Top 7 Mario Text to Speech 2024 [Free Online] 👨🏻‍🔧

Get closer to your childhood memories and sound like Super Mario! These 7 Mario text-to-speech tools will transport you into the Mushroom Kingdom with their delightful features.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

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Anyone who played a game in his childhood knows about Super Mario, a bearded plumper jumping for mushrooms. This classic little game accompanied our childhood, adding much joy and memories to our lives.

If you've ever dreamed of making your text sound like the iconic voice from the Mushroom Kingdom, your wish has just been granted. Explore the best 7 Mario text-to-speech here and choose the most desirable AI character voice generator.

Who's Super Mario

Super Mario, or Super Mario Bros, is a video game character created by Shigeru Miyamoto on Nintendo. Initially set in Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and his brother Luigi, are designed to rescue the kidnapped Princess Peach.

Super Mario

The first game in the series was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985 and has since become one of the most iconic and recognizable figures in the gaming industry.

7 Top-Notch Mario AI Voice Generators Online

When we test the best AI voice generator for Super Mario, we take several important factors into account:

🎶Voice Quality Ensure the Mario TTS tool produces clear, high-quality voice output resembling Mario's speech.
🎙️Variety of Voices Choose a tool with diverse Mario voices, capturing different expressions from various games.
🔉Naturalness and Expressiveness Assess how naturally and expressively the tool generates speech, capturing Mario's personality.
🖥️User-Friendly Interface Opt for a Mario TTS tool with an intuitive interface for easy text input and voice selection.

Check out the best 7 Mario TTS:

1. Narakeet

💲Price: Free for 20 audio files

Rating: 4/5

Narakeet is a free online Mario text-to-speech voice generator without registering. This scary voice text to speech turns text and subtitle files into speech in 90 languages using 700 voices and generates videos from images and audio files.


It has the ready-made Mario template for users, a realistic and relatable Italian young man, but you can change the pitch, speed, and other settings to customize the voice. The Mario voice AI can also speak English with a heavy Italian accent and makes small mistakes in pronunciation. With different pricing plans starting from $0.20 per minute, it has 20 free conversions and a 10MB file limit.

📇Key Features

  • Support 90 languages and 700 voices for text-to-speech.
  • Convert subtitle files into audio with synchronized timestamps.
  • Create multiple video versions in different languages or resolutions.
  • Convert PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote presentations into videos.

🆚Pros and Cons

               Pros                Cons
  • Wide language support with 700 voices.
  • Adaptability for script changes without re-recording.
  • Versatile application for creating narrated videos, subtitles, and automated video production.
  • Integration options for developers through the Narakeet API.
  • Restricted conversion and script length for free users.
  • Without an upgraded account, there is no access to batch audio creation, commercial use, or automation API.
  • Prices may vary, potentially resulting in higher costs for certain users.

2. FakeYou

💲Price: Free and paid plans start at $7/m

Rating: 3.7/5

As an open-source voice AI, FakeYou text-to-speech has a growing, extensive voice library and community-driven support. You can browse over 3,800 voices and choose your favorite one, be it Super Mario, SpongeBob, Son Goku, Donald Trump, Spy Fox, and more.


The celebrity text-to-speech offers 8 languages and a simple workflow to change text into Mario's voice. The quality may vary since the model source is from the community. Except for that, users cannot define the customization options.

📇Key Features

  • A wide selection of AI voices.
  • User-friendly UI and regular updates.
  • Create lip-sync videos for Plus and above users.
  • Create your own AI voice and change your voice to your favorite characters.

🆚Pros and Cons

               Pros                Cons
  • You don't have to log in to proceed and download generated voices.
  • Get access to a broad range of options for voices.
  • Free to use without a steep learning curve.
  • One cannot self-define the voice pitch or volume.
  • Not designed for commercial uses.
  • Advanced features and longer generation duration for paid accounts.

3. Voicify

💲Price: Free trial, $7.99/m to $89.99/m

Rating: 3.6/5 is a paid online text-to-speech voice generator and AI music cover platform. Similar to FakeYou, it has an expanding 22,000+ community voice models. But what distinguishes the AI song cover generator from the former is it has language, expression, and speed options.


Voicify lists 9 languages for you to choose from and provides everything from tempo and instruments to lyrics and characters to make AI singing voice. Although it comes with a price, this AI tool allows you to sign up and create Maria text-to-speech for free (limited credits.)

📇Key Features

  • Voice cloning creates customizable voice models.
  • Choose from over 22,000 AI models.
  • AI rapper voice generator with complete tools.
  • Adjust the language, emotion, and conversion speed for your TTS.

🆚Pros and Cons

               Pros                Cons
  • Versatile TTS and online music creation tool.
  • Intuitive and simple user interface.
  • Jaw-dropping 22,000+ artists' voice models.
  • Fine-tune pitch, speed, and emotion.
  • There are few credits for registered free users.
  • Expansive pricing plans for some users.
  • Limited language support.

4. 101 Soundboards

💲Price: Free

Rating: 4.2/5

101 Soundboards is a free, web-based Kanye text to speech working with Discord Bot. You can also find the TTS tool on Apple and Google Store. This program transforms text into speech and singing and provides an official TikTok lady computer voice.

101 Soundboards

Searching from 4,700+ voices, you can explore various categories, from anime, comics, and celebrities to games, movies, or politics. It also has different sound effects for the same characters. The sentences below the search box are ready models for your reference.

📇Key Features

  • Over 4,700 voices and millions of sounds are available.
  • Multiple sound effects of Super Mario.
  • Convert words to voice and singing.
  • Built-in free audio editor.

🆚Pros and Cons

               Pros                Cons
  • Queue for minutes for certain voices.
  • No choices for voice tweaking.

5. Kits AI

💲Price: Free, $9.99/m to $59.99/m

Rating: 4/5 is a free Super Mario AI voice model generator for you to create free Mario covers for YouTube, TikTok, and more. You can either upload an audio file, enter the YouTube link, record your own voice, or type text for conversion.

Kits AI

With 100+ AI voices, uses natural speech synthesis text-to-speech technology to generate a lifelike version of these artists. Moreover, advanced settings such as pitch shift, volume control, and language customization are available for enhanced user control and customization.

📇Key Features

  • Convert any audio or text content into 100+ artists' voices.
  • Create your own AI voice model easily.
  • Remove vocals from a song.
  • APIs for voice conversion, text-to-speech, and vocal separation.

🆚Pros and Cons

               Pros                Cons
  • Multipurpose text-to-speech tool.
  • Convert the audio into an instrument.
  • Train your AI voice and make it a model.
  • Offer free AI voices from the list.

6. Uberduck

💲Price: Free, $96/y for creator, $500/m for enterprise

Rating: 3.2/5 is a powerful tool for text-to-speech, text-to-singing, text-to-rapping, and voice conversion. One can make synthetic singing and rapping with other voices. By selecting the gender, age, accent, style, and mood, you can locate the most suitable voice for your needs.


This Goku Text to Speech boasted 5,000 expressive voices and enabled the voice conversions of celebrities and characters. But after the lawsuit ran into a fix, the website renounced the user-posted models. So, now it only has a few voices. Read Uberduck alternatives to get other better options.

📇Key Features

  • Convert text to natural-sounding speech with customizable tones.
  • Generate audio, create voiceovers, and AI singing and rapping.
  • Allow personal or commercial creation of voice clones.
  • Integrates chatbots and AI.

🆚Pros and Cons

               Pros                Cons
  • User-friendly interface.
  • API accessibility for paid users.
  • Provide customization options.
  • Enables voice cloning for personalized AI voice models.
  • Professional tools for rap music creation.
  • The steep learning curve for making rap music.
  • Occasional robotic-sounding output.
  • Limited credits for free users.
  • Reduced voice options in recent updates.

7. EaseUS VoiceOver

💲Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

EaseUS VoiceOver stands out as a free, convenient, and smooth text-to-speech website, offering a remarkable selection of 460+ voices across 149 languages and accents—all for free. And you don't have to create an account and log in.

EaseUS VoiceOver

With an intuitive UI, users can effortlessly customize details like tone, pitch, and emotion, making the voiceover generator an ideal choice for diverse voiceover needs.

📇Key Features

  • Choose from 460+ voices and 140+ languages.
  • Enjoy a limitless free online text-to-speech service.
  • Adjust voice pitch, speed, emotion, and more.
  • Export content in formats like MP3, SRT, WAV, etc.

🆚Pros and Cons

               Pros                Cons
  • Wide selection of voices and languages.
  • Free and limitless online TTS service.
  • Easy customization of voice details.
  • Supports multiple export formats.
  • Lacks a music cover feature.

Visit the free TTS reader to get the lifelike AI voice now.

Wrapping up

In summary, the Top 7 Mario Text-to-Speech tools for 2023 offer diverse features for a nostalgic and playful experience. With versatile voice options and multilingual support, these free online tools cater to various projects, adding a touch of Mario's iconic voice to digital content.

Explore these user-friendly solutions to effortlessly integrate Mario's charm into your texts, enhancing creativity and making your content stand out.

FAQs About Mario Text to Speech

1. How does text-to-speech AI work?

Text-to-speech AI works by processing input text through linguistic analysis and phonetic conversion, utilizing acoustic models, and employing waveform synthesis methods like concatenative or parametric synthesis.

With deep learning, particularly transformer models, the system learns the relationships between linguistic features and audio signals, resulting in a natural-sounding, human-like speech output that reflects the content and context of the input text.

2. What is the voice changer app for Mario?

There are many powerful Mario voice changers on the market; EaseUS VoiceWave, TopMediai text-to-speech, Uberduck, and FakeYou are the most effective ones, which are easy to use and generate high-quality realistic output.

3. How do you make text sound like SpongeBob?

To sound like SpongeBob easily, you can choose a SpongeBob text-to-speech with its characteristic upbeat and energetic sound, including FakeYou,,, EaseUS VoiceOver, etc.

4. How to use Squidward AI?

To generate AI voiceovers in the Squidward style, consider utilizing an AI voice generator such as EaseUS VoiceOver (online) or EaseUS VoiceWave (desktop), which provides a variety of voices. Simply download and open the application, connect to your mic, pick your desired voice, and say something, and you'll receive the result generated within a short duration.

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