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Top 3 Voice Changers to Sound Like Mario

Melissa Lee updated on May 03, 2023 | Home > Voice Changer Tips

Since its inception in 1981, Super Mario became the most iconic game of the 1980s and 1990s. Plumber-by-trade, super Mario was an Italian character with a big broad mustache. The Mario Bros series remains the most successful video game franchise launched by Nintendo.

The most noticeable feature of Mario was his distinct voice sound, which was easily detectable among a million sounds. Whenever you hear these voice effects, it takes you back in time. The Mario voice sound can be used for recreation, social media posting, YouTube videos, and marketing.

How to Choose a Mario Voice Changer

🎤Voice-changing quality: Whether the voice changed is like Mario's is an important measure of voice-changing software.

🤌🏼Ease of use: If the product UI and function settings are difficult to understand, then this is not a good voice changer for you.

🍏Extra voice effects: A voice changer should preferably have all the popular sound effects. A single sound effect doesn't make it a good voice changer.

💰Price: Ideally, you need to find a completely free voice changer. If not, choose software that is free for most sound effects.

Mario Voice Changer

In the modern era, you can turn any speech or text into Mario's voice with the help of AI tools. Here are the top 3 voice changers to make your voice sound like Mario.

1. TopMediai Text-to-Speech

💧Compatibility: Online web browser

TopMediai is one of the most versatile Mario text-to-speech voice generators. The interface is simple and easy to use, allowing you to get results within a few clicks

This anonymous voice changer contains more than 3200+ voices and 80+ languages. You can get a customized scale and pitch of Mario's voice per your requirement. It also offers a voice recorder, video converter, speech-to-text converter, and audio editor to provide a wholesome experience.

TopMediai Text-to-Speech


  • A wide range of AI-generated Mario voices
  • Ability to provide rapid and precise conversions
  • Provision for quality voiceover on videos


  • The desktop version is not available
  • It cannot work offline

2. UberDuck.ai

💧Compatibility: Mac/Android/Online web browser

Uberduck.ai is among the most comprehensive Mario voice converters. It offers text-to-speech conversions, AI-generated raps, cloning of voice, voice filter, voice recording, and an online studio for real-time voice changes.

The tool offers complete control over Mario's voice. It can also convert more than 5000+ expressive voices. The tool allows you to build audio apps for Mario within minutes. Another significant feature of uberduck.ai is its ML community. The users provide continuous feedback for improvement. You can learn about artwork, voice quality, data sets, and AI-learning models from this community.

The uberduck.ai is available in free, creator, clone, and enterprise modes. Their respective prices are $0/ forever, $96/ year, $480/ year, and $300 /per month. You can also use it as a voice changer for YouTube.



  • The complete control and comprehensive approach to Mario's voice conversion
  • Option of Studio and voice cloning
  • AI-generated raps and functioning ML community


  • The trial version is limited
  • The price of enterprise modes is very high

3. FakeYou

💧Compatibility: Online web browser

FakeYou Text-to-Speech can generate Super Mario's voice from the input text. The tool utilizes advanced AI modules to give the character's voice a realistic outlook. You can even use it as a voice changer for WhatsApp, YouTube, or Skype, etc.

It possesses an extensive library of more than 2,400 voices. You can choose Mario's voice in settings and further tweak it to improve quality. FakeYou also has an active online community for mutual cooperation and discussion on new voice conversion ideas.



  • User-friendly interface and easy to use
  • High-quality translation with no errors
  • Features to make voiceover look realistic


  • It doesn't have a desktop version
  • The free version is limited

Mario Voice Changer FAQs

Below are the answers to the most asked questions about Mario voice changers.

1. Can you change your voice to Mario?

Yes, you can change your voice to Mario with the help of online voice changers. The tool utilizes advanced AI to detect and turn the input into Mario's voice. They also allow you to add special effects, change the tone, and adjust the pitch to improve voice quality.

2. Is there a Japanese Mario voice?

Yes, the Japanese Mario was done in 1986 by a voiceover artist Toru Furuya in a movie called Super Mario Bros: Peach-hime Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen! The artist remained the Japanese Mario voice for 12 years, from 1986 to 1998.

3. Who was the OG voice of Mario?

An American voiceover artist Charles Martinet did the globally famous Mario voice. It first appeared in 1991 in the famous Mario video series.


If there's one character that defined the video gaming industry of the 80s and 90s, it is Mario. The franchise ruled all over the world, courtesy of its main protagonist. The 90s kids still remember its exciting voice, which has become an eternal part of their childhood memories.

In the modern day, we can use AI-based tools to convert any input into Mario's voice. This blog presents 3 tools that can provide quick and precise conversions. These tools are TopMedi.ai, uberduck.ai, and FakeYou. The specifications, pros, and cons of each tool have been listed. Select any tool as per your requirement and kick-start the joyful ride.

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