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Explore the top five Red XIII voice changers and learn how to use them with our guide. Unleash your creativity with new voices to double up the gaming fun.

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Updated on Jun 11, 2024

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Red XIII is a popular character among Final Fantasy geeks. It climbed from a guest appearance to a playable character in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. People admire Red XIII because of its warrior nature and resolve to save the planet.

Red XIII has a deep voice with a measured tone. Although it suits the character, there's a way to spice things up: changing the voice. You can use online voice changers to create a custom voice for your Red XIII gameplay. The tool can make your Red XIII speak like an alien, celebrity, anime, male, female, etc. It builds an online persona, making you stand out among streamers. How cool is that?    

This article presents the top 5 voice changers for Red XIII. But before an in-depth discussion, check out the summary below:

🎤No. of tested 37
✅Selected for PC/Android/iOS
🧐Factor considered Voice quality, number of voices, processing speed, vocal tones, compatibility and ease of usage
💘Most Recommended EaseUS VoiceWave

This article presents the top 5 voice changers for Red XIII. But before an in-depth discussion, check out the summary below:

Who Is Red XIII and Why Does His Voice Change?

Red XIII is a wolf-like beast character in the Final Fantasy series. Although 48 years old, his development is only equivalent to a 15-16 year old human. The character had a deep warrior voice with a precise tone at the start but it changes into the joyful and quirky voice of a youthful boy. Max Mittlemon is the Red XIII voice actor for both voices. The reason for that lies in its dark past.

RedXIII had changed his voice to hide his whereabouts from his friends and fellow warriors Cloud, Barret, and Tifa. He belonged to Cosmo Canyon, a town destroyed by Gi. He grew up believing that his father was a coward who didn't fight for his village. During the fight, the main heroes had to enter Cosmo Canyon. Then, Red XIII uses his original joyful voice and childhood name for recognition. He later learns that his father died while fighting Cosmo Canyon, and his mom lied to keep him away from the war.

Top 5 Red XIII Voice Changers for Game Players

These are the top Red XVIII voice changers for game players in 2024.

1. EaseUS VoiceWave

💻Compatibility: Windows 10 and 11

EaseUS VoiceWave is our first pick. The software provides high-quality voice-changing services. You get 100+ voice sounds and 300+ sound effects options to choose a RedXIII voice. The interface is simple, facilitating quick and efficient vocal results. EaseUS VoiceWave has a built-in AI voice generator. An audio recorder is also available to record, save, and export audio in mp3 format. It supports 50+ social apps and 200+ major games.

☀️Main Features

  • Text-to-speech (TTS) conversion is available
  • Noise remover option for clear output sound
  • It can generate AI-based song covers
  • One of the best voice changers for Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox, etc. 

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 On this page, we are going to introduce some fantastic gaming voice changers in detail.

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2. Speechify

💻Compatibility: Android, iOS& Web browser

Speechify is a world-class voice-changing app. The tool has received recognition from credible critics for its vocal quality and processing speed. It is compatible with all major social media apps and streaming games. Speechify is equally popular in business and educational realms. It offers voiceover studio businesses and students/schools. The software can dub a video/audio in 100+ languages with AI dubbing.


☀️Main Features

  • It offers a natural sounding text to speech (TTS) API
  • AI voice cloning option to create multiple clones of a single human voice
  • AI voiceover to convert an input into a voiceover.  

3. Voicemod

💻Compatibility: Windows 10 & 11

Voicemod is a powerful voice-changing software. The vocal clarity is off the charts. It offers real-time voice changing with no hiccups. Voicemod is compatible with Final Fantasy 7, Minecraft, Fortnite, Rust, Among US, and other major games. Voicemod can also be used with Discord, Skype, Teams, and other group applications. It has a built-in sound board for gamers. The board contains 20,000+ meme sounds, which you can use to make a play more exciting or light up your gaming conversations.


☀️Main Features

  • The Voice Lab offers hundreds of free voices and sound effects.
  • You can generate multiple AI Voices with this great AI song voice changer
  • The text-to-song option is also available.

4. MorphVOX

💻Compatibility: Windows and Mac Devices

MorphVOX offers professional quality voice-changing services. The tool includes a library of free voices, sound packs, and background sounds to enhance your gaming experience. For professional users, it offers voice tuning and comparative vocal analysis. MorphVOX is compatible with all major game and social media platforms. All changes are done in real-time without any loss of quality. You get options for voice parsing detection and pre & post-graphic equalizer with MorphVox. All these options combine to provide studio-quality results.  


☀️Main Features

  • It has a voice optimization to change the tone of a voice as per the situation in the game
  • The digital and smart noise reduction option removes unwanted sounds from the main file.
  • The stereo microphone support is also available


💻Compatibility: Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac devices. is a well-rounded voice changer. It offers thousands of free voice-changing options. All voice exhibits excellent sound quality and precision. Real-time voice changing makes an ideal choice for major gaming and social media platforms. offers a wide range of associated online tools. For vocal clarity, you can use audio remover, reverb remover, and echo remover. The stem separately is useful for precise fine-tuning of a voice.


☀️Main Feature

  • The Voice Universe contains thousands of user-generated voices.
  • A well-rounded sound board consisting of thousands of sounds is available.
  • You can clone any input with the voice cloning feature.

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How to Choose the Best Voice Changer for Game Playing?

There are numerous voice changers available in the market. To make the right call, you should select based on the following criteria.

1. Vocal Quality

Vocal quality is the most important element of voice changing. If the output sound is distorted, it gives a bad listening experience. A tool should offer clear sound with uniform pitch and base settings. A quality tool should have built-in noise remover to detect and eliminate unnecessary sounds during recording.

2. Real-time voice changing

Most gamers use voice changers for streaming and gaming chats. You need real-time voice changing for both things. If your character is ahead and your vocal description comes after 5 seconds, it ruins your explanation. The viewer will struggle to understand, and, in some cases, you can become a laughing stock. So, always confirm there is no time lag between play and output sound.

3. Number of Voices

A voice changer should be rich in options. Quality voice changers have built-in vocal stores with hundreds of voices to select from. Some tools also offer voice customization and AI voice cloning. You should always check the number of options you will have before finalizing a tool.

4. Processing Speed

The modern world is all about speed. A voice changer shouldn't waste time while switching between different voices. Some tools struggle while changing the tone and timber of a voice. A good voice changer for gaming should respond to changes instantly.

Are you struggling to select a tool that matches this criterion? We recommend EaseUS VoiceWave as the best voice changer for Windows 10 and Windows 11 in 2024. The tool provides clean and sharp real-time voice changing for all selected voices.   

Final Words

Red XIII is a popular player on the Final Fantasy console. People love the personality and aura of this red wolf. You can make Red XIII speak in your favorite celebrity or character voice for streaming and in-box chats. It makes your play exciting and a fun ride This article presents the top five voice changers for Red XIII.

The compatibility, URL, introduction, and main features of each tool have been shown.  Download EaseUS SoundWave right now and surprise your friends with a new Red XIII voice.

EaseUS VoiceWave

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