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2023 | How to Edit SRT File on Windows/Mac/Online

Jane Zhou updated on Nov 16, 2023 | Home > Video Resource

Subtitles are common in our daily lives, especially in some movies and videos, to provide us with better viewing effects. When you make such videos, there will be a need to edit subtitles like the SRT file. Thus, choosing an effective subtitle editor is helpful. The three best subtitle editors are introduced here, which can be used on Windows, Mac, and Online. 

With these functional tools, you can change the time duration, etc. Also, some of them are subtitle creators that can insert the new subtitle file, with desired settings. Keep on reading to know how to edit SRT files with them easily.

How to Edit SRT File on Windows

Without installation on PC, you can edit this subtitle file with an efficient tool. Notepad is the pre-installed Windows tool that helps edit SRT files easily. The only difficulty is how to find the tool and apply the right method to edit the subtitles. To use Notepad, right click the SRT file and select the Open With option. Then, choose Notepad to open it.

Notepad is an easy-to-use tool to help record something quickly. It is common to view the file on Windows PC. Editing SRT is one of its useful functions. For more details, you can follow the below guide. 

Here is a list of steps on how to edit the SRT file on Windows, using Notepad:

Step 1. Select the SRT file and right click it. Choose "Open with" and find Notepad. Then, you can open the SRT file with it. 

notepad edit srt file

Step 2. When opening the SRT file, you can view the content. The time stamps and text are included in this file. Then, edit them as you like. At the same time, you cannot change the file extension as the format should be SRT by default.

edit srt file on notepad

Step 3. After editing, hold down and press Ctrl + S on the keyboard to save the edited SRT file. 

How to Edit SRT File on Mac

As one of the best media players on Mac, VLC media player allows editing subtitles easily. It's effective to sync subtitles with this functional tool. Meanwhile, you are allowed to adjust the subtitle delay by holding down H on the keyboard. When the subtitle is behind audio, you are supposed to press H. Otherwise, hold down J

Apart from editing subtitles, the VLC media player is known for converting media files. You can convert your audio and video files to different formats. Also, it's easy when playing the media file on it. 

Edit the SRT file, using VLC media player:

Step 1. Import the video file into the VLC media player. Then, from the toolbar, click "Subtitles" > "Subtitle track". Make sure the subtitles are turned on.

mac vlc subtitles adding

Step 2. Then, hit "Window" > "Track Synchronization". You can correct the alignment easily. Use "Subtitles/Video" to apply features like adjusting its speed and duration factor. 

Step 3. After adjusting subtitles, go back to the video and view the edited subtitles. 

Note: The steps between the Mac and Windows version is different, while you can achieve the same effect. 

How to Edit SRT File Online

To avoid the hassle of installing software on the desktop, try the online subtitles editors like Kapwing. Its Add Caption tool is specialized in creating and editing subtitles for video. It's accessible to add the SRT subtitle with this online service, by clicking "+ Add subtitle". Meanwhile, you are allowed to adjust the Caption time as well. 

For the languages of the subtitles, it's your choice to choose from  "English (Great Britain)" or "English (United States)". People in a different region will select a different language option. 

Look at this guide on editing SRT files, using this online editor, Kapwing:

Step 1. Open Kapwing online service and log into your account. Click "Upload SRT" to upload your file from the computer. 

kapwing edit srt

Step 2. Once the SRT file has been uploaded, apply editing tools to adjust the time, etc. It's optional for you to edit the text. 

kapwing edit subtitles

Step 3. When you are satisfied with the edited subtitles, click "CREATE" to save it and you can share the video with others.

Bonus Tips: How to Create SRT File on Windows 10

To find a suitable subtitle creator, EaseUS Video Editor is the best choice. You can create new subtitles in this tool, and then change its style, text fonts, type, color, etc. When having an imported video, you can add the subtitle to the video as you like. Also, it's available to export the subtitles files with the desired subtitle format, including TXT, ASS, and SRT. 

Apart from being a subtitle creator, this tool is also a video editor. You can rotate, merge, and split the video. Moreover, you can add interesting and attractive effects to this video.

Download this SRT subtitle creator now. No registration is required!

Here are more features that you can explore in this tool. 

Key Features:

After reading the post below, you can know an easy method to create and use the SRT file effectively. 

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