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Top 7 Best Scream Voice Changer (2023 Updated!)

Jane Zhou updated on Apr 27, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

A lot of people use voice changers to prank their friends and make their Discord calls, Zoom meetings, or gaming sessions a bit more fun. There are many different types of tools that allow users to do this, using their soundboard by applying specific voice filters.

If you are someone looking for a scream voice changer, then you might be wondering which the best tool to do so is. While plenty of Ghostface voice changer options are available, not all of them can be trusted. So, let's dive in and find the best scream voice changer.

How We Selected Scream Voice Changer Tools for the List

There are many voice changer software on the market, and there are many factors to consider when selecting the right voice-changing tool. Here are some of the things that I took into consideration when making the list below:

Factors Considerations
✨ Ease of use Is the user interface intuitive and friendly? Can a novice handle it quickly?
🧑‍💻 Compatibility Is it compatible with common communication/gaming/streaming platforms like Zoom, Discord, and more?
🔮 Customizability Does it offer options to customize your voice, like the pitch, volume, tone, speed, and more?
😎 Customer Reviews Does it have a good reputation on the market? How about the real users think? 

Top 1. MorphVox (Desktop/Laptop)

MorphVox is an incredible option for those looking for a simple yet effective solution. This tool may not look like much in terms of UI design, but the sound effects and quality that it serves help it stand out among various options—including its realistic Scream's Ghostface sound effect/filter.

The tool is filled with great features, such as many different voice categories, including pop culture, iconic characters, and other celebrities. You can create your own customized voice filter by picking one option and tweaking it until you like it.

Besides that, it also allows you to use the key mapping/key binding feature, which makes it easier to access any voice filter at any time. And it can be used as a TikTok Voice Changer to change your voice in your TikTok videos.



  • Detailed customizability
  • Extensive free usage
  • Intriguing noise cancellation


  • Not easy for the new user
  • An outdated UI design

Top 2. VoiceMod (Desktop/Laptop)

VoiceMod is one of the most popular scream voice-changing software among gamers today. Incredibly detailed options, alongside an array of features, make it a complete package for gamers, streamers, and other people who wish to trifle around with their voices.

The tool offers a straightforward yet detailed layout design, which has become synonymous with VoiceMod. In addition, the dark theme makes finding and navigating options easier. Most importantly, it is also an excellent Ghostface voice changer that allows you to filter your input into Ghostface's voice.

These reasons have made this tool an incredible and common potion among users looking for a reliable voice-changing tool.



  • Very easy to use
  • Offers an array of filters
  • Very affordable
  • Unique UI design


  • Limited free version
  • Not yet available on Mac

Top 3. AV Voice Changer Software for Windows (Desktop/Laptop)

AV Voice Changer Software for Windows is another popular option among users who wish to use a reliable and long-term voice-changing option. The tool is filled with intriguing features and offers specific elements for users, such as voice-changing, meme sound effects, etc.

AV Voice Changer Software for Windows's UI design is also very simple and straightforward, which makes it easier for the users. Therefore, they can use key binds, customized settings, and try other essentials of this tool to access the Scream voice changer/filter anytime they wish for.

Besides that, this tool also falls under the affordable category, which makes it quite a favorite among gamers, YouTubers, and streamers. As a celebrity voice changer, it can even turn your voice into a celebrity's if you want.

AV Voice Changer


  • Unique meme/voice filters
  • Easy-to-use UI design
  • Easy to configure soundboard


  • A very limited/basic free version
  • Leaves best features for the paid version

Top 4. Scary Voice Changer (Android/iOS)

Scary Voice Changer, as the name suggests, is an application on Android that allows you to change your voice into various famous scary characters—including Ghostface. This outstanding app has over 1 million downloads and many fans who have given it 5-star reviews.

The app is quite simple to use once you download it from Apple Store or Google Play. After that, pick the icon/character you wish your voice to morph into and begin recording. Granted, it may not be as advanced as its PC/desktop counterparts, but it's a practical and fun tool nonetheless.

The application allows you to customize the pitch, tone, and frequency of the voice filters to customize it according to your liking.

Scary Voice Changer


  • Quite easy to use
  • Offers 10+ iconic character voices
  • Customize your own voice


  • Not as convenient as desktop counterparts
  • A little buggy

Top 5. Voice Changer With Effects (Android/iOS)

Voice Changer with Effects is another famous app on Android and iOS. This application has become quite the favorite of people over the last 5-6 years, as it has seen over 100 million downloads. One of the main reasons behind that is its ability to filter famous voices, including Ghostface.

The app is straightforward to use too. So, if you're looking for the Scream voice changer, scroll down until you find the filter, select it and start recording. Once done, your recording will be saved to your desired location within your iPhone or Android mobile.

Voice changer with effects


  • Many intriguing voice options
  • Very easy to use and record
  • Available on both iOS and Android


  • Outdated UI
  • Updates are rare

Top 6. LingoJam (Online)

LingoJam is an online voice changer/recorder that lets you pick out your favorite character/option and record your voice accordingly. There are many tools like this, but what makes this stand out is the quality and simplicity of this particular online voice changer.

The "Scary voice changer" that you see in the screenshot is actually the voice of Ghostface from Scream. Therefore, you can search for various other sound effects on this website if you wish to try them, i.e., male to female and vice versa.



  • A very simple tool
  • Record or upload your audio clip
  • Good-quality recording


  • Very limited usage
  • Shifting between voices isn't easy

Top 7. VoiceChanger.io (Online)

Voice Changer is an online tool that has many intriguing voice options, including famous characters, fictional voices, and other tweaks when recording. The tool has plenty of options, including the Scream voice changer.

All you need to do is use your microphone or pick an already-recorded voice, then pick the filter you wish to use. After that, Voice Changer will either convert your clip or record your voice in the character/filter that you have chosen.

Voice Changer


  • Many intriguing characters
  • Surprisingly high-quality output
  • Very easy to use


  • Some character voices need work

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best voice recorder apps and software that allow you to use the Scream voice changer. All of them offer something unique and intriguing. Therefore, it comes down to your necessity and the type of device you're using, i.e., a phone or a computer.

But, if you are looking for a reliable and long-term solution, then the first pick, i.e., VoiceMod, is definitely the best option you have among all the seven picks.

Scream Voice Changer FAQs

Have you got any further questions? Find their answers here:

1. Is there a Scream voice changer?

Yes, there are quite a few on desktop, Android, and iOS. However, finding a reliable and safe option is important since many tools do not offer these options, and some do not have the right Scream filter for free. However, these are seven of the best you can see on this list.

2. How do you get a Scream voice?

After downloading the app/software, pick the Ghostface filter and record your voice. If you're using the online tool, then try to upload your recorded voice or register one from scratch—depending on the website you use.

3. What app is Scream?

You can use Scary Voice Changer & Recorder on iOS and Android to record your voice in the Ghostface filter. There are also iOS and Android-exclusive options; therefore, if you wish to use them, you can look for them in your respective app stores.

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