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Free | How to Make Instructional Videos Easily [2023]

Jane Zhou updated on Nov 16, 2023 | Home > Video Resource

People nowadays watch how-to videos instead of reading user manuals when they need to resolve questions instantly. Today's businesses are capitalizing on this concept by making video as a teaching instrument in various fields. Instructional videos are the best of all ways to teach people, expand the business, build an online empire, etc.

instructional video maker

If you are the one striving to make an instructional video where viewers can learn, get the guidance, you are at the right place. After reading this article, you learn how to create such videos with professional perpetration and postproduction.

Perpetration to Make a How-To Video

How-to videos must be engaging, easy to follow, and can address the audience's curiosity. You need to plan carefully to make an instructional project. For example, it's needed to decide the video style and choose the suitable video editor.

Select Video Style

Our working memory processes information through visual (images) and auditory (words/speech) channels. Learners can use both channels at the same time when watching a video. Thus, a how-to video maker must satisfy both needs via good video style. Target audience, content type, and video structure are the essential aspects of video style. 

You can either go for live-action/recorded videos or whiteboard video/animation making. Sketch filming is a good choice for how-to videos. You can apply different elements like stickers, frames, etc. Also, choose the aspect ratio of your video.

Write a Script

The most crucial step of creating a how-to video is the script, covering 50% importance. To write an influential script, you need to prevent irrelevant dialogues, giving your videos a specific direction. Creating a how-to video, you must grab the audience's attention by adding various effects. Moreover, the how-to videos prefer the subtitles generation when making the video. Adding subtitles to videos is needed. Here, postproduction comes into preparation. For this, you need an ideal editor.

Choose a Video Editor ★★★

All you need is the right software. A video editor that can add value to your editing process in terms of usability and professional features is EaseUS Video Editor. It proves to be the best tool in your video-making journey because this dedicated tool can add text, images, music, video effects, etc. Besides, it allows features like cutting, trimming, cropping, rotating, merging, and many more.

Below is a guide on making how-to videos with EaseUS Video Editor.

How to Edit Instructional Video

It does not have to be tough to learn how to edit instructional media footage, and if you are struggling with it, you are certainly not alone! EaseUS Video Editor can add value to your editing process because of its smart, quick, and efficient working for various editing operations. You can add music, text, transition, and visual effects to your videos before sharing them with others. Let's study the essential elements of editing a how-to video. 

Add Music to How-To Video

Background music tends to add additional effect to videos. With EaseUS Video Editor, adding music to videos is easy. Drag and drop the music onto the timeline using the intuitive user interface and edit it as you like. This free video music maker features quick mixing music tracks like a professional video maker.

Adding the right music is essential. The right music can engage your audience, while the wrong music might completely mislead people. Keep in mind that you are creating a how-to video before selecting the music. The positive music effect will boost the learning experience, thus engaging the audience.

music effect to video

Add Text to How-To Video

An instructional video maker boosts the interest element of your video by adding text, subtitles, etc. On each step of your video, it's accessible to add text to video for making the guidance material. The viewer can understand the video easily. Sometimes, the video needs subtitles. Luckily, EaseUS Video Editor can create subtitles in the video. Also, you can choose the color, fonts, and type of the subtitles as you like. 

add text to video

Add Filters to the Project

Video filters improve visual aesthetics and balance light, etc. You have to carefully select the filter effect according to the topic of your how-to video. For example, there should be a different filter for a food recipe, skin-glow, educational, and product-related videos. You can try as many filters as you want to add filter to video.

EaseUS Video Editor also allows 50 visual and transition effects to make your video stylish and give it a professional touch. It allows you to use fantastic and magic effects like film-light, based on your requirement.

filters adding

Combine Audio or Video/Combinar

How-to videos can be recorded in different time spans, sometimes. Therefore, you can combine those videos to create a complete media file. Combining several media files is easy when you try an effective video editor like EaseUS Video Editor. You can record every section of your instructional videos individually and then combine them. Also, you can merge audio files such as combine MP3 files. Without compromising your quality, you can get a media file with original content. 

combine video


Because of an always-on mobile culture, learners today have an instant gratification mindset. Video is a fantastic catalyst for engagement in training and eLearning. So, creating how-to videos can improve the ability to remember details. If you strive to grow your business, you just go with the proper planning, write the perfect attention-hooking script, and choose the helpful video editing tool. One such software is EaseUS Video Editor, which has advanced features. Try it!

FAQs About How to Make Instructional Videos

To know more information about making such videos, follow this part. 

1. How can I make free how-to videos?

After knowing how to make such videos, choose a beneficial tool like EaseUS Video Editor. It's available to apply effects like cropping, rotating, etc. Some other online services are also available in the market.

2. What is the how-to video?

Any video explaining a procedure, sharing knowledge, demonstrating a topic, or showing how to accomplish something is considered as an instructional media file.

3. How do you create an engaging educational video?

The learner's participation in the how-to video usually drops after a few minutes. Each video only targets one point, which is essential for training. A series of short videos is preferable to a single long video. Moreover, you should have proper knowledge of creating such how-to videos. By adding interesting effects, you can also create a much more attractive video. 

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