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Top 4 Online Voice Changers to Change Voice Dramatically

Melissa Lee updated on Nov 03, 2023 to Audio Editing Tips

We have talked about male to female voice changers last time. Now we want to show you some best free online voice changers that change your voice in a video or audio. You can make your voice sounds formal, funny, horrible, or croaky with these online voice changers.

Part 1. 4 Best Online Voice Changers

1. voicechanger.io

Voicechanger.io is a free online voice changer created by an individual. Though the site is only created as a small hobby project of the owner, it works pretty well, providing you dozens of sound effects to choose from. You can upload your own recording or make a new recording with this site. Then click to apply any of the sound effects and get a completely new voice.  You can listen to the changed voice and switch to another one until you get the effect you want.


Provides many sound effects

Includes a recorder 


No label to sound effects and hard to know the effects before you apply it

Some effects turn your voice into nonsense 

Contains ads

Voice Changer io

2. Myvoicemod.com

Myvoicemod.com provides more than 10 sound variants with you. Though it doesn't have as many sound effects as voicechanger.io has, every effect is unique and varies with each other significantly. You can make your voice sound evil, robotic, clumsy, or mysterious. This free online voice changer also includes an audio recorder. If you don't have a recording, you can make a new one with it and apply an effect to make a trick on your friends or create a voiceover for your video.


Sound effects are good and stylish

Contains an audio recorder


 Contains Ads

Myvoicemod - online voice changer

3. voice-changer.org

voice-changer.org is also one online voice changer with an audio recorder. It offers 11 sound effects for you to transform your voice. The site is not labeling its sound effect but the icons are well designed. You can figure out the potential sound effects from the icon. However, the overall sound effects are plain and there are not many funny sound effects.


Includes more tools like the text to speech, audio recorder, audio converter, etc.


Sound effects are plain

Voice Changer Org - online voice changer

4. lingojam.com

lingojam Female to Male Voice Changer is an online audio pitch changer that changes voice by adjusting the pitch. You can apply a wide range of pitch effects to your voice, from extremely lower pitch to extremely higher pitch. Beyond our expectations, you can get various kinds of sounds by adding different levels of pitch. A male voice can be turned into a female voice and the other way around. It also makes your sound harsh like an alien.


The voice changing process is fast.


Limited sound effects

linggojam voice changer

Part 2. Detailed Steps to Change Your Voice with an Online Voice Changer 

You have already known the 4 best online voice changers you can use. All of them are easy to use. In case you need this, we will show you the step-by-step guide to change your voice. We will take Myvoicemod.com for example.

Step 1. Open the online voice changer with your browser.

Step 2. Click "upload audio" to upload an audio file from your PC to the voice changer. You can also hit "use microphone" to make a new recording right now.

Step 3. Choose a sound effect by clicking the icon on the right side. After the effect is applied, the changed audio will be played automatically. Listen to check if this is the effect you want. You can try multiple sound effects until you find the one you like.

Step 4. Click the download icon to save the changed voice to your PC. You can use it in your video and send it to your friends for fun.

How to change voice online

Bonus Part: How to Change Your Voice with EaseUS MakeMyAudio

If you don't like to use online tools and would prefer to change your voice with a desktop voice changer. You can try EaseUS MakeMyAudio, an audio toolkit including audio editor, audio cutter, audio converter, audio joiner, audio changer,  audio ripper, and audio burner. EaseUS MakeMyAudio offer you a wide range of sound effect to choose from. You can change voice to male, female, monster, or cartoon and add echo or reverb effects.

Key features of EaseUS MakerMyAudio:

  • Edit audio by changing speed or adding effects
  • Trim and merge audio files
  • Convert CD to MP3
  • Burn music to a CD
  • Convert audio from one format to another
  • Convert video to MP3

Step 1. Install and open EaseUS MakeMyAudio on your computer. From its main screen, choose the "Converter" feature.

Open EaseUS MakeMyAudio

Step 2. Click "Add Files" to add the pre-recorded audio files. Or you can also record your voice directly within this app. Once your files are prepared, choose the "Change of Voice" option from the top menu.

Add files

Step 3. From the new page you can click the box next to "Change of voice" to choose an effect. Once it's done, click "Apply." Then, you can click the Play button to play the audio you just changed. Or you can directly click "OK" to save the changed audio file on your computer. 

Change your voice in the editor

The Final Word

This is all about the best 4 free online voice changers. With them, you can change one sound into different types of sound. 

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