10 Simple Volume Booster Chrome Extensions 2024🔊

Discover the top 10 simple volume booster Chrome extensions to enhance your audio experience. From boosting music to improving video sound quality, here are the perfect solutions.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Apr 11, 2024

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Volume boosting plays a crucial role in enhancing the audio experience across various digital platforms. Whether it's enjoying your favorite music or ensuring clear communication during virtual conferences, the ability to amplify volume can significantly improve overall user satisfaction.

Users can access multiple convenient tools in the form of browser extensions. Volume booster Chrome extensions allow users to increase audio output levels with just a few clicks.

This article explores ten simple and effective MP3 volume booster Chrome extensions. Whether you want to elevate your music listening experience or ensure crystal-clear sound, these extensions can enhance your audio journey.

Volume Booster Chrome Extension🔊 Volume Boost🆙 Price💵 Rating from Google Web Store⭐
Volume Booster Up to 1000% Free 3.8 (1.8K)
Volume Max – Ultimate Sound Booster Up to 600% Free 4.6 (1K)
Volume Master Up to 600% Free 4.8 (33.9K)
Volume Control Up to 600% Free 4.6 (1.3K)
Volume Control Up to 600% Free 4.3 (1.9K)
Volume Booster Up to 600% Free 4.6 (370)
Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio / Free 4.5 (3.5K)
Sound Booster – increase volume Up Up to 600% Free 4.6 (3.4K)
Sound Booster – Boost my Bass Up to 600% Free 4.9 (1K)
Volume Control for Google Chrome Up to 600% Free 4.5 (2.6K)

1. Volume Booster

Volume Booster is a Chrome extension that can amplify your audio experience. It can increase the maximum volume output by up to 1000%. This extension empowers users to adjust volume levels to their preferences. You can enhance and lower video volume to your desired levels. 


It is compatible across different operating systems. Users can enjoy the benefits of heightened audio immersion. Volume Booster's reputation for reliability. It is ad-free and malware-free to offer enhanced sound quality. It is a go-to solution for elevating your audio experience while browsing on Chrome.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Amplifies volume up to 1000%.
  • Successfully tested on both Mac and Windows platforms.
  • Offers a seamless experience without ads or malware. 
  • Excessive amplification can damage speakers.
  • Mixed user reviews.
  • Works on one tab at a time.

2. Volume Max - Ultimate Sound Booster

Volume Max - Ultimate Sound Booster is a Chrome extension that enhances your audio experience. It offers features to boost volume and bass, as well as an equalizer for fine-tuning sound quality. Users can increase the volume of their system by up to 600%. This YouTube Volume Booster provides options for bass boosting and individual volume control for each tab.


Some users find it helpful, while others report issues with functionality. The extension's commitment to user privacy, with no data collection or usage beyond its core functionality, adds to its appeal. Sound Booster is a versatile tool for Chrome to optimize audio enjoyment with increased volume and sound quality adjustments.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Boosts volume by up to 600%.
  • Offers bass enhancement for a richer audio experience.
  • Allows users to adjust audio settings according to their preferences.
  • Provides the ability to set volume levels for each tab individually.
  • Some users report issues with functionality.
  • Not all users may experience significant improvements in audio quality.
  • May not work consistently across all websites and platforms.

3. Volume Master

Volume Booster is a reliable Chrome extension that enhances users' audio experiences. Offering a volume boost of up to 600%, it provides users with fine-grained control over audio levels. They can make adjustments from 0% to 600%. Users can effortlessly control the volume of any tab playing audio with just one click.


Volume Booster maintains transparency by displaying a blue rectangle icon in the tab bar to alert users of audio manipulation. This free volume booster extension is completely free and devoid of ads. Volume Booster offers simplicity and reliability to enhance the audio experience for Chrome users.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Up to 600% volume boost capability.
  • Fine-grained control over volume levels.
  • Easy one-click control of audio on any tab.
  • Chrome prevents complete full-screen mode while using the extension.
  • Mixed reviews regarding effectiveness and user experience.

4. Volume Control

Volume Control is a Chrome extension that empowers users with the ability to boost their audio volume by up to 600%. The software is touted as simple to use and completely free. It provides a solution for users facing volume limitations on their devices and adjusts Audacity increasing volume.


The extension utilizes a mouse wheel-driven knob for easy adjustment of sound levels. It offers fine-grained control ranging from 0% to 600%. Additionally, users can seamlessly switch between tabs playing audio with just one click. The developer emphasizes a commitment to user privacy. It reassures users that no data is collected or used beyond the extension's core functionality. 

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Up to 600% volume boost capability.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Fine-grained control over volume levels.
  • Limited compatibility with certain websites or platforms.

5. Volume Control

Volume Control provides a comprehensive audio management solution for their Chrome browser. The extension offers a range of features, including the ability to increase volume by up to 600%. It displays all tabs playing audio and provides fast navigation between tabs with sound.


Users can also instantly mute tabs with a simple click on the speaker icon in the popup menu. Volume Control offers a slider control that allows users to adjust volume levels beyond 100%. Overall, volume control is a valuable tool for taking control of audio on Chrome and offers solutions for making Spotify louder.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Individual volume control for each tab.
  • Up to 600% volume boost capability.
  • Instant mute option for tabs.
  • No data collection for user privacy.
  • Limited compatibility with certain websites or platforms.

 6. Volume Booster

Volume Booster is a Chrome extension tailored to amplify users' audio experiences. This volume booster offers a range of features, including the ability to amplify sound by up to 600%. It serves as a bass booster and provides an audio equalizer for fine-tuning sound quality. Its stylish popup interface presents users with a volume switch and a list of tabs currently playing audio.


Users can easily control sound levels in individual tabs. Users can swiftly switch between tabs, play audio with just one click, and utilize fast volume up and down buttons for convenience. The extension ensures an immersive audio experience by constantly monitoring gain levels and preventing sound distortions. 

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Up to 600% volume boost capability.
  • Bass booster and audio equalizer features.
  • Constant monitoring to prevent sound distortions.
  • Mixed reviews regarding effectiveness and user experience.
  • Limited compatibility with certain websites or platforms.

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7. Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio!

Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio is an innovative Chrome extension to enhance your audio experience. This versatile toolkit acts as both a volume booster and a graphic equalizer. Users can fine-tune the audio on any website in real time. Ears give you complete control over your audio environment. Its intuitive interface enables you to effortlessly adjust the EQ of multiple tabs simultaneously.


Ears is continuously updated to provide users with an optimal experience, with recent updates introducing improvements such as performance optimizations and UI enhancements. Ears is praised for its ease of use, powerful functionality, and commitment to user privacy.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Innovative volume booster and graphic equalizer.
  • Real-time EQ adjustments for any audio on the web
  • Versatile functionality with features like per-tab stereo panning on the horizon.
  • Limited to Chrome browser, may not be available on other platforms.
  • Requires manual adjustments for optimal audio customization. 

8. Sound Booster - increase volume up

Sound Booster is a Chrome extension that enhances audio playback. It can boost volume levels and improve sound quality. it offers a straightforward solution for users seeking to amplify their system's audio output. The extension can increase volume levels by up to 600%.


It is useful for individuals who find their device's default settings insufficient. Additionally, Sound Booster features a bass boost function to enrich the low-frequency elements of audio content. Its intuitive interface allows easy installation and activation. Users can easily access enhanced audio experiences across various online platforms. 

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Increases volume by up to 600%.
  • Improves sound quality and bass with an equalizer.
  • Easy installation and activation.
  • Limited customization options for advanced users.
  • May cause distortion at maximum volume levels.

9. Sound Booster - Boost My Bass

Sound Booster - Boost My Bass is a Chrome extension that enhances your audio experience. It is a trusted tool for enhancing the volume and quality of sound across various platforms. This extension empowers users to amplify their video and music volume to the maximum.


Sound Booster enables users to control sound levels for any tab separately. Its ability to boost volume by up to 600% ensures that users can enjoy louder content without compromising on quality. The extension's bass boost feature adds depth and richness to the audio. Boost My Bass can enhance your audio content with its easy installation process and seamless integration.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Boosts audio volume up to 600% for enhanced listening experience.
  • Separate control of sound for each tab, providing flexibility.
  • Bass boost feature enriches audio quality.  
  • Limited language support compared to other extensions.
  • Lack of advanced features like equalizer customization.

10. Volume Control for Google Chrome

Volume Control for Google Chrome is a powerful extension that enhances your audio experience while you browse the web. It's a popular choice for those looking to boost the volume of their tabs beyond the usual maximum. This software allows users to adjust the volume using a convenient knob. It provides control from 0% to an impressive 600% boost.


You can increase the volume of any tab that's playing audio or video content. This sound booster software is completely free and requires no paid upgrades. It is a reliable tool for maximizing your audio experience while browsing the web.

               🔊Pros                🔇Cons
  • Up to 600% volume boost for tabs.
  • Easy-to-use volume control knob.
  • Fine-grained control from 0% to 600%. 
  • Not affiliated with or endorsed by Google.
  • Limited to Google Chrome browser.
  • May not work with all external speakers.

Boost Volume Online for Audio and Video

EaseUS VoiceWave is a comprehensive solution to optimize your audio experience. It offers a range of features to enhance sound quality across various media platforms. With its intuitive interface, users can easily access its functionalities and change pitch of song. It can boost volume levels and refine audio clarity.

EaseUS VoiceWave

Moreover, EaseUS VoiceWave provides versatility, catering to diverse needs such as amplifying voice recordings. It can enhance music playback and improve the sound quality of videos. EaseUS VoiceWave boasts reliability and efficiency. This tool empowers users to elevate their audio experience with ease and convenience. It also helps users look for how to find the key of a song.

Key Features

  • Volume Boosting: Enhance the volume of audio and video content by up to 300%. It ensures a louder and clearer listening experience.
  • Equalizer Controls: Adjust the audio output with customizable equalizer settings. You can adjust frequencies to your preference.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works across various media platforms, including music streaming services. 
  • Reliable Performance: Experience consistent and reliable performance. The software delivers optimal results every time.

Visit the EaseUS VoiceWave website to learn more about its features!

Final Words

Volume booster Chrome extensions offer a convenient way to enhance the audio quality of your browsing experience. By providing easy access to controls for increasing volume levels and improving sound clarity, these extensions can enhance audio settings.

This article explored 10 simple yet effective volume booster Chrome extensions. Each extension offers unique features to amplify your audio enjoyment. Those seeking a comprehensive solution should consider using EaseUS VoiceWave. With its advanced audio enhancement capabilities, VoiceWave promises to take your audio experience to the next level. 

FAQs About Sound Booster Chrome Extension

If you're looking for a sound booster Chrome extension, you might be confused. Here are some insights to help you.

1. Fix the volume booster chrome extension not working

If your volume booster Chrome extension is not working. 

  • Restart your browser or reinstall the extension. 
  • Ensure that your browser is up to date and compatible with the extension. 
  • Check your system's audio settings to ensure there are no conflicts.

2. How do I increase the volume on Chrome?

To increase the volume on Chrome, follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Open the settings menu.
  • Step 2. Select "Settings
  • Step 3. Click on "Advanced" to expand the advanced settings.
  • Step 4. Under "Privacy and security," select "Site settings."
  • Step 5. Open "Sound" to adjust sound settings.
  • Step 6. Adjust the volume slider to increase the volume on Chrome.

3. Do volume booster extensions work?

Yes, volume booster extensions can effectively increase the volume of audio and video content on Chrome. These extensions can amplify the sound output. users can enjoy louder audio and clearer sound quality.

4. What's the best volume booster?

The best volume booster depends on individual preferences and requirements. Some popular volume booster extensions for Chrome include Sound Booster, Volume Booster, and Volume Control for Google Chrome™. It's recommended to try out different options and choose the one that best suits your needs for boosting volume on Chrome.

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