iMovie vs Final Cut Pro Face-Off: Choose Your Champion

It's decision time! Please read the guide below to join us in the iMovie vs Final Cut Pro face-off and choose the champion for your next video editing adventure.

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Updated on Jan 31, 2024

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What are the advantages of Final Cut Pro over iMovie? Is it more useful for tutorials if I want to use custom effects?

By alaceOfPleasure69 from Reddit

If you own a Mac, you must be familiar with iMovie and Final Cut Pro. These two software options provide solutions for many users regarding video editing, but the challenging question remains: which one is better? In the following content, we will compare these two tools from various aspects to help you quickly determine which is more suitable.

iMovie vs Final Cut Pro: What Are They?

About iMovie

iMovie, launched in 1997, has consistently been a pre-installed free program on Mac computers and smartphones. Over nearly 26 years of development, it has garnered widespread praise from amateur enthusiasts and users without professional video editing knowledge. With it, you can capture, edit, and share video content. Furthermore, it now boasts color correction, special effects, and external audio recording.


Specifically, users can use it to cut audio and video clips easily, add filters to videos and photos, add background music to videos, overlay text, add effects to enhance audio quality, etc. If you need to edit videos for uploading to YouTube, it might be the tool you're looking for.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple to install on Mac
  • Videos can be easily shared on major social media platforms


  • Lack advanced features
  • Limited available storage space

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About Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro can rightfully be considered one of the pillars of the editing industry, alongside DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro. While it may not compete with VFX programs, it perfectly balances a straightforward user interface and sufficiently complex features to meet most video editing needs. If iMovie falls short of delivering professional-quality videos, Final Cut Pro offers more editing options and features to help you create high-quality productions.

Final Cut Pro

More than 300 special effects, transitions, and generators are built in to help users increase the visual effects of videos; Add closed captions to a video in various formats; Reduce or eliminate grain and video noise with its easy-to-use noise reduction tools; Fix common video issues such as excessive buzzing or loudness issues.


  • Export high-quality videos
  • Offer various plugins for additional customization options
  • Provide powerful video editing features such as auto face analysis, background processing, magnetic timeline, etc.


  • Expensive
  • limited video saving formats
  • steeper learning curve compared to iMovie

Here is a comparative analysis between the iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

  • 01:39 Similarities between iMovie and Final Cut Pro
  • 02:25 Differences between iMovie and Final Cut Pro
  • 07:42  Comparing two versions of the same video cut in each app

iMovie vs Final Cut Pro: The Major Differences

The table below gives you a brief list of major differences; you can browse this table to make a quick choice.

🌟Feature iMovie Final Cut Pro Winner
🪙Price Free $299.99(one-time price) iMovie
🦾Ease of Use Beginner friendly Steeper learning curve iMovie
👨‍💻User Interface A simpler interface and fewer panels More advanced tools on its interface Tie
💻Compatibility iOS, iPadOS, macOS macOS 12.6 or later iMovie
🌈Color Correction Basic and simple color correction Advanced color correction features Final Cut Pro
🎦Video Sharing Share video to different social media with one-click access Instant sharing to most social media platforms iMovie
⚡Advanced features Fewer tools More advanced features Final Cut Pro
🥏Operating Speed Faster A bit slower iMovie
🤵Target Group Beginners Professionals Tie
🔧Plugins None Many third-party plugins Final Cut Pro
⭐TrustRadius Rating 8.8 out of 10 9.2 out of 10 Final Cut Pro

iMovie vs Final Cut Pro: Which is Better

In the above content, you have already learned about the pros and cons of these two applications and a comparison of various aspects of data. We urgently need to address another critical question: which program is more suitable for video editing? You only need to answer one question: what type of video do you want to edit?

To make a quicker decision, we have summarized the differences and listed the distinct usage scenarios mentioned above.

🎞️iMovie 🎥Final Cut Pro
1. Creating basic YouTube videos 1. Producing commercial or corporate videos
2. Crafting vlog-style content 2. Editing wedding or event films
3. Managing Twitch streams or podcasts 3. Crafting music videos or creative shorts
4. Editing smartphone-shot videos 4. Creating narrative films (shorts or features)

In simple terms, if you have the time to learn more advanced editing features and require a more professional video outcome, you can consider investing in Final Cut Pro; it will give you an equal return on your investment. However, don't give up on iMovie just because it's recommended for beginners, as it is indeed suitable for basic video editing tasks like trimming and adding music to videos, and it's free.

Best Alternative to iMovie and Final Cut Pro

Apart from iMovie and Final Cut Pro, there are many other free and more advanced options. We want to introduce EaseUS VideoKit as one such option. It's considered one of the most beginner-friendly video editing software available.

What sets it apart from other conventional software like iMovie and Final Cut Pro is its use of cutting-edge AI technology for tasks like automatic video analysis, enabling you to easily compress videos, add captions to YouTube videos, eliminate vocals, remove background noise, and more, all without needing to understand complex jargon. Its simple user interface and clearly labeled function buttons make it possible for anyone, even beginners, to complete editing tasks in just a few minutes.

🌟Its key features include:

  • Efficient and speedy video processing using AI
  • Lightweight, requiring minimal computer resources
  • Available on desktop, mobile, and online platforms
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac systems

You can now download this tool for free to kickstart your video editing journey.

Final Words

In this article, we have provided a detailed comparison of iMovie and Final Cut Pro. If you are a Mac and iOS user, understanding the differences can help you choose based on your needs, budget, and creativity.

Since both programs are exclusively for Mac users and have low update frequencies, many Windows or Android users may need to consider other cost-effective software options. We recommend EaseUS VideoKit, an all-in-one tool that can meet their needs almost entirely, and they even offer online products for specific functions.

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FAQs on iMovie vs Final Cut Pro

Still have doubts about the topic after understanding the information above? The following section might be helpful to you.

1. Is iMovie good enough for editing?

For entry-level video editing, iMovie is sufficient; however, Final Cut Pro is a better choice if you require professional-grade video editing.

2. What are the disadvantages of iMovie?

iMovie has several drawbacks, including being exclusive to Apple users, consuming a lot of storage space, slower performance when handling large files, and offering only basic video editing features.

3. Is Final Cut Pro worth the money?

Final Cut Pro offers a wide range of features within a relatively user-friendly interface, including various transition effects, filters, color correction, adding subtitles, and more. Additionally, many third-party plugins are available to provide even more customization options. So, paying $300 for lifetime use is great value for its extensive capabilities.

4. Is iMovie good for beginners?

Yes, iMovie is considered an excellent choice for beginners. It offers a user-friendly interface with basic video editing tools. It is relatively easy to learn and use, making it a great starting point for those new to video editing.

EaseUS VideoKit

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