Discord Noise Suppression: Get Started Full Tips

This post mainly focuses on Discord noise suppression and how users can get started with it to remove background noise and have clear conversations even in busy environments. Read on to find the best vocal remover software as well.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Many users think about how to remove clicking noise from audio. In contrast, others suffer issues of background noises during voice and video calls, making it embarrassing to attend a meeting or go live with your audience.

Fortunately, the Discord noise suppression feature comes into play to rescue people in such situations. This post will show you how to use Discord noise suppression and cease your search to find the best vocal remover

While the ERA noise remover plugin is available for professionals for denoising, it offers limited noise remover features and can be expensive for amateur recordists. So stay tuned to find the best solutions. 

What Is Discord Noise Suppression

Noise suppression is the processing that removes the background noise to transfer your voice and your voice alone without any disturbance. If you ever think about how to enhance audio quality, Discord Noise Suppression ensures a free flow of communication through three available options: Krisp, Standard, and None.

1. Krisp Noise Suppression 

Krisp is a third-party noise filtration app that helps remove background noise and suppresses non-human voices like door slamming, dogs barking, vacuums, etc.

Krisp noise cancellation software is integrated into Discord and uses machine learning to remove non-human background noise from audio to have clear voice chat conversations even in busy environments. It offers complete noise cancelation and filtration, and this tool is integrated into Discord for free. 

But the transcript still needs improvement; it also sends loud static noise in the mic.

2. Standard Noise Suppression 

Standard noise suppression is Discord's built-in feature to remove background noise from audio. Once you toggle on the Standard Noise Suppression, it helps suppress background noises during voice and video calls. Still, it has lower quality, and you can hear the keyboard sound and other disturbing elements again.

It is reliable and safe to use. However, it lacks accuracy in canceling all the noise and may deliver lower-quality audio.

3. None

When you toggle on None, it won't suppress any background noise, and the listener will be able to hear all the sounds in your background. 

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Noise Gate vs. Noise Suppressors

Noise gate vs. noise suppressors are pretty similar in greatly reducing unwanted noise. A noise gate mutes everything below a specific volume, whereas a noise suppressor dramatically reduces it.  

In fact, the Audacity noise gate helps reduce the sound level below a specified threshold. Its features and settings allow it to be effective, unobtrusive, and well-suited to most types of audio.

At -100 dB, the gate stops the sound completely when closed unless the "Gate frequencies above" are set higher than zero.

Turn On and Off Discord Noise Suppression

Krisp helps improve sound quality on PC Windows 11, eliminating background noise for clear conversations even in a busy environment.  

If you are looking for UAD noise gate substitutes, try Discord noise suppression. Here are two ways by which you can turn Krisp on: through Website and Mobile. 

1. On the Website

You can toggle the new noise suppression feature in any voice or video chat by clicking the noise suppression button. Check out how to use the embedded Krisp version and turn it on/off.

Step 1. Open Discord and go to "User Settings." 

Step 2. Select "Voice and Video."

Step 3. Tap the "Advanced section."

Step 4. Enable the Krisp "Noise Suppression" toggle on. 

Noise Suppression

If the embedded version of Krisp is missing from your Discord, you must open "User Settings > Voice & Video > Debugging" and click Reset Voice Settings.

2. On Mobile

Krisp works on any Android 8+ and iOS 10+ device. Just toggle the new noise suppression feature in any voice or video chat by clicking the noise suppression button.

Let's see how to set up Discord with Krisp and turn it on/off.

Step 1. Open Discord and click "User Settings." 

Step 2. Select "Voice."

Step 3. Tap "Voice Processing."

Step 4. Select "Noise Suppression" and toggle Krisp on to suppress background noise from your mic. 

Noise Suppression

Remove Background Noise in Discord Best Settings

Discord has a default automatically determined Input Sensitivity option, used as a noise gate that removes background noise. Here's the process to enable it.

Step 1. Open Discord and click "User Settings." 

Step 2. Select "Voice and Video," and you will see a slider labeled "Input Sensitivity." 

It will be turned on by default to determine automatically the threshold for the noise gate filter. Yellow determines muted, and green decides the audio to pass through the Discord output, enabling others to hear. 

Step 3. Toggle the switch off and slide it slightly above the background noise or any noise on the mic so it's muted to remove audio popping noise for friendly Discord calls. 

input sensitivity

Step 4. If you have issues with Discord audio, you must move to the Advanced Settings and turn off Noise Suppression, Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction, and Automatic Gain Control. 

Step 5. Slide "Attenuation" as you desire, as it decreases the volume of other apps when someone's speaking. Ensure "When I speak" and "When others speak" are turned off. 

Step 6. Switch the "Audio Subsystem" from Standard to Legacy Mode if you hear crackly sounds in the Discord audio.

For greater clarity and visual instructions, you can watch the YouTube video▶️.

Fix Discord Noise Suppression Not Working

Discord is a well-known platform for gamers, but over the years, even other users have switched to Discord to text, make voice and video calls, and share screens without any background noise disturbance. 

But just like Audacity vocal remover not working, even Discord's noise suppression feature may either keep turning off or the option might not appear. Here's how to fix them.

  • Ensure the Discord Noise Suppression is enabled in the settings app.
  • Reset the voice settings in the Settings menu's Voice and Video option.
  • Turn off Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation. 
  • Restart the Discord app to clear out bugs causing such issues. 
  • Reinstall the Discord app to clean up audio and fix the issue.

Erase Noise from Audio Recording Online for Free

Krisp is an excellent noise suppression tool, but considering its drawbacks, you can try some reliable Krisp alternatives, like the EaseUs Online Vocal Remover.

EaseUs Online Vocal Remover

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is an AI-powered software to remove vocals from a song or remove background music in any audio files and extract acapella, BGM, Karaoke, or instrument tracks online for free in a few taps. 


  • Supports extensive formats like M4A, WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC, AIFF, etc. 
  • Extract and split vocals and music from YouTube or SoundCloud URLs.
  • Help remove background music from videos online for free.
  • There is no limit on the number of files; a maximum of 350MB can be uploaded for a single file, and the duration does not exceed 20 minutes.

EaseUs Online Vocal Remover is a great software to separate vocals from background noise and create high-fidelity background music with no lags. Try it today to preserve your vocals in ultimate audio quality and explore its other features. 

Final Words

Discord noise suppression works great with Krisp as it processes and filters disturbing background noises and works best in environments with a lot of non-human voice background noise. We have discussed how to turn it on/off on Discord and how to fix Discord's noise suppression feature if it stops working.

You can also use EaseUS Online Vocal Remover to remove vocals or background music from audio and create Karaoke tracks, remixes, etc. Visit the website to explore its top-notch features.

FAQs About Noise Suppression in Discord

We have thoroughly discussed the Discord noise suppression feature. However, if you have further questions, find answers here.

1. How is Discord noise suppression so good?

Krisp is a machine learning and noise filtration technology behind Discord's noise suppression that helps with noise cancellation, background voice cancellation, and echo cancellation to remove all disturbing background noises for clear calls. 

2. How do I reduce background noise on my mic?

Check how to remove background noise from the mic through the following steps.

  • Type "Control" in the "search field" > "Control Panel app."
  • Change the View by type to "Category." Move to Hardware and click "Sound."
  • Click the "Recording tab," right-click your microphone device, and select "Properties."
  • Navigate to the Levels tab. Set the Microphone volume to 100 and lower the Microphone Boost level to +10dB.
  • Move to the Enhancements tab and tick the Noise Suppression or Noise Cancellation checkbox if available. Then, click "OK > Apply" to save the new changes.

3. What does echo cancellation do on Discord?

Discord Echo Cancellation takes audio frequencies and removes them from incoming audio. It is helpful to eliminate echoes and surrounding noise.

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