Pro Tools vs. Ableton: 2024 Comparison for Beginners🆚

Discover Pro Tools vs. Ableton: A comprehensive comparison of two powerhouse digital audio workstations. Explore their features and suitability to make an informed choice for your creative journey.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Mar 29, 2024

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Pro Tools and Ableton are popular Digital Audio Workstations; each has a strong user base, including music creators and editors. These two DAWs have carved out distinct niches to remove distortion from audio, catering to diverse styles and preferences.

Pro Tools is known for its precision and quality, used in recording and post-production. In contrast, Ableton Live is known for its dynamic and innovative approach, making it useful for music producers and live performers. The choice between these two DAWs is a crucial decision to enhance your audio and find a top editing software for beginners.

This article explores the nuances, features, and applications of Pro Tools and Ableton. Moreover, we'll help you with how to remove clicking noise from audio using a free tool.

Pro Tools vs. Ableton: Basic Info

Now, let's get started.

Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools is a powerful digital audio workstation offering features for music production and audio engineering. Its latest version is Pro Tools 2023.9. With extensive features for audio recording, editing, and removing echo from audio, it's the go-to choice for professionals.

Avid Pro Tools

Pro Tools provides access to a vast library of third-party plugins, including the best audio editors in Windows. Moreover, it offers cloud-based collaboration features, making it easier for musicians and producers to collaborate seamlessly. 


Versions📑 Prices💳 Plugins🔖 Audio/Instrument/MIDI Tracks🔊 Third-Party Support🔦 Ideal for👨
Pro Tools Intro Free 36 8/8/8 Any Core Audio, ASIO, or WASAPI-compatible interface Beginners
Pro Tools Artist 9.99/month 100 32/32/64 Any Core Audio, ASIO, or WASAPI-compatible interface Musicians, bands, small studios
Pro Tools Studio $39.99/month Complete Plugin bundle 512/512/1024 Any Core Audio, ASIO, or WASAPI-compatible interface Professional studios
Pro Tools Ultimate $99/month Complete Plugin bundle  2048/512/1024 Any Core Audio, ASIO, or WASAPI-compatible interface Advanced professionals, post-production

Pros and cons:

               Pros                Cons
  • Industry-standard editing.
  • High-quality audio with extensive post-production and editing features. 
  • Wide range of features and tools for audio production. 
  • The support for third-party plugins opens up endless creative possibilities.
  • Requires a steep learning curve.
  • Hardware dependence for optimal performance. 
  • Limited virtual instruments.
  • Resource-intensive and demands substantial computing power
🕵️User Review
ProTools earned the reputation of being the best DAW for a reason in the 90s and 2000s, and it's still one of the best. - By Dave S., from GetApp

Click here to learn more about what is Pro Tools and how to use it.  

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Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a dynamic and innovative digital audio workstation. It has revolutionized music production and performance. Due to its versatility and flexibility, it has become a top choice for musicians and producers.

Ableton Live

The unique session view sets Ableton Live apart in that it allows users to manipulate audio clips and MIDI tracks in real time. It offers multiple built-in instruments and audio effects and seamlessly integrates third-party plugins. Moreover, it offers tools to remove voice from video but keep music. It's latest version is Live 11.3.


Versions📑 Prices💳 Instruments/Sounds/Audio Effects🔊 MIDI🧮 Library Size💽 Key Features📜 Best for👨
Intro $79 21 8 5+ GB Entry-level version, essential music production tools Beginners, hobbyists, and basic needs
Standard $349 37 14 10+ GB Comprehensive feature set for music production Musicians, producers, and small studios
Suite $599 60 16 70+ GB All-inclusive package with additional instrument Professional music production and artists

Pros and cons:

               Pros                Cons
  • Dual view system, allowing users to create and edit in Session View.
  • Supports unlimited audio and MIDI tracks.
  • Integrates max for Live, enabling users to build their own devices, instruments, and effects.
  • Live performance, such as Session View and the intuitive Push controller.
  • Dynamic time-warping feature.
  • Complex to use for beginners.
  • Resource-intensive.
  • No notation support.
  • Limited in traditional music genres.
🕵️User Review
Ableton Live requires a different way of thinking in order to create music. Many people I've spoken to over the years praise this software as being key to their composition process and especially when performing their music live.  -By Jamie Lendino, from PC Magazine

Click here to learn how to use Ableton Live 11.

Pro Tools vs. Ableton: Key Differences

Pro Tools and Ableton Live are the two most popular DAWs, each excelling in specific aspects of music production and audio engineering. Both provide solutions to the same question of how to enhance audio quality

The key difference in functionality is that Pro Tools is suitable for audio recording, mixing, and post-production, while Ableton provides a non-linear, clip-based approach to music creation. Click here to learn: Davinci Resolve vs. Premiere Pro.

Factor📜 Pro Tools🎹 Ableton Live🎼 Winner🏆
Price Free- $99 $79-$599 Depends on your budget.
Compatibility Windows and macOS Windows and macOS Tie
Supported Formats AAF, OMF, MXF, and more professional formats. WAV, AIFF, MP3, FLAC, and more. Depends on your needs.
System Requirements 8GB RAM1366x768 display resolution minimum 8GB disk space(Pro Tools Intro) 8 GB RAM.1366x768 display resolution minimum 3GB disk space(Live 11) Depends on your system.
Instruments Limited virtual instruments. The suite version offers a wide range of instruments. Ableton Live
Effects Diverse audio and MIDI effects. Extensive audio and MIDI effects. Tie
MIDI Support Full MIDI support. Extensive MIDI capabilities. Tie
Editing, Recording, and Mixing Strong editing, recording, and mixing features. Known for its live performance and creative editing. Tie
Plugins Extensive third-party plugin support. Extensive third-party plugin support. Tie
Sound Library Provide third-party plugins to expand its library. Has a wide range of sounds. Tie
Live Performance It is more commonly associated with studio work and post-production in the music and film industry. Its Session View and delicate hardware controllers make it a preferred choice for live performances. Ableton Live
Noise Removal Pro Tools offers advanced noise removal tools. Limited built-in noise removal tools. Pro Tools
Unique Features Pro Tools offers a linear Arrangement View. Ableton Live's unique Session View is distinct. Depends on your workflow
Music Production Styles Versatile but often associated with traditional genres, including classical, rock, and jazz. Known for electronic music, experimental music genres, and live performances. Depends on your genre
User-Friendliness Complex, steeper learning curve. Intuitive interface, easier for beginners. Ableton Live
Support and Update Strong community and plenty of online resources. The active and creative user community, abundant resources. Tie
Rating (G2/Capterra) 4.3/5 on G2 4.7/5 on G2 Ableton Live
Suit for Audio professionals. Electronic music producers and live performers. Depends on your goals

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Pro Tools vs. Ableton: Choose a DAW

If you're looking for a perfect DAW for how to remove vocals from a song, this comparison can help. The choice between Pro Tools and Ableton Live hinges on several crucial factors each of which aligns with specific user needs and music production goals: 

Pro Tools is suitable for:

  • Expert in traditional genres such as rock, jazz, or classical music. 
  • Powerful computer setup that can handle its resource-intensive demands. 
  • Focused heavily on the utmost audio quality and advanced separate vocals from instrumentals tools. 
  • Price ranges from Free to $99/month.
  • Rely on professional audio formats (AAF, OMF, etc.) for your projects.
  • Prefer a linear arrangement view for detailed editing and mixing. 
  • Requires extensive MIDI support and a vast library of virtual instruments.

Ableton Live is suitable for:

  • Electronic music production or live performances. 
  • Modest computer setup; Ableton Live is generally less resource-intensive.
  • Music style centers around electronic, experimental, or live performance genres. 
  • Price ranges from Free to $79 to $599.
  • Extensive support for third-party plugins, including acapella extractor plugins.
  • Max for Live integration. 
  • Unique Session View and want to benefit from a vibrant user community.  

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about Pro Tools vs. Ableton Live📺.

  • 0:00 Start
  • 00:51 Introduction
  • 02:45 Differences In Pro Tools
  • 12:44 Differences in Ableton

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Final Words

Choosing a tool among Pro Tools vs. Ableton Live is not an easy decision. This guide explores two powerhouses in the world of music production, each contributing its unique strengths to the creative process. Pro Tools is suitable for traditional recording and post-production, while Ableton Live's dynamic approach and live performance capabilities.

If you're looking for a free tool, EaseUS Online Vocal Remover can elevate your music production, removing noise and creating vocal-free tracks. 

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FAQs About Pro Tools vs. Ableton

While comparing Pro Tools vs. Ableton digital audio workstations, you may have confusion regarding their usage, effectiveness, and applicability. Here are some solutions for you.   

1. Do any professionals use Ableton?  

Ableton Live is used by electronic music producers and live performers. It is used for various music genres and the entertainment industry professionally. Its flexibility and creative features allow audio experts to use it for multiple projects. 

2. Do people still use Pro Tools?  

Pro Tools has professional audio and post-production experts in its user base. Many audio producers and professionals use it in the music and film industry. It is a prominent tool for recording, mixing, and editing audio while maintaining high quality. 

3. Is Ableton better than Pro Tools?  

The personal preference between Ableton and Pro Tools depends upon your application. While Ableton is suitable for electronic music and live performances, Pro Tools is the go-to DAW for traditional music production and post-production. The choice depends on your specific needs, music style, and familiarity with their respective workflows.

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