How to Transpose Music from One Key to Another (Online&Offline)

Do you know how to transpose music from one key to another with trustworthy tools? This article will provide methods for both pros and novices!

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Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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ELI5: How do I transpose music to a different key?
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Sometimes, you need to change the pitch of a music/video file to meet his/her own vocal pitch. However, as a music novice, it may be hard to change the tempo manually with notes or key numbers. 

Don't worry. In this post, both pros and novices can find their ways of transposing music from one key to another. As for novices, using an online tool is your best choice. You can easily change the pitch with the little dot. As for pros, changing the pitch manually with key numbers will be a more efficient and accurate way.

Method 1. Transpose Song to Different Key Online

Changing the pitch of music online is a really easy and convenient way for users. I would recommend EaseUS Online Pitch Changer as your best choice. This online tool is developed by EaseUS, a trustworthy brand in data backup and recovery. The aim of this website is to help users separate music and voice. 

💡Reasons why you choose EaseUS Online Vocal Remover: 

  • Separate voice from audio files or online links
  • A BPMfinder to find the key of songs (newly released🆕)
  • Help you slow down MP3 files and speed up audio files
  • Reduce noise from the background with easy and quick steps

✍️Follow these steps to see how to use EaseUS Online Vocal Remover to transpose music online for free:

Step 1. Go to the official site of EaseUS Vocal Remover. Find the "Pitch Changer" from the left sidebar. 

change pitch step 1

Step 2. Click "Choose File" in the center of the main page. Now, choose the music or video file that you want to change pitch. The AI tool will begin to analysis and show you the BPM and Key as the pic shows below. 

change pitch step 2

Step 3. Now, modify the pitch with the small dot to the key you want. After that, click "Save and Export" to save to the local file location. 

Method 2. Transpose Music with a Key Chart Manually

Online tools are the easiest and most convenient way to change the pitch of music files. If you have already learned some basic knowledge about music, and enjoy the fun of changing the pitch of a song on your own, then, using s key chart for manual transpose will be your choice. 

✍️Following are the specific steps of how to transpose the key chart:

Step 1. First, prepare the stave of the music file you want to transpose and learn its original key. 

Step 2. Then, you should decide which pitch you want. The following transposition chart may help you choose: 

Current pitch To move note 1 step up To move note 1.5 steps down
C A# D#
A# C G
A B F#
G# A# F
F# G# D#
E F# C#
D# F C
C# D# A#

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Final Words

After reading this post, I'm sure that you have learned how to transpose music from one key to another both online and offline. All in all, if you seek to transpose pitch with ease and speed, EaseUS Pitch Changer will be your No.1 choice; if you seek higher accuracy and the fun of transposing on your own, transpose with a transpose key chart manually fits you best. I hope you enjoy the post!


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