Top 15 Free Telegram Movie Channel Link 2024

Discover the top 15 free Telegram movie channels for 2024. We'll help you discover the most popular movie channels and learn how to access videos for offline watching effortlessly.

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Updated on Jul 09, 2024

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Movies are a favorite source of entertainment worldwide. There are multiple streaming platforms that offer access to movies. Finding free movies online can be a challenging task. Many users seek ways to watch movies for free. Several Telegram channels for movies and series offer links and complete movie videos. These provide users with a vast collection of movies at no cost. These best Telegram channels offer a diverse range of genres and formats for all kinds of movie enthusiasts and you can also download videos from these Telegram channels. This article lists the top 15 free Telegram movie channel links for 2024. The details will ensure that you can easily find and enjoy your favorite films without any hassle.

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1. FaibersGate

FaibersGate is a dedicated Telegram channel that provides movie lovers with easy access to a vast collection of films. It offers the latest movies and timeless classics. The channel has over 50,000 subscribers and offers high-quality movie streaming. FaibersGate offers an extensive library of films across various genres. Subscribers can enjoy the latest releases as well as beloved classics for a diverse viewing experience. The channel consistently updates its library with new releases and highly requested movies. 



  • No spamming or irrelevant messages.
  • Respect all members and avoid offensive language.
  • Do not share pirated content outside the channel.

2. Cinema Hub

Cinema Hub Official is a well-established Telegram channel that provides links to other movie-related channels. It has 43.3K subscribers. It serves as a central hub for updates and access to a wide range of cinematic content. The channel's primary function is to share links to other channels. Subscribers have a one-stop destination for their entertainment needs. It does not upload or download any content directly but shares links to content already available on the internet. Cinema Hub adheres strictly follows copyright laws and does not support direct upload or download.



  • No spamming or repetitive messages.
  • Respect other members and maintain a friendly environment.
  • Do not post any external links.

3. Movie Frenziii

Movie Frenziii is a popular Telegram channel known for sharing links to movies sourced from various platforms. It has a growing base of 35.8K subscribers. The channel ensures a steady stream of content and movie download links. It clearly states in its disclaimer that the movies posted are not the property of Movie Frenziii, and there is no copyright intended. Users are encouraged to contact the admin for the removal of any content that may infringe on copyrights. It emphasizes that all movies shared are already available on the internet and do not directly upload or host any content. 



  • Maintain respectful communication with other members.
  • No spamming or irrelevant content.
  • Avoid posting external links without admin approval.  

4. English Movies TV Series Shows

English Movies TV Series Shows is a well-known Telegram channel with a dedicated following of 22.1K subscribers. The channel has garnered significant attention for its extensive library of English-language movies and TV series. It maintains only three active links that reflect its focused approach to content distribution. It provides the latest Hollywood movies and web series. This channel enhances user experience and ensure the availability of fresh content. The rules emphasize respectful interaction among members and prohibit any form of spamming or unauthorized promotions. 



  • Be respectful.
  • No spamming or irrelevant messages.
  • No self-promotion or advertisements.

5. English movies with subtitles

English Movies with Subtitles are a vital resource for movie enthusiasts. It has a dedicated subscriber base of 4.7K members. This channel is specifically designed to aid those who are learning English by providing a diverse collection of subtitled videos. Subscribers can explore an extensive library of content. The channel features a variety of movies and shows to include accurate subtitles. Non-native speakers can follow along and enhance their comprehension. The channel emphasizes the importance of respectful interaction among members. 



  • No spamming or repetitive posts.
  • Do not share external links without admin consent.
  • Inform the admin about any broken links or issues.

6. Hollywood Netflix Movies HD

The Hollywood Netflix Movies HD is a popular hub for movie enthusiasts. It has a large subscriber base of 22.1K members. This channel offers an extensive collection of Hollywood movies and Netflix originals in HD quality. Subscribers can enjoy a regularly updated library of high-quality movies and TV shows. The channel's content ensures that only the latest and most popular titles are available. Subscribers can access a constant stream of new entertainment options. It focuses on HD quality, and viewers can enjoy a superior viewing experience. 



  • Avoid posting unauthorized external links.
  • No advertisements or promotions without permission.
  • Report broken links to the admin for quick resolution.

7. Hollywood Movies' new HD English Videos

The Hollywood Movies English Videos is a vibrant community. It has 5.12K subscribers who can watch the latest high-definition Hollywood movies in English. The channel has become a go-to source for a seamless streaming experience. Subscribers can enjoy a diverse collection of HD-quality Hollywood movies and web series. They regularly update content to ensure that viewers can access the most trending titles. The sharp visuals and clear audio enhance the enjoyment.



  • No spamming or irrelevant content.
  • No promotions or advertisements without admin consent.
  • Report any broken links to the admin immediately.

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8. Global Movies English TV Shows Series

The Global Movies English TV Shows Telegram channel is a popular destination for movie lovers. It has a large subscriber base of 22.1K members. You can enjoy a wide range of English-language movies and TV series for diverse tastes. Subscribers can access the rich library of high-definition Hollywood movies and TV series. The channel is a go-to source for new and popular movies. The Telegram channel stands out for its comprehensive collection of high-definition content. 



  • Avoid posting unauthorized external links.
  • No self-promotion or advertisements.
  • Report any issues or broken links to the admin.

9. Hollywood HD Moviez

The Hollywood HD Moviez Telegram channel is a well-regarded platform for movie lovers. It is dedicated to providing high-definition Hollywood movies to its rapidly growing community. It has a subscriber base that reflects its popularity and trustworthiness. This channel is a prime destination for the latest and greatest movies in cinematic entertainment. Subscribers of the channel can enjoy a large selection of Hollywood movies. The channel is regularly updated, and members have access to the newest releases.  



  • Maintain a respectful tone with all members.
  • No spamming or irrelevant content.
  • Do not post external links without admin approval.

10. Horror Movie Zone

The Horror Movie Zone Telegram channel is a prominent hub for enthusiasts of the horror genre. It offers a large collection of movies for every kind of horror aficionado. This channel has a dedicated following that reflects its commitment to delivering the latest content. Horror Movie Zone attracts those who love mysterious movies. The channel has a diverse array of horror films, from classic scare-fests to the latest releases. Members can engage in discussions and share their thoughts.    



  • Avoid posting external links without permission.
  • No self-promotion or advertisements.

11. Netflix Bollywood Hollywood Movies

The Netflix Bollywood Hollywood Movies is a popular destination for a diverse collection of films. It has a substantial subscriber count of 25.3K. The channel caters to a wide audience and offers a wide variety of cinematic content. You can enjoy the latest releases. It has established itself as a reliable source of high-quality movie content. Subscribers can find multiple Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It is an ideal platform to enjoy the best of both worlds. The channel provides access to Netflix movies in Hindi and other multilingual audiences.



  • Keep communication respectful and friendly.
  • No spamming or irrelevant posts.
  • Do not share external links without admin consent.

12. Bollywood Movies HD New Hindi Hollywood

The Bollywood Movies HD New Hindi Hollywood is a premier platform for Bollywood and Hollywood films. This channel offers a diverse range of high-definition movies. Fans have access to the latest releases and timeless classics. It has garnered a large following due to its extensive library of both Bollywood and Hollywood films. Subscribers can enjoy a vast selection of high-definition movies. The channel provides content in Hindi and caters to the preferences of a multilingual audience. The international films are accessible to a broader viewer base.



  • No spamming or irrelevant messages.
  • Avoid posting unauthorized external links.
  • No promotions or advertisements without admin permission.

13. New South Indian Hindi Movies HD

The New South Indian Hindi Movies HD Telegram channel is a vibrant hub for movies. It offers enjoyment for South Indian cinema dubbed in Hindi. The Telegram movie channel Hindi dubbed has 3,547 members and an active online community. It provides high-definition content from the diverse world of South Indian films. It is accessible to a Hindi-speaking audience. This channel is well-regarded for its extensive collection of South Indian movies. You can enjoy movies from various South Indian film industries to ensure a variety of cinematic experiences. The high-definition quality enhances the viewing experience.



  • No spamming or off-topic posts.
  • Do not post external links without admin approval.

14. Bollywood Indian Hindi Movies HD 

The Bollywood Indian Hindi Movies HD is a popular channel for Bollywood cinema fans. It offers a vast collection of Hindi movies in high-definition quality. You can enjoy a seamless movie-watching experience. Bollywood enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite movies with high visual and audio quality. The channel is dedicated to bringing the best Bollywood collection to its subscribers. It offers a wide collection to ensure that there is something for everyone. You can access a comprehensive selection of movies for diverse tastes and preferences.



  • No spamming or irrelevant content.
  • Avoid posting unauthorized external links.
  • No advertisements or promotions.

15. Telegram Hindi Movies

The Telegram Hindi Movies channel is a popular platform for watching movies. It caters to enthusiasts of Hindi cinema by offering a vast array of movies. The channel is a convenient and accessible destination for Hindi films. You can enjoy your favorite movies anytime. It offers a large selection of Hindi movies. The vast collection ensures that there is a Hindi movie for everyone. Their movies are available in high-definition quality and sharp visuals.  



  • No spamming or repetitive posts.
  • Do not share external links without admin consent.

📖Except for the channel recommendations above, you can also check how to download videos from Telegram with the guide in this post: 

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Final Words

Watching movies is a favorite pastime activity for movie lovers. They can enjoy different stories and experience the movies from their homes. This article explored the top 15 free Telegram movie online channels. Each Telegram movie channel offers a large selection of movies in multiple genres and languages. These channels provide access to movies without costly subscriptions.

You can also download movies from streaming sites for offline viewing using platforms like EaseUS Video Downloader. I'm sure you won't regret its installation after experiencing its professional video download performance!🎞️

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