Top 5 Batman Voice Changer App [PC&Mobile]

Batman's voice is one of the most iconic features of the Dark Knight. This article will help you find a Batman voice changer app to mask your voice.

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Mar 12, 2024

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Batman has long been one of the most iconic characters in comic books, TV shows, games, and films. Therefore, there's no wonder people have a lot of infatuation with the Caped Crusader. So, changing into Batman using masks and other tactics isn't something very uncommon for long-time fans.

When facing many kinds of voice changers, you may be confused about choosing the most appropriate one for yourself. Therefore, we have done some tests for you, and you can read about them to have a preliminary understanding of the reasons why we choose these apps in this passage.

📶 How many we tested 11 voice changers, and we choose 5 of them
💻 Software compatibility Windows and macOS
▶️ Change voices for YouTube, Discord, and Skype
Numbers of voice effects 250+
👍Most recommendable EaseUS VoiceWave

But what happens when you wish for a voice like Batman? His imposing, husky, and impactful voice can intimidate anyone. So, if you want to become the Dark Knight by looking for a celebrity voice changer that helps you sound like Batman, let's help you find one.

Batman Voice Changer App

Whether you're a long-term fan of Batman or someone who just came across a game, film, or movie that made you infatuated with the Dark Knight, you might wish to sound like Batman. That's when good quality anime voice changer apps come into play.

However, to turn your voice like Batman's in real-time, you need a good-quality celebrity voice changer that helps you use the Batman voice-changing mask. Luckily for you, we have picked four of such tools, and here they are:

1. EaseUS VoiceWave

EaseUS VoiceWave, this excellent voice changer, is the first choice for people's voice changers with excellent features and filters. In addition to disguising your voice as a girl, you'll also get female voices of different ages, and it's relatively easy to integrate with desktop apps.

Using this software, you can change your voice into some characters. For example, there are many kinds of voices, like Ghostface, Iron Man, Goblin, Joker, Wolfman, and so on. Therefore, it is a good Batman voice changer app for users.

main interface

You can try downloading this software to help you change your voices and make them more interesting and funny.


  • Use pitch, timbre, and tone to deliver your audio
  • The UI is very intuitive and seamless
  • You'll get over 100 sound effects and 18+ sounds


  • Limited functions and voice effects in the free version
  • No support for macOS

2. Voicemod

Voicemod is the second tool on our list. And it's perhaps one of the most well-known celebrity voice changer apps. Needless to say, this tool also offers Batman voice modes and generally deep and husky voice modes that a user can customize to sound like Batman.

The tool is very easy to use. Besides that, it has remarkable customizability, which can help you sound like any Caped Crusader you like, such as Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, or Robert Pattinson's Batman. While you will have to tweak around a bit to do that, the default Batman voice helps you become the character of your dream.



  • Offer a remarkable array of voice changes
  • Support easy key binding options
  • Provide extensive free usage


  • Only available on Windows for now
  • The free version has ads

3. Voxal Voice Changer

NCH Software's Voxal Voice Changer is among the oldest and most reliable anime voice changers. Moreover, it has built-in free voice options, allowing you to filter your voice into any character you like—including the ability to sound like Batman from different eras.

The tool is particularly easy to use and allows you to change/mask your voice easily. Besides that, it also has customizability, so you can tweak the Batman voice until you think it suits you or pick one of the various options the program already has.

Voxal Voice Changer


  • Change voice filters and background noises
  • Mask your voice in real-time
  • A vast library of voice filters


  • Limited free version
  • The Voxal-exclusive file format isn't convenient

4. AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is another popular software that is available today. This tool is known for its simple nature and a very exclusive array of voice filtering options. The voice effects may not be many in number, but they are very easy to use.

It allows you to morph your voice into various characters, including the Dark Knight. Therefore, when you pick the Batman option, you can alter it according to your taste or let it be and start recording/calling.



  • The morphing effect is very realistic
  • Easy to customize and key bind
  • Alter voices in pre-recorded audio


  • Basic and outdated UI design
  • Official support isn't ideal

5. MorphVox

MorphVox is our fourth pick, and it also offers many famous celebrities and character voices, including Batman. The tool is exceedingly easy to use and allows you to merge it with your keyboard's macro keys or stream deck.

Besides that, this anonymous voice changer also has extraordinary customizability for you to alter the existing voices or change the one you like. These factors have made it one of the most popular and preferred voice changers among gamers and YouTubers.



  • Very easy on your hardware
  • Easy to use and key bind
  • Customizable voice effects


  • A bit expensive for an older software
  • Difficult to customize

Batman Voice Changer App FAQs

Have you got any more questions? Find their answers here.

1. How to make your voice sound like Batman?

To change your voice into Batman, you need to use a voice filter. This article has given you four of the best tools that offer a Batman voice filter that allows you to mask your voice into Batman's voice in real-time. Therefore, pick the one you like and record or filter your voice.

2. Does Batman have a voice changer?

Batman does use a voice modulator that allows Bruce Wayne to mask his original voice. This way, none of the recognition tools or enemies he fights with can recognize him without the mask.

3. Is there a Morgan Freeman voice app?

Voicemod does have a Morgan Freeman filter alongside many other great filters of celebrities and famous characters like Batman. Therefore, go through the list of voices in the tool and find Morgan Freeman to record your voice as his.

4. What is the most realistic voice changer app?

Voicemod is widely hailed as one of the most realistic voice changer apps. Because it doesn't only have existing voice filters but also offers various other options, such as customizing existing voice or creating a filter from scratch.


These are some of the best tools you can use as your next Batman voice changer app. They all offer various voice filters, including the Dark Knight's voice. Therefore, it comes down to which one you think is more realistic or finds the easiest to use.

However, suppose you are looking for a long-term solution. In that case, EaseUS VoiceWave is considered one of the best Batman voice changers today. It is suggested that you can try to download this software to have a try.

EaseUS VoiceWave

One-click to sparkle your voice!

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