How to Remove Background Noise from Video in iMovie (iPhone/iPad/Mac)🎉

How to remove background noise from video in iMovie? This video editing software has 3 easy ways to handle this situation on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Read on to discover what are they.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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In the world of video editing, there are often situations where removing wind noise from videos becomes necessary. Whether you are recording an interview, capturing footage in a crowded environment, or filming in a location with unwanted ambient sounds, background noise can significantly degrade the quality of your audio.

This is where iMovie, a popular video editing software, comes to the rescue with its array of audio editing tools. By leveraging iMovie's features and techniques, you can effectively reduce or eliminate background noise from your videos.

Whether you're a content creator, filmmaker, or vlogger, learning how to get the hang of the vocal remover from video is a necessity. Coming next is our step-by-step guide on how to remove hiss, static, wind, or other background noise in iMovie for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Methods Effectiveness Difficulty
Detach audio from videos Detach the audio track from videos and delete it completely. Easy
Reduce noise from videos Reduce background noise from videos and adjust the degree. Super easy
Mute noise from videos Get rid of all audio from video, including vocals and music. Easy

Can You Remove Background Noise from a Video in iMovie

Yes, of course, you can. iMovie provides 3 different ways to remove background noise, such as hiss, white noise, the sound of an air conditioner or fan, environmental noise, wind, traffic, etc., from your audio or video clips.

The first one is the complete way; you can right-click the clip and select "Detach" to separate audio and video, and then remove sound from video on phone.

The second method is only available on Mac, in which you can reduce unwanted background noise by adjusting the removal percentage and using the equalizer to control specific noise grains.

The third is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is turn off the volume or click the track and "Mute" the audio.

Get Rid of Background Noise from Video in iMovie in 3 Ways

In the following section, we will explore three methods to get rid of background noise from a video in iMovie. These techniques utilize iMovie's existing tools and effects creatively, allowing you to enhance the audio quality and minimize unwanted noise.

📽️1. Strip Background Noise from Video in iMovie

This applies to both iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. Check how to remove background noise from videos on your iPhone and iPad.

Step 1. Launch iMovie on your iPhone/iPad.

Step 2. Click "Create Project" > "Movie" to select a video from your gallery.

Step 3. Click the timeline and choose "Detach".

detach background noise imovie iphone

Step 4. Right-click the separated audio clip and choose "Delete".

Step 5. Click the share button to save it.

Keep reading on how to remove vocals or noise from audio files.

🎧2. Reduce Background Noise from Video in iMovie

Removing audio from video with a noise reduction effect is the most common way. This method can be used only on Mac.

Step 1. Open iMovie on your Mac, import the video clip, and add it to the timeline.

add video to imovie

Step 2. Click the bar chat atop the video, and check "Reduce background noise", you can drag the little round ball to adjust the removal percentage.

Reduce background noise

Step 3. Optionally, pull down the drop-down next to the "Equalizer" and choose one preset.

  • Flat: Maintains a neutral sound with no specific adjustments.
  • Music Enhance: Enhances overall audio quality for music tracks.
  • Vocal Enhance: Emphasizes vocals for clearer and more prominent sound.
  • Loudness: Boosts overall volume for a louder and more impactful sound.
  • Hum Reduction: Reduces or eliminates electrical hum sounds.
  • Bass Boost: Increases lower frequencies, enhancing bass.
  • Bass Reduce: Decreases lower frequencies, reducing bass.
  • Treble Boost: Increases higher frequencies, emphasizing treble.
  • Treble Reduce: Decreases higher frequencies, reducing treble.

Equalizer presets

Step 4. Click the share button at the top to download the video.

download the video

Watch the guide video if you prefer a visual form.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:40 Adjusting Background Noise
  • 1:04 Increasing Background Noise
  • 1:26 Noise Reduction 
  • 1:46 Music Enhance
  • 2:22 Manual Reduce
  • 2:53 Automation
  • 3:25 Outro
How To Remove Background Noise From Your Video

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🎶3. Mute Background Noise from Video in iMovie

You can also turn off the volume or mute it in the video. By doing so, both noise and audio will be eliminated completely. Users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac are able to apply this method.

Step 1. Open iMovie and add the video to the timeline.

Step 2. Select the video clip, and you can see different options at the bottom.

Step 3. Click the volume icon and drag it to the left.

Step 4. Or click the volume icon and "Mute Audio" to remove background noise.

mute video

Best Alternatives to Eliminate Background Noise from Video Online

One limitation of iMovie is its compatibility, as it is exclusively available for Apple devices. This means that users with Windows or Android devices cannot directly access and use iMovie for their video editing needs. It restricts the software's availability and limits its usage to Apple users only.

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is a perfect alternative that enables users to separate vocals from background noise without losing quality, remove background noise from video or audio clips in one click, and extract instruments from songs. This vocal remover software offers a simple and intuitive user interface for novices to easily work through. 

Clean Background Noise from Video in EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

Step 1. Visit the website and select the "Noise Reducer" option.

Find Noise Reducer

Step 2. Click "Choose File" or drag and drop the file in the area and wait for the AI analysis.

Choose File

Step 3. Download the final work with noise removed.

Download the final work with noise removed

Sum up

In iMovie, you can remove background noise from videos on iPhone, iPad, and Mac in three ways: by detaching and editing the audio separately, using the "Reduce background noise" effect, or muting/lowering the volume in noisy sections.

Windows users can explore EaseUS Online Vocal Remover for simpler noise removal capabilities. Enhance your videos by eliminating background noise and creating a more immersive experience.

Clean Background Noise from Video in iMovie FAQs

1. How do I remove background noise from a video recording?

To remove background noise from a video recording:

  • Import the video into video editing software.
  • Use noise reduction effects to reduce the background noise.
  • Adjust the settings for optimal noise reduction.
  • Export or save the video with the background noise removed.

2. How do you separate background music from voice in iMovie?

You cannot separate music from vocals in iMovie. To that end, you need an audio vocal remover to divide the audio clip into accompaniment and vocals. EaseUS Online Vocal Remover uses an AI algorithm for music separation and allows you to download them respectively.

3. How do I lower background music in iMovie?

Click the volume icon atop the video and drag it down to lower background music in iMovie.

4. Where is the noise reduction and equalizer button in iMovie?

In the iMovie on your Mac, choose your video/audio clip, click the bar chart atop, and the Noise Reduction and the Equalizer buttons show.

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