Best 5 Scary Voice Text to Speech [Free Online]😵

Look for a scary text-to-speech for pranks or video effects? Look no further than the complete list of the best five scary voice generators online for free.

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Dawn Tang

Updated on May 22, 2024

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Picture this: a regular Tuesday evening, the glow of the TV casting a soft ambiance in the living room. You try out the Scary Voice Text-to-Speech like just for kicks. There's this unexpected twist as it starts narrating your grocery list or reading out a recipe. The ordinary becomes oddly ominous—like your milk and cereal are part of some spooky ritual.

It's all in good fun, but suddenly, your mundane tasks sound straight out of a horror movie. Who knew your to-do list could give you the creeps?

Why People Use Scary Voice Generator

This is fun of text-to-speech with emotion, which renders AI voice human expressions including joy, fear, sadness, horror, and more. Scary voice generators mimic the tone, pitch, intonation, and timbre of human voices and use artificial intelligence and neural network models to synthesize speech from the provided text. People usually use it for:

  • Holiday ambiance: Creepy text-to-speech voices create an immersive atmosphere during Halloween or another spooky-themed event.
  • Haunted houses and attractions: Owners of haunted houses use creepy voices to enhance the overall experience for visitors.
  • Video games: Game developers apply analog horror voice text to speech for characters in horror video games to intensify the gaming experience.
  • Film and animation: Scary voice text-to-speech generators can be employed in horror movies and animation to bring fictional monsters, creatures, and villains to life.
  • Prank calls: Some may use scary text-to-speech for prank calls or scare their friends in a light-hearted manner.
  • Podcasts: Host of horror or suspenseful podcasts use them for narration to sound scary, adding an element of fear to their storytelling.
  • Storytelling: During storytelling events or spooky gatherings, people might use scary voice generators to engage the audience and enhance the narrative.

Get Creepy Voice Text to Speech in 5 Ways

Factors involving voice quality, customization options, voice variety, ease of use, real-time generation, cost, and reviews should be taken into account when choosing the best AI voice generator to create creepy voices.

Scary Voice Text to Speech💀 Voices🔊 Languages🎙️ Emotions👻 Rating🕵️ Prices💰
EaseUS VoiceOver 468 149 Happy, fear, energetic, warm, angry, complaining, depressed, etc. 5/5 Free
Narakeet 700 90 Scary, happy, sad, and more. 5/5 from Product Hunt $0.20 per minute with a free account.
Online Text to Speech with Emotions 28 135 Neutral, angry, cheerful, sad, excited, friendly, terrified, and hopeful. 3.8/5 Free and $11, $22, $44
Cepstral 27 6 Scared, happy, friendly, and more. 4/5 from Spiceworks Vary from $10 to $45
TETYYS Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator 30 1 Scared and other customizable emotions. 3.5/5 Free

1️⃣EaseUS VoiceOver

🤗Best for: Video content creators, voiceover enthusiasts, and individuals.

EaseUS VoiceOver presents a celebrity AI voice generator free that empowers users to input and tailor text segments with diverse voice parameters, offering a comprehensive experience with its vast collection of 468 voices supporting 146 languages.

EaseUS VoiceOver

Notably, users can finely adjust emotional tone, pitch, and speed, resulting in a personalized and nuanced output. The free voiceover generator supports the seamless insertion of pauses, contributing to the natural flow of synthesized speech.

               Pros                Cons
  • Users can finely adjust emotional tone, pitch, and speed.
  • The platform is user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Supports various output formats, including MP3, WAV, and FLAC.
  • Preview their customized voices before finalizing.
  • Internet reliance.

How to make your voice scary

Step 1. Visit the website, input your text, and select a voice from its collection.

Step 2. Fine-tune emotional tone (scary), pitch, and speed.

Step 3. Listen to a preview to ensure scariness, then generate and download the scary audio.


🤗Best for: Voiceover for horror movies and video game characters.

Narakeet is a natural-sounding AI character voice generator that converts text or a Word document to speech and narrates videos easily. It also synchronizes pictures with sound and adds subtitles automatically, and creates videos from images and audio files.


With its online text-to-speech feature, you can turn a script into scary voices and fine-tune the volume, speed, and export format. Narakeet supports different document formats ranging from TXT, DOCS, XLSX, PDF, EPUB, and RTF to ODS, SRT, VTT, etc. The free version has 20 conversions and 10MB maximum file upload size limit.

               Pros                Cons
  • Support multiple voices and languages.
  • Offer customization options for voice tuning.
  • Access to various upload and export file formats.
  • Convert PPT, images, and audio to videos.
  • Create marketing videos, announcements, and demos easily.
  • Limited conversion and script length for a free account.
  • No batch audio creation, commercial use, or automation API for free users.
  • Prices may be higher for some users.

How to generate scary text-to-speech

Step 1. Access the website and select the language from the list.

Step 2. Choose one voice (Guardbot) and customize your volume, speed export format, and output. You can click the preview button to listen to the voice selected.

Step 3. Input your script or upload a subtitle file.

Step 4. Click "DICTATE" to listen and press "CREATE AUDIO." Wait for a few seconds, and click "DOWNLOAD."

3️⃣Online Text to Speech with Emotions

🤗Best for: Video content creators and voiceover hobbyists.

This text-to-speech website delivers many human expressions and allows users to adjust speed, pick a male/female voice, and add background audio to enhance the terrifying atmosphere.

Online Text to Speech with Emotions

One can type 500 characters for free; you'll need to buy the premium if you want to input more. Backed by the AI algorithm, it converts text to speech in a few seconds and doesn't consume the compute source on your side.

               Pros                Cons
  • Provide diverse emotions and language support.
  • Speedy conversion based on the AI.
  • Highly secured random file path.
  • Download voiceover files for free.
  • The free output may sound robotic.
  • Restricted voice number and character input.
  • There is no voice cloning and background audio for free users.
  • Emotion voices are only available for Standard and above users.
  • Have ads.

How to make your voice scary

Step 1. Visit the website and type your content, which is less than 500 characters.

Step 2. Choose a language (English, US) and voice (Jenny, Female).

Step 3. Adjust the speed and add background audio optionally.

Step 4. Generate the audio result.


🤗Best for: Voice response system and telephony software.

Cepstral speaks any text it is given with the voice you select with self-defined settings, including rate, pitch, and sound effects. It specializes in creating natural and lifelike synthetic voices for various applications, such as accessibility features, voice response systems, virtual assistants, and more.


You can create a voice demo and preview its output quality, but you cannot download the result. And for commercial use, you must purchase voices for personal use or telephony software.

               Pros                Cons
  • Offer high-quality and natural-sounding voices.
  • The TTS engines and voices can be deployed on mobile devices or on server platforms.
  • Have settings for rate, pitch, and effect.
  • There is no free trial, and the demo result cannot be downloaded.
  • Limited voice and language support.

How to produce a scary voice

Step 1. Go to the website and input what you want the demo to say.

Step 2. Choose a voice with scared emotion.

Step 3. Tweak the rate, pitch, and pick a sound effect.

Step 4. Press "Say it."

5️⃣TETYYS Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator

🤗Best for: Pranks and horror movie voiceover amateurs.

This Sam Text to Speech is a free, open-source text-to-speech from GitHub. It has a simple, clean user interface and easy workflow. Judging from its UI, the program supports 30 voices and 1 language. The scary voice generator also has options for pitch and speed.

TETYYS Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator

On the other hand, this open-source text to speech doesn't provide a download entry, so you'll only listen to it online instead of inserting it into the video.

               Pros                Cons
  • Adjust voice pitch and speed.
  • Free online text-to-speech.
  • No downloading.
  • Limited language and voice support.

How to make your voice sound creepy

Step 1. Navigate to the tool and paste/type your text.

Step 2. Select Mike (for telephone) as the voice.

Step 3. Set the pitch between 150 to 160. And adjust the speed.

Step 4. Input text and press "Say it."

Take an interest in the top 5 scary voice texts to speeches. Spread the word and let people know!


Wrapping up

In conclusion, these top 5 scary voice text-to-speech platforms stand out for their user-friendly interfaces and powerful customization features.

Whether you're in the realms of gaming, storytelling, or content creation, they provide the perfect means to infuse fear and suspense into your projects. Elevate your creativity and amplify the scare factor with EaseUS VoiceOver, your free AI voice generator with emotion.

Horror Voice Text to Speech FAQs

1. How can I make my voice scarier?

Make your voice emotionless, deep, and slow; your voice will sound creepy. Make sure you pronounce the word clearly, get close to the mic with a proximity effect, give enough air support, and relax the vocal folds to generate grit and depth.

2. What is the Kayla text-to-speech voice?

Kayla text-to-speech offers a middle-aged female voice, ideal for call center IVR menus and voicemail greetings.

3. What is the most realistic AI voice?

Determining the most realistic AI voice involves considering natural intonation, clear pronunciation, and adaptability across contexts. IBM Watson text to speech offers natural-sounding and customizable options, and EaseUS VoiceOver stands out as a free option with realistic output and various customization options.

4. What makes a scary voice?

A scary voice is characterized by a combination of factors such as a deep or unnaturally high pitch, deliberate pacing, distorted vocal effects, and unsettling articulation. When employed with dark or ominous content, these elements create an atmosphere of fear and unease.

Cultural associations, emotional expression, and the context in which the voice is heard further contribute to its overall impact, making it a subjective but potent tool for inducing fear.

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