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Best Echo Voice Changer You Cannot Miss in 2023

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 30, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

An echo in voice or sound is the effect of voices or sounds touching a solid surface, then returning to the ears. The echo effect is the result of our ears hearing the same voice more than a few times at the speed of sound. This tricks our mind into thinking we're listening to more than one voice; when it's just one sound, we're repeatedly hearing it in a few seconds. While this sound effect is easy in a small room, creating this sound effect on Discord is a challenge.

Or is it? You can use outstanding tools to filter or morph your voice in real time, making it sound echoing on the other end. But which is the best voice changer echo mode? Let's keep digging to find out.

1. Murf.AI Voice Changer

Compatibility: Windows/Mac

Murf.AI is an online studio that allows you to change your voice on Discord or other platforms. This AI-based audio studio has a lot of professional-level tools that can help you make your voice sound like whatever or whoever you want.

Murf.AI Voice Changer

It has many great options, including the ability to cancel background noise. The effects, such as an echoing voice, allowing you to convert any audio clip and make it sound however you like. Besides that, you don't even have to speak, as you can also turn your text into speech.

On top of that, in Murf Pro, you can use the voice morphing option, which will use AI to echo your voice in Discord, Zoom, or any other tool that you like.


  • Variety of voice-changing options
  • Light in nature and easy to use
  • AI-based core for proper voice filter
  • Alter pitch, remove filter words, etc.

2. MorphVox

Compatibility: Windows/Mac

MorphVox is one of the most famous voice-changing tools today. Used by gamers and streamers, this gaming voice changer has many incredible sound effects and voice filters. Its ability to work as a soundboard and bind specific effects with special keys in your keyboard or stream deck makes it particularly convenient.


On top of that, you can convert clips or morph your voice into as loud or as low of an echo as you like. The echoing effect can be applied to any existing voice filter, or you can build a customized one from scratch.


  • 100+ sound effects/filters
  • Background sounds
  • Key binding and support for Stream Decks
  • Extensive free trial

3. AV Voice Changer

Compatibility: Windows

AV Voice Changer is one of the most well-known Windows 10 voice changer software that lets you change your voice to Echo today. This tool doesn't look like much in terms of UI design—but it has all the key features that you can hope for in an incredible voice changer like this.

AV Voice Changer

You will have to tweak the settings and presets to make your voice echo. Or, you can create your own customized voice effect by using the Add Voice Effects option. Besides this, this tool also acts as a voice recorder, so you can create funny audio clips.


  • Skype, Discord, Twitch, and Steam support
  • Around 20+ audio filters
  • Parody mixer

4. Clownfish Voice Changer

Compatibility: Windows/Mac

Clownfish Voice Changer is for the user who likes the simple design and effective voice-changing. This tool doesn't have an outstanding array of features or an overabundance of voice effects. However, it does have good-quality noise cancellation and realistic voice filters.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Besides that, you can change the pitch of your voice and alter it until your voice echoes by customizing each effect. It's a simple morphing tool that'll change your microphone's output—therefore, it has no recording options.


  • More than 15 sound effects/filters
  • Steam, Skype, and Discord integration, among others
  • Music and sound player in-built
  • VST plugin support

5. VoiceChanger.io

Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

VoiceChanger.io is an online voice converter that has many great voice effects. From celebrities to characters, this tool allows you to change your recorded audio clip or record a new one from scratch. Besides that, it can also generate speech from text.


While it may not have the voice-morphing option, it allows you to record your voice in echo without having to pay for a premium tool. And you can type in any text that you want in a voice effect such as echo.


  • Audio upload and conversion
  • Microphone voice filter
  • Around 55 sound effects

6. Voice-Changer.org

Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Voice-Changer.org is another online tool that helps you record or convert your existing audio clips. This is a relatively new tool, so it doesn't have many voice effects yet. However, it does have to echo voice effect, which lets you change your voice in echo mode.


While it lacks a text-to-speech option, its few but realistic voice effects make up for it. The website states it will add more filters in the near future. Until then, you can enjoy the echo sound effect by selecting it and recording or converting your voice clips.


  • More than 10 voice filters
  • Ability to record online
  • Upload a voice clip to convert

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best voice changer tools that you can find today. All of them offer something unique, as we've talked about tools that are most detailed and professional to the most simple and easy to use.

Therefore, if you're looking for a quick conversion of an audio clip, then a simple online tool might help you get it done. However, if you want an ultra-realistic AI-based sound engine, then using the Murf.AI voice changer should be your priority.

Echo Voice Changer FAQs

If you have further questions, here are some FAQs to answer them.

1. How do I make my voice echo?

It depends on whether you have already recorded a voice clip, wish to record your voice, or morph your voice into an echo during a call. Therefore, you can use a tool that offers the echoing voice filter to morph and record a clip. Or, you can turn an existing voice clip using the echo voice converter.

2. What is a voice changer app with an echo effect?

In this article, we have discussed 6 such apps that allow you to change your voice with an echo effect. However, two of them are online, so if you need an app, then you can use Murf.AI, MorphVox, AV Voice Changer, or Clownfish Voice Changer.

3. How can I sound like a guy voice-changer?

You need a voice changer with a guy's voice effect/filter in it. This article mentioned 4 apps and 2 online tools that allow you to morph your voice into a guy's voice. Therefore, use the guy voice changer that seems the most convenient to you.

4. What is the best voice changer?

Murf.AI is the best voice changer, as it uses advanced AI to convert, morph and tweak existing voices into anything the user determines. It also allows users to generate speech from text without having to speak.

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