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How to Download Multiple YouTube Videos to MP3

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How to Download Multiple YouTube Videos to MP3

Myra updated on Feb 14, 2023 to Video & Audio Downloading

There are many video downloaders that enable you to download a YouTube video to MP3, but not all of them allow you to download YouTube videos to MP3 in bulk. When you are going to download multiple YouTube videos to MP3 and want a time-saving way, using a bulk YouTube to MP3 downloader is a perfect solution for your situation.

To spare you from finding a suitable bulk YouTube to MP3 downloader by yourself, there is a collection of reliable tools for you to download multiple YouTube videos to MP3 all at once. Just pick one of them to extract the audio you need from the YouTube videos effortlessly.

Option 1. Download Multiple YouTube Videos to MP3 All At Once

The video download for PC - EaseUS Video Downloader is capable of downloading at most 50 YouTube videos to MP3 at a time. Besides, you don't need to click "Download" 50 times like you use some online converter. Instead, after you set the target format as audio, click "Download" and all of the videos will be converted to MP3 or WAV files automatically. You can also set the audio quality you like, including 128kbps, 256kpbs, and 320kbps (highest quality).

Other than YouTube, this video downloader also supports the video/audio download from other 1000+ video or social networking sites. Even if you want to extract audio from a local video, the video to MP3 converter in EaseUS Video Downloader will get your need met.

To download YouTube videos to MP3 in batch:

Step 1. Open EaseUS Video Downloader on your computer, go to "Downloader," and then click "Add URLs." 

Open the video downloader

Step 2. Paste the URL of the video or playlist into the box and click "Confirm." Afterward, select to download the whole playlist.

Paste the URL

Step 3. Choose to download video or audio files and then select the format and quality you prefer. Then click "Download" to continue.

Select the video format and quality

Step 4. Wait for downloading process to finish.

Start downloading videos

Disclaimer: Please make sure that your download behavior is legal in your country! EaseUS does not advocate downloading any video/audio for sale, distribution, or other commercial purposes.

Option 2. Download YouTube Videos to MP3 in Batch Online

Although a desktop program is the optimal choice for you given its reliability and speed, it's not the most convenient solution to download YouTube videos to MP3 in bulk. Speaking of convenience, online video/audio downloaders outperform their competitors indeed. If you don't want to download and install a program on your computer to finish the video download, switch to an online YouTube to MP3 converter for help instead.

To convert multiple YouTube videos to MP3 online:

Step 1. Prepare the URLs you want to download.

Step 2. Go to the online YouTube to MP3 converter and paste the URLs in the address box as required.

Step 3. Click "Multi Convert."

Step 4. Click "Go to Download" under the video and follow the new page to download the audio file to your computer.

How to download multiple YouTube to MP3

As you may have noticed, there is no button for you to download audio files all at once. Instead, you need to save MP3 files one by one using this online YouTube to MP3 converter. Thus, although an online service spares you from downloading and installing a program, it will spend much more time saving audio files to your computer compared with EaseUS Video Downloader.

The Bottom Line

With either of the tools above, you will be able to convert YouTube videos to MP3 in bulk. Friendly reminder: You shouldn't download private videos that are under copyright protection and can only use the audio files for non-commercial use. If you want to get these audio files on your mobile device, you can either use an iPhone data transfer tool or an Android file manager to transfer MP3 to your mobile device. 

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