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Best Scary Voice Changer Apps Never Miss! [2023]

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 22, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Are you thinking about pranking your friends on Halloween day? If so, you may need a scary voice changer app to help you disguise your voice. Of course, you can use this tool to fake your voice at other times. In a word, you can apply scary voice filters at any time you want.

However, many people don't know which tool to use when hiding their voices. Therefore, we give you some of the most popular ones in this review. Some of them are also voice changers for YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. You may read their basic information before choosing one to use.

Let's dive in now!

Best Scary Voice Changer Apps

Check the voice changer apps that can add scary effects to your voice below. PC and Android users can all find a proper tool. Online scary voice changers are also concluded. 


Voicemod is a scary voice changer PC users want. With this tool, you can scare your friends on Discord or other platforms with Voicemod's horror voices. Also, you can use the scary voice filters when playing PC horror games like Phasmophobia and Evil Dead: The Game.

It supports various messaging applications, including Wire, Vivox, Viber, Hangouts, Mumble, etc. Moreover, you can imitate already existing scary effects, like women's screams, vampire howls, evil laughs, etc. Check its pros and cons below.



  • Creepy Doll's voice is newly added
  • It is the 1st real-time AI voice changer
  • Can be used on scary games like Dying Light 2 Stay Human


  • Can't record video with horror effects
  • Only the pro version can unlock all effects


Myvoicemod.com is a scary voice changer online. It provides more than 10 sound effects to its users. And every effect is unique. With this app, you can make your voice sound evil, robotic, clumsy, or mysterious. All in your control.

Besides, this free online anonymous voice changer includes an audio recorder. That means you can record audio with the voice filters if you don't have a recording before. After that, you can prank your friends or fans with the edited audio file.



  • Sound effects are unique and stylish
  • Offer an audio recording function
  • No need to download and installation


  • This online tool contains ads
  • Not many voice filters are supported


FunCalls is a scary voice changer that Android and iOS users can try. The best thing about it is that it can be used even during a phone call. With this tool, you can change your original voice while talking to a friend on a WhatsApp call.

With the 100+ voice effects it offers, you can pretend your voice is any scary character. Moreover, you can change your voice using different pitches and speeds. And it is also seen as a TikTok voice changer by many people. Check the pros and cons of it below.



  • Change voice in real-time for a WhatsApp call
  • Offer horror and animal sound effects
  • Change the voice during a phone call


  • Sound quality is fluctuant
  • Only offer three minutes of free usage

Scary Voice Changer FAQs

Here is some information that can solve your problem furtherly. Check the FAQs one by one.

1. What is the scary movie voice changer app?

Here is a list of scary movie voice-changer apps:

  • Voicemod Scary Voice Changer
  • Scary Voice Changer & RecorderScary Voice Changer
  • Scary Voice Changer & Recorder
  • LingoJam

2. Does Ghostface voice changer exist?

In fact, Ghostface's voice is Roger L. Jackson's voice in the films and the third season of the television series. And yes, some voice-changing apps can turn your voice into it.

3. What is the Scream voice changer called?

It is called Ghostface. And you can change normal human voices or other voices into horror ones without a hassle.

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