How to Make AI Singing Voice in 5 Ways 2024🎤

Discover the secrets of how to make an AI singing voice, from training models to fine-tuning melodies. Unleash the power of AI in music production!

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Dawn Tang

Updated on Apr 02, 2024

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Whether you are tone-deaf or pitch-perfect, you may think about singing like Taylor Swift AI voice or any other artists' voices for fun. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the music industry is going through unprecedented changes that ordinary people can generate high-quality voices using AI singing voice generators.

In this post, I'll introduce you to five ways to make an AI singing voice. You'll learn how to make celebrity AI voice sing and make AI sing with your own voice. Let's get to the AI singing generators.

Methods Effectiveness Rating
Voicify A paid online AI cover tool with an extensive voice library and lifelike output. 🌟🌟🌟
VoiceDub Create original music with its royalty-free voices. 🌟🌟🌟
EaseUS VoiceOver Free TTS online program with customization options. 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Kits.AI Online AI voice generation toolkit that trains a custom voice and creates AI covers. 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Singify Free AI song cover generator with 100+ AI voice models. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

How to Make Celebrity AI Voice Sing

Celebrity text-to-speech online generators have revolutionized the world of AI voices, allowing you to bring the voices of your favorite stars to life in new and exciting ways.

But what if you want these celebrity AI voices to sing? Now, we'll explore the intriguing process of making celebrity AI voices sing and harmonize with the melodies of your choice.


🧮Prices: $7.99 to $89.99/m is a paid online AI cover platform and text-to-speech generator. A huge selection of 22,000+ AI voice models, ranging from music, cartoons, anime, and gaming to public figures like Obama text to speech, is here for you to choose from.


Music fans can fine tune the tempo, instruments, lyrics, or any celebrities' voices from these models, including K-pop singers Kim Taehyung, Jennie Kim; artists Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Ariana Grande; or politicians Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or Barack Obama. Here are its pricing plans:

Voicify prices

Make celebrity AI voice sing with Voicify:

Step 1. Access the website and sign up.

 sign up

Step 2. Choose your elite plan.

Choose your elite plan

Step 3. Select the celebrity AI vocals you want.

Select the celebrity AI vocals you want

Step 4. Drop an audio file to the area under "Create Conversion."

Drop an audio file

Step 5. Give your song a name and click "Ready To Convert."

Ready To Convert

Step 6. Press the play button to listen to it, and click the download icon to save it.

 click the download icon to save it


🧮Prices: $2.99-$24.99/m

VoiceDub is an online TTS service and AI voice cloning platform driven by artificial intelligence algorithms. You can create original music with its royalty-free voices or clone a voice to make your own masterpiece.


With 100+ voices available, this AI song cover generator offers different pricing plans for you to choose from.

VoiceDub pricing

Create a voice dub with VoiceDub.

Step 1. Visit the VoiceDub and click "Make Voice Dubs Now."

Step 2. Login and either choose "Create a Dub" or "Clone a Voice."

choose create a dub or clone a voice

Step 3. Choose or search for the desired AI voice.

 Choose or search for the desired AI voice

Step 4. Under "Upload a file," click to upload or drag and drop the MP3/WAV file here.

Upload a file

Step 5. Click "Generate dub" and check the terms.

Generate dub

Step 6. Save the final work.

🎶EaseUS VoiceOver

🧮Prices: Free

EaseUS VoiceOver, a versatile platform for text-to-speech with emotion, offers 149 languages and 468 voices, empowering users to create customized voiceovers.

EaseUS VoiceOver

Notable features include precise voice adjustments for emotion, pitch, and speed, as well as flexible pacing with inserted pauses. The AI voiceover generator supports easy audio previews and exports in various formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, and subtitles (SRT, TXT, Docx), all without requiring login.

Here's how to use EaseUS VoiceOver to generate singing voices:

Step 1. Visit the EaseUS VoiceOver website.

Step 2. Choose the desired voice.

Step 3. Input or paste your text.

Step 4. Adjust voice parameters to match the chosen voice style.

Step 5. Export the final voiceover in your preferred format, such as MP3 or WAV.

How to Make AI Sing in My Voice

Some people may be curious about how I do the AI songs with my own voice. This could be done using current technology. Of course, this could be solved with trained AI models and text-to-singing features.


🧮Prices: $0-$59.99/m

Kits AI is an online AI voice generation toolkit that allows users to train a custom voice and create AI covers. Backed by RVC V2 and rmvpe pitch extraction, this Joe Biden text-to-speech uses the latest voice training technologies for lifelike voices and tweaks like pitch, tone, and vocal range.


The free version of the AI rapper voice generator offers 9 royalty-free AI voices, 15 audio conversion minutes, and 300 text-to-speech characters. But if you want to access more voices and get more conversions, you'll have to upgrade to a premium plan starting at $9.9 a month.

Kits.AI prices

Here are the steps to make AI sing with Kits.AI

Step 1. Visit the official website and create an account.

Kits.AI create an account

Step 2. To create a celebrity text-to-speech for YouTube or make your own AI voice, go to the "Convert" tab and choose one AI voice you prefer. You can select the model, genre, language, and style for specific voices.

Convert tab

Step 3. Add an audio file, select a free demo, or record your voice, and adjust the pitch, volume, and other advanced settings below.

You can also enter a YouTube link to isolate the main vocal track and make it your AI model. Or type in the box and generate speech using your chosen voice.

Add an audio file

Step 4. Click "Convert" or rest the audio.


Step 5. Click the download button to save it, convert it to a shareable video, or copy the link.

Click the download button to save it

Step 6. Optionally, create your own AI voice model using the voice cloning feature under the "Train" section.

create your own AI voice model

Watch the YouTube video to learn the tutorial in detail.

  • 00:25 What you need
  • 01:30 Creating a data set
  • 02:16 Training an AI voice
  • 02:32 Converting your audio
AI Voice Cloning Tutorial: Create Any AI Voice with Kits.AI


🧮Prices: $0-$6.99/m
Singify is a 2Pac AI voice generator free online with 100+ AI voice models, including singers, rappers, characters, and public figures. Singify can assist you in creating covers of hit songs, remixing classics, or crafting humorous song parodies – whatever your musical ambition may be.


More importantly, this president AI voice generator enables users to add an audio file or record their voice for the AI cover, meaning one can make AI sing in his own voice. It employs deep learning to analyze the given audio and create realistic sound.

Free users only get 2,000 credits, which may not be sufficient for covering, so you can get the one-time 8,000 credits or subscribe monthly.

Singify prices

Step 1. First of all, get access to Singify and create an account.

create an account

Step 2. Select a voice you like.

Select a voice you like

Step 3. Search or paste the YouTube link to the box, upload an audio file, or record your voice using a microphone.

upload an audio file

Step 4. Click "Continue" or "Reset" the audio.


Step 5. Customize the conversion settings and choose the song duration. Press "Convert."

Customize the conversion settings

Step 6. Wait for a minute and download the file or edit it with the editor.

download the file

🎵✨ Learn the secrets to creating captivating AI vocal performances and share your musical journey with the world!


Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are several exciting ways to make AI sing, offering limitless possibilities for music production and creative expression. Whether you're looking to generate personalized AI singing voices or experiment with existing models, these five methods provide a range of options to bring AI-driven music to life.

As technology continues to advance, the future of AI singing voices promises even more innovation and potential for artists and enthusiasts alike. So, dive into the world of AI singing and explore the harmonious blend of technology and creativity in your musical journey.

How to Make AI Singing Voice FAQs

1. How do you make an AI voice sing?

Creating an AI voice that can sing involves a combination of techniques from the fields of speech synthesis and music synthesis. Here are the general steps to make an AI voice sing:

  • Start with a text-to-speech (TTS) model capable of generating human-like voices.
  • Provide the AI with lyrics and melody in a synchronized format.
  • Fine-tune the TTS model for singing by using a singing dataset.
  • Modify the model to control pitch, emotion, and other singing parameters.
  • Enhance audio quality and add effects as needed.
  • Listen to the singing output, make adjustments, and improve the model.
  • Ensure proper rights for using lyrics and melody.

2. Can I create my own AI voice?

Yes, you can create your own AI voice, but it's a complex and resource-intensive process. Here are the general steps involved:

  • Gather high-quality voice recordings.
  • Clean and format the audio data.
  • Train a deep learning model on the data.
  • Refine the model for specific tasks (e.g., TTS or singing).
  • Incorporate the model into your applications.

3. How do I make a voice over in AI?

Creating a voice-over with AI involves these steps:

  • Select a Text-to-Speech (TTS) system or AI model like EaseUS VoiceOver.
  • Write or gather the text you want to convert to a voice-over.
  • Enter your script into the TTS system and adjust voice settings.
  • Let the TTS system process the text to create the voice-over.
  • Listen to the output, make any necessary edits.
  • Save the final voice-over as an audio file.

4. What program is used to make AI voices?

To create AI voices, you can use tools and services like Google Text-to-Speech, Amazon Polly, EaseUS VoiceOver, Voicify, and open-source options like FakeYou, which enable you to convert text into synthetic speech for various applications, from voice-overs to conversational AI.

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