Top 5 Satoru Gojo Voice Changer Recommendation List in 2024

Discover the top 5 voice Satoru Gojo voice changers in 2024. Speak in the classic Satoru voice for social media presence, streams, and fun among friends.

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Updated on Jul 10, 2024

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Satoru Gojo is a standout character in Jujitsu Kaisen.  Satoru is a proud member of the Gojo clan and the world's strongest jujitsu sorcerer. He uses his abilities to educate and train youngsters. In several combats, he showed his inherited Limitless Power and Six Eyes.


Kaiji Tang is the English-dubbed voice actor for Satoru. The vocal tone and texture portray the confidence and arrogance associated with a warrior. Clarity and calmness in voice depict the different emotions during combat, education, and personal life. Anime buffs love Satoru's voice quality.

If you want to speak in Satoru Gojo style, don't go any further. This article presents the top 5 Satoru Gojo Voice Changers to make you talk in the perfect Satoru Gojo Voice. Here we go.

1. EaseUS VoiceWave

💻Compatibility: Windows 10 and 11

💰Price: Free trial and $ 39.95 for a lifetime. 

EaseUS VoiceWave is our first choice as a Goju voice changer. It offers high-quality real-time voice changing. The clear and clean audio helps you immerse yourself in your character and have fun online. You can also record and export your voiceovers with this incredible anime voice changer.

EaseUS offers 100+ voice effects. It also has a built-in soundboard with 300+ fun presets. You can stream 200+ major online games in a character voice with EaseUS Voicewave. The tool is also compatible with 50+ instant messaging apps.



  • High-quality voice portrayal
  • Simplistic interface and site design
  • One of the best voice changers for Discord
  • Noise remover to get clear audio


  • Not available for Mac and Android systems

2. Voicemod

💻Compatibility: Windows 10/11 and Mac Operating system

💰Price: Free trial, and $90 for a lifetime pro version (the price may change according to different regions)

VoiceMod is the next in line. The tool uses advanced machine learning and NLP modules to generate the perfect Goju voice. The software is ideal for streaming and YouTube videos. You can build your sonic identity with real-time voice changing for infinite time without paying a penny.


Voicemod has a built-in anime soundboard to make funny reactions during a stream. You can try 90+ voices from its built-in voice library. It also offers text to song option to generate an AI song cover. You can make customized voices via an AI voice option. It is the go-to option for people searching for a voice changer for a soundboard.   


  • Wide range of voice options
  • Ideal for professionals and amateurs
  • Compatible with all major games and social sites


  • Some voice effects are distorted

3. Lalals

💻Compatibility: All online web browsers

💰Price: The basic version costs $12/month, the pro version $24/month, and the Studio version $99/month.

Lalals is a world-class AI music and voice-changing platform. It offers a wide range of singers, Rappers, Characters, and original voices. You can generate an instant Goju voice and integrate it across different streaming and social media sites.


Lalals offer 44.1 KHz WAV Audio quality. You can generate song covers in any AI voice and release them on a commercial level. The advanced blue-water Al algorithm generates AI vocals without any unwanted noise. You can generate "voice clones" after 30 minutes of an input audio recording.


  • Advanced AI-based technology
  • Useful for music lovers
  • Facilitates customization


  • Vocal quality varies across different voices.

4. FineVoice

💻Compatibility: All online web browsers

💰Price: Free of Cost

FineVoice is a complete voice hub for content creators. It offers 1000+ voices for voice changing. You can also use text-to-speech to generate audio from a text input. You can export and share the results across platforms. The absolute perfection in real-time voice changing makes it an ideal voice changer for gaming.


FineVoice offers different types of voiceover services. You can choose to do a quick, advanced, or multiple voiceover as per your requirement. The cloning technology is unparalleled. It can quickly generate perfect clones of all audio. 


  • Wide range of audio options
  • Studio-quality results
  • AI VOICE design option to facilitate customization


  • Supports limited file formats


💻Compatibility: All online web browsers

💰Price: You can get Starter version for $1.99/month, Pro for $9.99/month, and Power User for $89.99/month

Currently known as Jammable, is a well-rounded AI voice changer. It offers hundreds of AI voices related to music, gaming, cartoons, anime, celebrities, etc.

voicyfy-ai-gojo-voice-changer.jpg offers exciting options in the textbook Satoru Gojo voice. It has built-in Duets options to generate content with multiple. With customization, you can alter a voice as you want. It also has an Advanced AI vocal toolkit. You can separate music from vocals and remove unnecessary reverbs and background sounds.


  • Clean and clear audio results
  • Easy to use
  • Presets options for audio editing


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Tips to Choose the Best Gojo Voice Changer

So far, we have discussed the best options for voice changing. However, you should set a selection criteria to choose the Best Gojo Voice changer.

🎉An ideal Gojo voice changer should possess these attributes:

  • It should produce a natural Gojo Voice in real time. The voice shouldn't appear to be a poor imitation or a robotic version of the original.
  • It should offer room for sound customization and voice adjustment.
  • It should be compatible with your existing gaming and streaming applications.
  • It should be user-friendly.
  • It should include added features like voice remover, TTS (Text to Speech), and voice editing.

Based on the above criteria, we recommend EaseUS VoiceWave as the best voice changer for Satoru Gojo. It checks all boxes; you can confidently upload the generated output on any platform.

How to Use a Gojo Voice Changer on Discord?

From words, now let's dive straight into the action. This section explains the practical method of using the Satoru Gojo voice changer on Discord. We will use EaseUS VoiceWave as our Gojo voice changer for Discord in this example.

📜Follow these steps to use the Gojo voice changer on Discord:

Step 1. Connect the microphone to your Windows PC.

Step 2. Open EaseUS VoiceWave and configure sound settings.

Step 3. Launch Discord from the apps. Visit the bottom left of the main interface and choose "User Settings."


Step 4. In the settings, look for "voice and video settings" and choose EaseUS VoiceWave as an input device.


Step 5. Now, move to the "Noise reduction" option at the bottom. Change the settings from Krisp to "Standard."


Step 6. Return to EaseUS VoiceWave and find the Satoru Gojo voice.

Step 7. Say a few words. The Discord will start playing your input in Gojo's voice.  

📚If you are looking for a more detailed guide, the following post is the one you should read through: 

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Saturo Gojo is a famous anime character among anime geeks. This article highlights the top 5 voice changers to make you speak, stream, and post in classic Saturo Gojo voice.

The blog also presents the criteria for choosing the best voice changer for Saturo and the steps to use it on Discord. Based on our practical experience and market evaluation, we favor EaseUS VoiceWave as the option. Download EaseUS Now and win the internet space by talking in the perfect Saturo Gojo voice from today.

EaseUS VoiceWave

One-click to sparkle your voice!

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