might lead to issues with subtitle settings not being applied properly.
  • Device Compatibility: Some older devices might not fully support subtitle customization features. Consider using a device known to work well with Prime Video settings.
  • App Glitches: Technical glitches within the Prime Video app could be causing the problem. Try restarting the app or clearing the cache if applicable.

You can read further about the Amazon Prine subtitles not working.

Edit Subtitles Easily on EaseUS VideoKit

If you are a video content creator, a vlogger, or someone who simply wants to record his daily life, you may need a video editor to edit the video and subtitles.

EaseUS VideoKit is your best choice that allows you to open SRT file and customize your desired subtitle font, size, color, and position, and export them as SRT/TXT formats. You can add captions to YouTube videos or shorts or mute background noise from videos.

It is also an AI acapella extractor that separates vocals and accompaniment and downloads them respectively for karaoke.

With it, you can:

  • Trim, crop, merge, convert, and compress videos.
  • Remove background noise easily with AI.
  • Extract vocals and music from songs.
  • Enhance audio on video

Stylize video subtitles now

Step 1. Open EaseUS VideoKit and find the "Subtitle Generator" panel.

open easeus videokit

Step 2. Click "Choose File" or drag the YouTube video file to the interface.

Choose File

Step 3. Wait for the AI analyzing.

ai analysis

Step 4. Click the "Text" button to change the text, or customize font, background, and position under "Style" menu.

set up subtitles

Step 5. Click "Export Subtitle" to select exported subtitle format, "Save to" to change location, and press "Export" to export the video with subtitles.


Wrapping up

In conclusion, the ability to control subtitles on Amazon Prime empowers you to tailor your viewing experience according to your preferences. Whether it's enhancing accessibility or immersing yourself in the visuals without distractions, the simple steps provided here grant you the flexibility to make the most of your content.

However, for those seeking a streamlined solution for video modifications, EaseUS VideoKit offers an intuitive toolset to further enhance your viewing adventure. With these insights and steps in hand, you're well-equipped to navigate the Amazon Prime landscape with confidence, enjoying your favorite shows and movies just the way you want.

Turn off Captions on Amazon Prime FAQs

1. How do I turn off subtitles while watching Amazon Prime?

To turn off subtitles on playback, follow these instructions:

  • Pause the video and press one of the navigation buttons on the remote.
  • Tap the "Subtitles" speech bubble icon from the screen.
  • Click "Off" subtitles.

2. How to get rid of subtitles?

To remove subtitles while watching a video:

  • Pause the playback.
  • Access the settings (gear or cogwheel icon).
  • Find the subtitle or caption options.
  • Turn off the subtitles.

3. How do I turn off automatic subtitles?

To disable automatic subtitles, follow these general steps:

  • While the video is playing, pause the playback to access the controls.
  • Look for the settings icon, often represented by a gear or a cogwheel. This icon is usually located in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • In the settings menu, navigate to the subtitles or captions section.
  • Within the subtitle options, there might be a setting related to automatic subtitles. Disable or turn off this setting.

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