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Beat 6 Halloween Voice Changer in 2023

Melissa Lee updated on May 13, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Halloweens are great fun; we dawn various scary costumes and play pranks on our friends. People play tricks and share chocolates to celebrate this occasion. And the story dates back to a Celtic Festival known as Samhain, where people dress up in Halloween costumes to ward off the spirit of the dead. This is a fun opportunity to disguise your voice using Halloween Voice Changers and pull off pranks on our friends and family.

Choosing the best Halloween voice changer can be challenging, considering the bunch of tools available, but in this post, we introduce some of the top voice changers, tried and tested by our colleagues, to let you bet your chances on the best one.

🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼Tested for Novices and professional users
💻Compatible with Windows/macOS
🍃Products testes Online and offline tools
💯Sound effects tested 100+
🥇Most recommended Voicemod

Halloween Voice Changer on Amazon

How cool it would directly morph your voice using a Halloween voice changer and sound like a scary person or an alien. You can do this using the voice-changing device Scary Halloween Voice Changer. This Halloween voice-changing device is an audio amplifier capable of incorporating your voice, applying effects internally, and producing the voices. You can carry this with you for Halloween costume parties and scare your buddies by speaking into it.

Whenever you are creating content for digital media or streaming apps, you can use this device to add effects to your voice. This device helps you to match the vibe of your costume for Halloween, be it a witch or an alien-type costume, and works for both.

Now, let us get into the specifications of this scary voice changer. The device comes with two voice filters, monster, and alien filters, that can sound as scary as Vecna of stranger things. You can adjust the volume and pitch using the buttons. The device runs completely on battery and requires 3 aa batteries.

Halloween Voice Changer on Amazon

Halloween Voice Changer App

Now that we have seen the device morph the voice directly, let us see some apps with excellent voice filters and sound effects.

1. Voicemod

🎉Compatibility: Windows & macOS

With the filters like a witch, demon alien, and many scary voices, Voicemod can be a great option as your Halloween Voice Changer. This can offer a great experience if you want to integrate with external applications to disguise your voice, especially for scary sounds during Halloween time.

The Voicelab options allow users to apply audio effects like pitch, emphasis, speech, and volume adjustments. With the capability of modifying the voice in real-time with over 80+ voice filters and sound effects, this all-in-one voice changer stands tall in all central departments.



  • Add custom sounds in real-time
  • Offer over 80+ sound effects and voice filters
  • Adjust various audio effects


  • You can access very few filters with the free version
  • Customization, only with the paid version

2. MorphVOX

🎉Compatibility: Windows & macOS

Another top-notch tool as your Halloween voice changer is MorphVOX. The tool has many scary voices, including the voice of a man, woman, robots, funny sounds, etc. The developers configured all the features onto a beautiful interface, but the tool could be more user-friendly. You can also record your voice and add effects to build a unique voice into streams.

This voice changer for streaming seamlessly integrates with desktop applications like Discord, Twitch, OBS, etc. The installation and setup process is also very straightforward and has excellent audio characteristics to tweak the voices.



  • A good amount of voices are free
  • You can add or remove background voices too
  • Includes new voice filters on a regular basis


  • The user interface is complex for beginners
  • The paid version is pricy

3. Clownfish Voice Changer

🎉Compatibility: Windows & macOS

Clownfish voice changer is capable of catering to all your Halloween voice changer needs with a great set of voice filers. This anonymous voice changer comes with multi-lingual support and converts your voice in real-time.

You can see the tool works on a system-wide sound modification formula, meaning it can convert all the voices coming in from the microphone. So this makes it easy for the users to set up the tool and use it with desktop applications. The tool can furnish voices according to our needs using voice customization options.

Clownfish Voice Changer


  • The voice filters include alien voice, clone, male, helium, and custom pitches
  • The microphone adjustments can be made simultaneously
  • Modifies the voices for external applications in real-time


  • The app seems very old-fashioned
  • The free version contains a lot of features

Halloween Voice Changer Online

If you find the setup and installation things to be complex, our search team has found a great online alternative for you. These online tools offer you a similar set of features or even better to disguise your voices for pranks, games, and streams.

1. LingoJam.com

LingoJam.com is one of the best online voice changer tools that can customize your pitch or voice. The tool converts your voice without delay and simultaneously provides a wide range of pitch-changing options to furnish audio voiceovers. All this tool needs is a proper internet connection to work.

You can either record your voice using a microphone or upload an audio file. Now, apply voice filters, adjust the pitch, and let the software do the job. The tool is free, and the interface is also simple. You can use various voice filters like male to female, chipmunk, SpongeBob, and many cartoons and celebrities.



  • A simple user interface to cater to all needs
  • Applies voice effects on the pre-recorded audio files
  • Suitable for making deep fake voiceovers


  • You cannot integrate with desktop applications
  • Does not work in real-time

2. VideoChanger.io

You can see a lot of scary voice options the tool can offer on the interface itself. VideoChanger.io is your best bet if you want to use a web-based scream voice changer. This one's also free and offers two ways to convert your audio voice. Either upload audio onto the interface or use the microphone to record something to apply effects.

There are over 50+ voice filters available for use, like aliens, monsters, robots, and animals. And the tool offers pitch changers and text-to-speech to enhance the audio output for our video voiceovers. You can also use the soundboard features to include it on streams and videos or share it on social media.



  • Offers soundboard options to include in streams and social media
  • Rolls out regular updates, as it works within a community
  • Free, web-based, and simple user interface


  • No real-time voice modulation is supported
  • It is a hobby project for voice conversions

3. Typecast.ai

A voice changer with 300+ professional voiceovers is Typecast.ai. With this tool, you can create virtual AI avatars and add emotional quotient to the characters as a real person's voice. You can use these AI avatars for adding voiceovers to your videos and games. You can easily make a voice-over scary as your Halloween voice-changer and use it on your friends.

Adding emotions improves the overall audio output and adds layers to your storytelling. If you are a YouTuber or create videos for people, this tool is perfect for quickly voicing your words using its text-to-speech features.




  • You can use the tool in English and Korean
  • The range of emotions is very few

Halloween Voice Changer FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent FAQs asked on Halloween Voice Changers. If you have similar queries hope this will help you. Comment your queries to us if you have any.

1. Is there a Ghostface voice changer?

You can find many tools which offer scary voice filters to modify your voice. This alters your voice and produces a ghost-like voice with ease. You may not find Ghost voice changers, but there are tons of tools like Voicemod, MorphVOX, and Clownfish, which offer various ghost voice changer filters.

2. What voice changer to use for scary stories?

You can find some outstanding voice changers to generate scary voiceovers for your stories. Below are a few voice changers to use for scary stories.

1. Voicemod

2. MorphVOX

3. Typecast.ai

4. Clownfish

The Final Verdict

It gets quite confusing if you have too many options for Halloween Voice Changers. In the plethora of Halloween Voice Changers, we present you the six best voice changers both for desktop and online users. The tools, descriptions, abilities, pros, and cons are discussed. So, factor in your requirements and choose the best one suiting your needs for Halloween and enjoy it with your friends. Hope this post helps.

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