How to Use Discord Text to Speech [Step-by-Step 2024]

Do you want to learn how to use text-to-speech on Discord, the popular online voice, video, and text chat platform? In this article, you will discover how to enable it, use it, and troubleshoot it.

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Updated on Jan 26, 2024

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Key Takeaways

▶️Discord text-to-speech provides a more fun and quirky way to communicate with friends.

▶️You can activate Discord's text-to-speech feature in user settings and mute text-to-speech messages in the same way.

▶️Discord text-to-speech bots, including Doraemon, Big Titty Foth GF, and ST MANAGER, convert written text to spoken words and add a new layer of engagement to Discord servers.

Discord is a popular online platform that allows people to communicate with each other through voice, video, and text chat. Users can share common interests, hobbies, or games on it. Its text-to-speech feature allows you to send or receive messages read aloud by a synthetic voice. Some users have the same questions as Database07 from Reddit:

I'm someone who's uncomfortable using their real voice when talking to people online, but it's annoying for them to have to minimize whatever they're multi-tasking to look at what I said. How can I make it so I can type and that audio will play in a Voice Channel?

In response to this problem, we wrote this article to help more users become proficient with Discord.

How to Turn On Text to Speech on Discord

Before using TTS in your chats, you need to activate the feature on your device. Follow these steps to change the settings of your profile:

Step 1. Open Discord on your PC and log into your Discord, then click on the setting icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen. You will see a pop-up window.

discord user setting

Step 2. Find the "Accessibility" section in the window, then scroll down to find the "TEXT-TO-SPEECH" option.

discord enable tts

Step 3. Select the check boxes for "Allow playback and usages of /tts command."

After these settings, your device will be ready to convert your text messages into voices. If you dislike it converts messages into voice and prefer to receive them as text only, then go to the same patch: "Setting" > "Accessibility" > Disable "Allow Playback and usage of /tts command" next to "TEXT-TO-SPEECH" to mute all text to speech messages on Discord.

How to Use Text-to-Speech in Voice Chatting

Let's see how to use text-to-speech in voice chatting. By entering the /tts command at the beginning of your text, you enabled the feature and can use it immediately. An AI voice will read out your message. Other members of the Chanel will be able to hear the chat.

discord user setting

How to Set Up Text-to-Speech Notifications on Discord

Text-to-speech notification on Discord allows users to send or receive messages read aloud by a synthetic voice. This feature also plays an important role in role-playing and game experience. To enable this feature, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1. Go to the user setting on Discord and search for the section named "Notifications."

Step 2. Scroll down to reach the item "TEXT-TO-SPEECH NOTIFICATIONS." Here are three options: For all channels, For current selected channel, and Never. Tick the box that suits you best.

discord set up tts notifications

Here are some differences between these three options:

For all channels: Activating this button means you allow your Discord to read out all the notifications. You will hear the text-to-speech voice read out any message that is sent in any channel, regardless of whether the sender used the /tts command or not. This option can be useful if you want to listen to all messages without looking at the screen, but it can be annoying if there are too many messages or trolls using the /tts command.

For current selected channel: This button allows you to read out notifications only from the current channel. It can be useful to focus on a specific channel. However, it can also be distracting if there are other channels that you want to check.

Never: This option disables text-to-speech notifications for all channels. You will not hear the text-to-speech voices even if the sender uses the /tts command. If you don't want to hear any text-to-speech voice at all, or you find it annoying or disruptive, choose this option.

Some Recommended Text-to-Speech Bots on Discord


It is a powerhouse that extends far beyond its remarkable text-to-speech capability. It is a cute bot with battle RPG, PvP gambles, text-to-speech, anonymous confession, etc.

Big Titty Foth GF

More than a text-to-speech bot, it primarily focuses on infusing humor and excitement into your server.


As one of the most popular and widely used text-to-speech bots on Discord, it has a range of simulated voices, accents, and languages, as provided by Amazon. Google, Microsoft and FakeYou.

How to Fix Text to Speech Not Working on Discord

There might be several reasons that text-to-speech does not work on Discord. To fix this issue, try the solutions:

  1. 1. Enable the "Allow playback and usage of /tts command" by following the patch: "Setting" > "Accessibility" > Enable "Allow Playback and usage of /tts command" next to "TEXT-TO-SPEECH."
  2. 2. Check the "For all channels" option by following the patch: "Setting" > "Notifications" > "TEXT TO SPEECH NOTIFICATION.”
  3. 3. Change the speaker setup to stereo and update Discord to the latest version.
  4. 4. Ensure your internet connection is stable or restart your device.

Bonus: Other Online Free Text to Speech Generator

If you'd like to use text-to-speech in more scenarios, such as content creation, language learning, or audiobooks, looking for the best free AI voice generators might be necessary. Here, you can give EaseUS VoiceOver, an AI voiceover generator, a try. Besides fine-tuning generated voices, you can do text-to-speech with emotions, such as happiness, sadness, surprise, etc., according to the nature of the text. The button below will take you to it.

🌟Features of EaseUS VoiceOver:

  • Support around 150 languages with 400+ voices
  • Create sound with emotions from the text input
  • Allow to use of different voices for different text parts

To Conclude

Discord text-to-speech is effective in converting messages into AI sound. This article shared some content about how to use Discord text-to-speech messages on Discord. We also provide an online free text-to-speech generator for wider use.

FAQs on Discord Text-to-Speech

You may have some questions or doubts about this topic. That's why we have prepared this FAQ part, where we will answer some of the most common and important questions.

1. Is there a speech text bot on Discord?

Yes, scripty is a speech to text discord bot that transcript all of your conversations.

2. Does Discord mobile have text to speech?

Yes, text-to-speech (TTS) does work on mobile Discord. However, it is not the same as the TTS feature on the desktop app or website. Mobile Discord uses the native TTS features of your device, such as Android's Google Text-to-Speech or iOS's VoiceOver, to read out messages that are sent with the /tts command.

3. How can I turn text-to-speech?

Some popular TTS tools, such as Murf, Speechify, and EaseUS VoiceOver, can turn text into speech.

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