Top 10 Subtitle Editors in 2024🏅

Enhance your video with precision using powerful subtitle editors. This article will introduce ten subtitle editor software compatible with Windows and Mac.

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Updated on Jan 11, 2024

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In the age where visuals reign supreme, subtitles play a crucial role in captivating the audience. With the surge in TikTok and YouTube videos, the demand for accurate and engaging subtitles has never been more pronounced. In the following article, we will introduce ten subtitle editors that can assist you in creating high-quality subtitles.

Before delving into the content, here is test data after we select the ten subtitle editors.

🔢How many tested 25, and only 10 selected
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Selected for Windows and Mac users
📂Subtitle format supported SRT, SSA, VTT, TXT and more
📽Subtitle Editing functions Change subtitle color, font, opacity, style, etc.
🔖Subtitle editor types Open-source and commercial ones
🥇Most recommended EaseUS VideoKit

Subtitle Editors for PC

Editing subtitles on a computer is often the easiest method. You can effortlessly create, edit, and export subtitle files in various formats using these software programs. Moreover, they come with built-in players for real-time previewing. You can quickly preview these eight subtitle editors for Windows and Mac using the navigation below.

EaseUS VideoKit

EaseUS VideoKit is a versatile video editing software that combines noise removal, GIF making, video compression, and subtitle generation. This automated subtitle generator allows you to generate and add subtitles to a downloaded movie, a YouTube video, or an Instagram reel when no subtitles are available. Additionally, it enables users to edit subtitles, offering real-time previewing of subtitle changes through its built-in player.

easeus videokit subtitle generator

✨Key Features of EaseUS VideKit:

  • Generate precise subtitles quickly
  • Offer subtitle customization options
  • Allow to export SRT or TXT subtitle files
  • Hardcode subtitles into videos easily

EaseUS VideoKit offers so many subtitle customization features. Do you have any ideas for trying them out? The buttons below can help you download quickly.


  • Automatically generate subtitles for videos using AI
  • Allow users to edit SRT files
  • User-friendly for beginners


  • Require downloading to use
🤵User Review
EaseUS VideoKit is a solid option for anyone looking to unleash their video editing potential without dealing with a steep learning curve. - from SafeWiper


Jubler supports the most popular subtitle formats and essential subtitle editing features. You can create, open, and edit subtitle formats such as ASS, SRT, SSA, SUB, TXT, PSB and more. This free subtitle editor comes with optimization algorithms to help you fix timing inconsistencies. You can freely set subtitle colors, perform spell checks, and more. Another advantage is its translation mode, enabling you to translate your subtitle files into different languages.

jubler interface



  • Require downloading MPlayer to view subtitles
🤵User Review
(Mac version): Powerful, polished, and stable program with excellent help forum. Highly recommended. - from From SourceForge

Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is a free subtitle editor for Windows 10/11. It supports various subtitle file formats as input and output, including SRT, ASS, VTT, TXT, SSA, MKA, XAS, RTF, SUB, and more. It also allows users to batch-convert subtitle formats. Its subtitle customization features include text find and replace, subtitle insertion, format conversion, subtitle translation, symbol insertion, and more. If you require fine subtitle editing, it's a solid choice.

subtitle workshop interface


  • Simple user interface
  • Abundance of user-customizable subtitle options
  • Support over 60 subtitle formats


  • Some versions have stability issues
🤵User Review
I have been using Subtitle Workshop for more than 20 years, and I still find it very useful; I love how easy and friendly its interface is. - from VideoHelp

Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is another excellent subtitle editing software for Windows 10/11. Aside from allowing users to create and edit subtitles in various formats, its standout feature is its synchronization options. After importing a video, you can use features like Point Sync, Visual Sync, Adjust all times, Change Frame Rate, Change Speed, and more to synchronize subtitles – a valuable tool, especially for newcomers. Its additional tools even let you merge and split subtitles, fix common errors, and more.

subtitle edit interface


  • Completely free
  • Support over 250 subtitle formats
  • Can merge and split subtitle files


  • Unable to place subtitles at any desired position
🤵User Review
Aside from the standard things SE can do, plus doing an OCR of PGS to SRT, I am truly impressed with how I can run a video through the program, using the whisper module, and it creates a 99% accurate subtitle track. - from VideoHelp


If you're looking for a tool that allows you to position subtitles anywhere, consider AegiSub. With AegiSub, you can create subtitles by inserting subtitle lines and setting the duration for each line. In addition to basic functionalities such as subtitle synchronization, font formatting, spell check, translation, and find and replace, it also allows you to rotate, scale, and clip subtitle lines. This tool is now available on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. However, a significant drawback is that it doesn't support the SRT format, which is currently the most popular subtitle format.

aegisub interface


  • Real-time video preview
  • Backup and auto-save
  • Display audio waveform


  • Do not automatically add spaces to subtitles
🤵User Review
A nice little app. Not too intuitive but well documented, so a novice will be up and running in no time. - from VideoHelp


With SubMagic, you'll have more subtitle creativity since it enables users to add emotions to subtitles using automatic emojis and emphasizing key points with highlighted keywords. Utilizing advanced natural language processing algorithms, this tool can transcribe Spanish audio to text in 48 languages. Besides creating subtitles, you can analyze, edit, fix errors, synchronize, and perform frame rate adjustments with it.

submagic interface


  • Generate high-quality subtitles
  • Ideal for short videos
  • Support over 48 languages


  • Beginners might find handling repair options challenging
🤵User Review
This is a great tool, especially for creators that serve a majority English-speaking audience. - from Product Hunt

Open Subtitle Editor

Open Subtitle Editor is a free, open-source, lightweight subtitle editor. It's only available for Windows and requires Windows Media Player to run. It only allows users to open and create SRT format subtitles. It supports loading AVI and MPEG video file formats. Although lacking some advanced features, it's still useful for adding, editing, or completely removing subtitles.

open subtitle editor interface


  • User-friendly interface
  • Free to use
  • Provide subtitles in over 50 languages


  • Lack subtitle translation feature
🤵User Review
I took a look at this project once again, and the crash on save happens if you haven't opened a file in the application run. - from SourceForge

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Online Subtitle Editors

Online subtitle editors allow users to access them from any device with an internet connection, eliminating the need to install software on multiple devices. Furthermore, they ensure compatibility regardless of the platform you're using. The following section lists three online subtitle editors.


Want to edit subtitles like you would edit a text document? Kapwing gives you that opportunity. In addition to generating subtitles with a single click, it allows users to fine-tune subtitle text, design, and positioning within videos. More importantly, its Video Translator feature enables you to translate subtitles and text records in over 60 languages. It also supports hardcoding subtitles into videos.

kapwing auto subtitle generator


  • No spam or ads
  • Work with all popular formats
  • Translate subtitles to any language


  • Do not offer a free trial
🤵User Review
This is one of the most powerful yet inexpensive and easy-to-use video editing software I've found. - from Software Advice


If you want subtitles to be more readable, add regular expressions or correct errors, you can use VEED to accomplish this in minutes. This AI-driven online subtitle generator allows you to upload, edit, and download subtitles without leaving your browser. Additionally, you can hardcode subtitles into videos, ensuring they are always visible. You can even add animations to the text besides changing subtitle color and style and emphasizing subtitles.

veed subtitles generator


  • Allow to burn captions into the video
  • Allow animating the text
  • Offer subtitle translation


  • Limited features in the free version
🤵User Review
Get it if you want to screen record. Streamer or not. You could use OBS or anything else. But I am choosing to recommend this to a class of students due to the ease of use. - from SourceForge

Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe supports SRT and VTT files. You can use it to add and edit subtitles for your videos and even hardcode text into MP4, AVI, and MOV videos. According to its official claims, it boasts an accuracy rate of up to 97%. It supports transcription in over 119 languages, including widely spoken and less common ones. Translation options are also available, allowing you to translate subtitles and transcriptions.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Great accuracy
  • Integration with Google Drive


  • Expensive monthly subscription
🤵User Review
It is so easy to use, and the transcription quality is amazing. I highly recommend this tool to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, accurate speech recognition tool.. - from GetApp.

Wrap Up

In the content above, we've listed ten highly regarded subtitle editors. Whether you're using a Windows PC or a Mac or seeking online tools, there's a suitable option for you. If you're new to video editing, you can give the first tool, EaseUS VideoKit, a try. Its intuitive interface and clear functionality explanations can help you generate and edit subtitles in just a few minutes.

Feeling intrigued? Hit the button below to download quickly.

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FAQs on Subtitle Editor

After delving into these ten subtitle editors, this section will provide clarifications if you still have questions.

1. What is the best subtitle editor?

The choice of the best subtitle editor depends on your specific needs and preferences. EaseUS VideoKit might be the most suitable if you're a beginner in editing. If you have experience, some popular options include Subtitle Edit, Aegisub, and Jubler. It's recommended that you explore these options and choose the tool that suits you.

2. Is Subtitle Edit free?

Yes, Subtitle Edit is indeed a free and open-source subtitle editor. It has an easy-to-use interface and various tools for editing, syncing, and styling subtitles. It's a popular choice among new and seasoned subtitle editors alike.

3. How do I edit a SRT file?

Editing an SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file is relatively straightforward. You can use a text editor like Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) to change the subtitle content, timing, and formatting. Alternatively, you can use subtitle editors such as Subtitle Edit or Aegisub.

4. What is the free subtitle editor for Mac?

Aegisub is a popular and free subtitle editor available for Mac users. It offers a comprehensive set of subtitle creation, editing, and synchronization features. Aegisub's intuitive interface and powerful tools make it an excellent choice for Mac users looking to edit subtitles seamlessly.

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