How to Add Subtitles to a Downloaded Movie? [ 2024 New Ways]

Learn how to add subtitles to a downloaded movie effortlessly! This guide presents you with the process of adding subtitles to your favorite film on Windows/phone/online.

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Updated on Feb 22, 2024

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For movie enthusiasts who enjoy watching films from around the world, enriching the viewing experience often involves adding subtitles. While adding subtitles to online streaming movies is relatively straightforward – just a click on the subtitle button – the process becomes slightly more complex when dealing with downloaded movies. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the detailed process of adding subtitles to downloaded movies.

The table below lists the data for the five methods we have selected, which we hope will help you.

Methods Effectiveness Difficulty
EaseUS VideoKit Generate and embed subtitles smoothly with AI Super easy
VLC Media Player Offer basic subtitles for movies only if you have SRT files Easy
3Play Media Provide fast subtitling for movies for iPhone users Easy
MX Player Offer easy yet basic subtitling Easy
VEED Make accurate subtitles for a video within 50MB for free Easy

How to Add Subtitles to a Downloaded Movie on Windows?

Adding and editing subtitles on a laptop is the most straightforward approach. In addition to enabling users to work offline, Windows-based subtitle editing software offers more advanced tools for achieving precise subtitle synchronization. Furthermore, the larger screen of a Windows computer provides added convenience for user operations.

Option 1. EaseUS VideoKit

EaseUS VideoKit is an all-in-one audio and video editor now available for Windows and Mac. With its video subtitle generator, you can quickly get your downloaded movies and files subtitles and export the subtitles since it uses AI technology and deep learning machine to analyze the file and recognize speech. The accuracy and speed are beyond your imagination.

Besides that, it allows users to edit srt files, such as changing the subtitle font, color, or background. As a versatile video editor, it allows users to compress, add effects, or crop and trim their video.

Key Features of EaseUS VideoKit

  • Support over 100 languages
  • Recognize speech using AI efficiently
  • Allow exporting SRT and TXT files
  • Enable permanent addition of subtitles to videos

Uh-huh? Sounds great. Click the button below to get a safe download.

Use it to add subtitles to your downloaded film. Follow the detailed steps:

Step 1. Open EaseUS VideoKit and find the "Subtitle Generator" panel.

open easeus videokit

Step 2. Click "Choose File" or drag the YouTube video file to the interface.

Choose File

Step 3. Wait for the AI analyzing.

ai analysis

Step 4. Click the "Text" button to change the text, or customize font, background, and position under "Style" menu.

set up subtitles

Step 5. Click "Export Subtitle" to select exported subtitle format, "Save to" to change location, and press "Export" to export the video with subtitles.


📺We also provide a video tutorial to help you quickly grasp this part of the content.

  • 0:23: Download subtitles
  • 0:53: Add subtitles with VLC

Option 2. VLC Media Player

To ensure that the player does not restrict your movie subtitle files, we recommend using VLC Media Player to hardcode your video. This free, open-sourced multimedia player enables users to add subtitles to movies for free.

Add subtitles to the video in VLC as the following:

Step 1. Navigate to the "Media" tab and select "Stream." Then, click on the "Add" button and choose your desired video.

vlc add video

Step 2. Tick the "Use a subtitle file" box, then click "Browse" to locate your SRT file. Afterward, click "Stream" and proceed to the "Next" button.

vlc add subtitle file

Step 3. Next, you need to set the destination for your movie, select "File," and click" Add." A new window will open - choose the "Browse" option, input your video's name, and hit "Next."

vlc choose destination

Step 4. Activate transcoding by marking the "Activate Transcoding" box. Next, click on the Wrench icon and access the Subtitles tab. Ensure the "Subtitles" and "Overlay subtitles on the video" boxes are ticked. Click Save and then Next. In the new window, click "Stream."

vlc activate transcoding

Wait for the processing to complete, and your video with subtitles will be saved to your selected folder.

If you want to learn more about hardcoded knowledge, the following article will be helpful for you.

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How to Hardcode Subtitles? [Online/Windows/Android]

If grappling with varied subtitle formats on different platforms is challenging, it's time to hardcode subtitles. Discover seven methods in this post.

hardcode subtitles

How to Add Subtitles to a Downloaded Movie on a Phone?

While editing subtitles on a computer might be more convenient, it's not the case for everyone. That's why we've also provided methods for embedding subtitles in movies on mobile phones.

Option 1. 3Play Media

3Play Media allows users to add subtitles to mp4 that can be encoded in more than 20 languages quickly and easily. It boasts a wide range of additional features, such as adding real-time captions to the live streaming platforms, translating, and subtitling.

You can read the below text to learn how to use it.

Step 1. Send the video to the software.

3play media send video

Step 2. Navigate to "My Files" and select "Caption Encoding." Choose the encoding type that matches your iPhone model.

3play media select caption encoding

Step 3. Follow the prompts and proceed to place your order. Once completed, download the video with the newly added subtitles from your email.

Option 2. MX Player

MX Player allows users with Android devices to watch movies and add subtitles to them. If you're using MX Player - this video subtitle generator, and want to add subtitles for watching movies, please refer to the following step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Open the app, and you may see a list of folders on your Android device. Select the folder with your movie to open a Download menu.

mx player select folder

Step 2. Tap the three horizontal dots adjacent to your video, then choose "Search subtitle." MX Player will search for and display the subtitles relevant to the playing video.

mx player search subtitles

Step 3. Select "Online subtitles" and tap the checkbox next to the desired subtitle. Finally, hit "Download."

How to Add Subtitles to a Downloaded Movie Online?

VEED serves as an online solution that effortlessly adds subtitles to Instagram reels, Facebook videos, and movies. This versatile tool also operates as a transcription generator and speech recognition software, rendering it especially beneficial for meetings, interviews, podcasts, and other tasks.

Step 1. Go to VEED.IO and choose "Upload a File."

Step 2. At the left side of your dashboard, click "Subtitles" and choose any option you need to add subtitles.

veed choose subtitles

Step 3. Review or customize your subtitles. Then proceed to export and download your movie on its download page.

In Closing

Here, you can find five methods to add subtitles to the movies you've already downloaded. Whether you're using a laptop or a mobile phone, you'll be able to find the most suitable method. However, in terms of ease of use and subtitle effectiveness, we recommend using EaseUS VideoKit.

You can now download it for free.

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FAQs On How to Add Subtitles to a Downloaded Movie

Still have questions about adding subtitles to your downloaded movies? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with more clarity. Check out the following FAQ section for answers to common queries:"

1. How do I manually add subtitles to a movie?

To manually add subtitles to a movie, follow these steps:

Step 1. Prepare the subtitle file (.srt or .sub format) for the film.

Step 2. Give the movie and subtitle files the same name and place them in the same directory.

Step 3. Play the movie using VLC Player.

Finally, the subtitles should automatically appear.

2. How can I add subtitles to a downloaded video online?

Take VEED as an example. To add subtitles to a downloaded video, follow these steps:

Step 1. Upload your video and the corresponding subtitle file.

Step 2. Review and download the subtitled movie.

3. Where can I get subtitles for downloaded movies?

You can find subtitles for downloaded movies from various sources such as OpenSubtitles, Subscene, or any other streaming platform.

4. Where to download subtitles that are not zip files for movies?

You can download subtitle files not in zip format from various online sources, including OpenSubtitles, Subscene, Addic7ed, and more.

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