UAD Noise Gate [2024 Full Review & Tutorial]📰

Enhance audio clarity with UAD Noise Gate. Explore what a noise gate is and how it works, and discover steps to use this powerful tool in your audio projects.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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The UAD Noise Gate is an effective audio production tool, offering precise control over unwanted noise. It makes your audio recordings clean and professional. It is important to understand their functionality to ensure the precise working of your UAD noise gate.

This article introduces better alternatives to Audacity noise gates and lists the steps to use them to enhance your audio quality. Whether you're editing personal or professional audio, UAD Noise Gates helps you with how to remove clicking noise from audio. Moreover, the article introduces a free best vocal remover tool to enhance your audio quality.

What Is a Noise Gate and What Does It Do?

A noise gate is a powerful audio processing tool for sound engineering and music production. Its primary function is to control and remove audio popping noise or audio interference. It ensures that the desired audio signal remains clear and prominent. 

Noise Gates works like an electronic gatekeeper for audio signals. When the incoming audio is below a threshold level, it reduces or completely mutes the audio signal. It "closes the gate" on low-level or undesirable sounds, such as background noise, hum, or static. If the audio exceeds the threshold value, the gate "opens" and allows the signal to pass unaffected. You can use it in place of Crumplepop EchoRemover.

Noise gates serve multiple purposes in audio production. They  remove background noise from audio, resulting in a cleaner and more professional sound. Its audio enhancement process is similar to noise reduction in Audacity and is a valuable tool for professionals. Additionally, noise gates are often used to shape the dynamics of audio signals, creating more defined sounds.

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Universal Audio Noise Gates Overview

Universal Audio is a renowned name in the industry for removing echo from audio. It offers a range of noise gate plugins to enhance your audio production and remove distortion from audio. Here are details about UAD gate plugins to help you make informed decisions for your audio editing needs.

C-Suite C-Vox Noise Reduction

C-Suite C-Vox Noise Reduction is a powerful noise gate plugin designed to minimize unwanted noise from audio. It is particularly suitable for vocal recordings and podcasting. It can remove various types of noise, including background hums, hisses, and electronic interference, ensuring clean and clear vocal tracks. But to separate vocals from instrumental, you'll need a specialized tool. Its price is $349.

C suite c vox noise reduction

               Pros                Cons
  • Highly effective at reducing noise.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Suitable for various audio applications.  
  • Pricing may be a consideration for some users.
👨‍🎓User Review
C-Vox on vocals is much cleaner than X-Noise at surgically pulling out white noise / room noise on vocals. X-Noise leaves strange artifacts. The fact that I can have C-Vox in Apollo console and hear myself sing without the white noise and no latency is also amazing. - By I. Rosenberg, from Uaudio

For detailed insights and visual demonstrations, watch the YouTube video showing these Universal Audio noise gate plugins working📺.

C-Suite C-Axe Guitar Noise Suppressor   

The C-Suite C-Axe Guitar Noise Suppressor is a specialized noise gate plugin designed specifically for guitarists. It can tackle unwanted noise and interference in guitar recordings and live performances. This plugin effectively eliminates undesirable sounds, ensuring your guitar signal remains clean and distortion-free. Whether you're a professional guitarist or a content creator, the C-Axe Noise Suppressor is the best tool for you. Its price is $349.

C-Suite C-Axe Guitar Noise Suppressor   

               Pros                Cons
  • Specifically designed for guitarists.
  • Precise noise suppression.
  • Seamless integration into your guitar rig.  


👨‍🎓User Review
The best guitar noise suppressor I’ve ever heard. It is, hands-down, the best guitar noise suppressor I’ve ever heard. The neck pickup on my Strat is completely useless to me because of all the electrical interference in my house, but plugging C‑Axe into the signal chain, even downstream from the QC, took that awful noise down to almost zero with very little (if any) tone degradation. - By Hairbo, from Csuiteaudio

Valley People Dyna-mite Plugin 

The Valley People Dyna-mite Plugin is a versatile dynamics processor with built-in noise gate functionality. This ERA noise remover offers a wide range of dynamic control options and can reduce precise noise. This plugin suits multiple audio applications, including music production, audio engineering, and sound design. It can effectively shape the dynamics of audio signals and eliminate unwanted noise, too. Its price is $99.

Valley People Dyna-mite Plugin 

               Pros                Cons
  • Dual functionality as a dynamics processor and noise gate.
  • Wide range of applications in music and audio production.
  • Effective noise reduction capabilities.  


  • Complex to use.
👨‍🎓User Review
I've used it on drum tracks, and I've used it on vocal tracks. Another great UA plugin. - By D. Wilson, from Uaudio

Ultra-Fast 235L Noise Gate/Expander

The Ultra-Fast 235L Noise Gate/Expander is a specialized audio plugin designed for ultra-fast and precise noise gating and expansion. It is helpful in situations where rapid and accurate noise reduction is essential, such as live sound environments and studio recording. This plugin can be an effective reverb remover and help you eliminate unwanted noise and interference, allowing clean audio signals to pass. It's suitable for applications where maintaining audio clarity and dynamic control is essential. Its price is $660.

Ultra-Fast 235L Noise Gate/Expander

               Pros                Cons
  • Ultra-fast and precise noise gating.
  • Ideal for demanding audio environments.
  • Versatile applications in live sound and studio settings.  


  • It may require advanced knowledge to optimize settings.
👨‍🎓User Review
Sounds soooo good ! Use it on everything. Only thing that bugs me, is that I have to turn on each “section” when I want to use it. - By C. Frandsen, from Uaudio

How to Use UAD Noise Gates

Universal Audio's UAD Noise Gates are essential tools for achieving clean and noise-free audio in various professional audio productions. The plugins can be used on a variety of instruments to remove vocals without losing quality. To use a UAD noise gate, you first need to install the plugin on your computer and insert it into your DAW. Here are the steps on how to enhance audio quality using Noise Gates.

C-Suite C-Vox Noise Reduction

Step 1. Create an account on the Universal Audio website and go to the "Plugins" page. Find the C-Suite C-Vox Noise Reduction plugin and click on the "Download" button.

C suit C vox plugin download

Step 3. Open your DAW and insert the C-Suite C-Vox Noise Reduction plugin into your vocal track.

Step 4. Adjust the ambiance and noise level. Set the threshold and release time to the desired settings, and the gate will refine the audios below the threshold. Ideal threshold value is -30dB, and the release time is 300ms.

C suite c vox adjusts noise and ambiance

C-Suite C-Axe Guitar Noise Suppressor

Follow the steps to use it to reduce noise and remove music from voice recording:

Step 1. Search for the C-Suite C-Axe Guitar Noise Suppressor plugin and install it.

C-Suite C-Axe Guitar Noise Suppressor

Step 2. Open your UA DAW and insert the C-Suite C-Axe Guitar Noise Suppressor plugin into your guitar track.

Step 3. Adjust the noise level and frequency (45Hz) as needed.

C Suite C Axe Noise Suppression adjust noise level

Valley People Dyna-mite Plugin

Step 1. Go to the "Plugins" page on the Universal Audio website. Find the Valley People Dyna-mite Plugin and click on the "Download" button. Install the plugin on your computer.

Valley people dynamite plugin download

Step 2. Open your DAW and insert the Valley People Dyna-mite Plugin into the track on which you want to reduce noise.

Step 3. Adjust the gate threshold (-30dB), release time (1-3ms), range (45), and output to the desired settings.

Valley people dynamite adjust the threshold

Ultra-Fast 235L Noise Gate/Expander

Step 1. Add the Ultra-Fast 235L Noise Gate/Expander plugin UAD.

Step 2. Open your DAW and insert the Ultra-Fast 235L Noise Gate/Expander plugin into the track on which you want to reduce noise.

Step 3. Set the gate threshold (-30dB), depth, and release time (2ms)  to the desired settings, and test the gate by playing your recording.

Ultra-fast 235L noise gate adjust threshold

Remove Unwanted Noise Online for Free

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is a convenient and user-friendly tool designed to quickly extract vocals from music tracks. It is a free online MP3 voice remover with features to remove background music from videos online free.

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

It's compatible with multiple audio file formats and allows users to process files with a maximum size of 350MB. Whether you want to create instrumental versions of your favorite songs or separate vocals from background noise, it offers a simple solution.

Plus, EaseUS is planning to expand its capabilities, including split vocals and music from YouTube or SoundCloud URLs.

  • User-Friendly Interface: It has an intuitive user interface and is accessible to all users. 
  • No File Limitations: There is no limit on the number of audio files you can process. 
  • High Upload Capacity: Users can upload audio files with a maximum size of up to 350MB.
  • Remove unwanted audio noise: It has options to remove each audio element separately. 

Final Words

UAD Noise Gate is a versatile and essential tool for audio production. It has the ability to eliminate unwanted noise and enhance the clarity of your recordings. The article listed the steps to use UAD Noise Gates to achieve professional-level audio quality.

However, it's worth noting that noise reduction is just one aspect of audio editing. To further refine your audio projects, consider using EaseUS Online Vocal Remover. With its effective audio background noise removal features, you can create professional audio to engage your audience.

FAQs About UAD Noise Gate   

You might have some queries while using UAD Noise Gates for audio production. Here are the solutions to help you better understand these essential audio tools.  

1. What is a mic noise gate?   

A mic noise gate is a dynamic audio processing tool that controls and reduces unwanted noise in microphone recordings. It reduces or mutes the audio signal when the incoming sound is below a specific threshold level.  

2. What is the best noise gate setting?   

The best noise gate settings can vary depending on your specific audio recording and production needs. However, some general guidelines can help you find suitable settings:

  • Set the threshold level just above the noise floor but below the desired audio signal. E.g., -30dB
  • Faster attack times like 1-3ms can help maintain natural audio transitions.
  • Longer release times, such as 300ms times, can create smoother fade-outs.

3. What's the difference between noise gate and noise suppression?

While noise gates and noise suppression serve the common goal of reducing unwanted noise in audio recordings, they operate differently:

Noise Gate:

A noise gate is a tool that completely reduces or mutes the audio signal when sound is below a specific threshold level. It is like a gate, either allowing or blocking the audio signal. Noise gates are effective during pauses or silent moments to eliminate background noise.  

Noise Suppression: Noise suppression reduces the volume of unwanted noise in audio recordings without entirely muting the signal. It employs various algorithms to analyze and reduce noise while preserving the primary audio content.  

You can further see the details in the noise gate vs. noise suppressor.

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