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Updated on Jan 26, 2024

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AI technology has democratized text-to-speech conversion, providing accessibility for everyone. With numerous text-to-speech converters available online, users invest considerable time, resources, and effort in choosing and comparing them. LOVO AI, an acclaimed AI voice generator, has revolutionized the industry by delivering remarkably realistic and captivating voices. Hence, we decided to conduct a thorough review.

In this comprehensive review of LOVO AI, we'll delve into its identity, features, pros and cons and provide a detailed guide on its usage. At the end, we'll also list some cost-effective alternatives. Let's get started!

What is LOVO AI

Compatible with: Web-based, cross-platform
Best for: Content creators, students, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and games.

LOVO AI stands out as a website equipped with an advanced AI voice generator and text-to-speech capabilities. Utilizing a sophisticated neural network, it excels in generating authentic and lifelike voices from text. Boasting a diverse selection, this AI voice generator, also a Speechify alternative, provides over 500 voices across 100 languages, offering up to 30 emotions. Users can personalize the voices by adjusting parameters such as emphasis, pitch, speed, and pronunciation and even incorporate sound effects. Worried about duplicating voices? Fear not, as LOVO AI allows you to clone any voice within a mere 10 seconds of audio.

lovo ai user interface

The Key Features of LOVO AI:

Text to Speech

LOVO enables you to deliver high-quality, engaging content that captivates your audience and elevates your video to the next level. It is trained on state-of-the-art technology, combining the best in neural text-to-speech with large language models.

AI Voices

LOVO AI allows you to create voiceovers within seconds and at a fraction of the cost using Genny. It has 150+ AI voices in 100+ languages and 35+ emotions. It also allows you to edit pronunciation, emphasize words, and add pauses and non-verbal sounds.

AI Art Generator

Genny of LOVO AI brings your creative visions to life by producing stunning illustrations and images. This AI art generator uses state-of-the-art technology like DALL-E2 or Stable Diffusion to create photorealistic images. You may get images, including photographs of people, objects, and even landscapes.

These features set LOVO AI apart from its rivals like Kits AI. Regarding its pricing, you have 4 plans to choose from Free, Basic, Pro, and Pro+.

lovo ai pricing

Free Plan: With the free plan, you can freely share content without limitations. However, downloads and commercial rights are not included.

Basic Plan: The basic plan offers 3 hours of voice generation per month, allows cloning of up to 5 voices, and grants commercial rights.

Pro Plan: Building on the Basic plan, the Pro plan includes everything it offers and introduces AI-powered creation, encompassing both script and images.

Pro+ Plan: Tailored for businesses with substantial content needs, the Pro+ plan provides 30 hours of voice generation per month and prioritized support.

Pros & Cons:

Before jumping into thsi tool, you might learn its pros and cons.


  • Allow choosing from different languages
  • Organize voices by use case for easier voice selection
  • Give voice customization to fine-tune voices
  • Export videos in HD


  • The synthetic voices sound robotic sometimes
  • Priority customer support is not available for the free and Basic versions

How to Use LOVO AI Voice Generator

How to Do Text-to-Speech with LOVO AI

Here are the steps to do text-to-speech with LOVO AI, and you can also use it to do text-to-speech for YouTube videos.

Step 1. Input Text

Type or simply copy and paste your desired text into the text blocks.

lovo ai tts input text
Step 2. Generate voice

From the top left corner, choose an AI voice, click "Generate," and wait a few seconds, and AI voices create your speech.

lovo ai tts generate voice

Step 3. Output Speech

At the right corner, you may preview the voice. Click the download icon to output the generated voice.

lovo ai output speech

How to Do Voice Cloning with LOVO AI

Step 1. In Genny, open a project and select "Voice Cloning," which is located on the left side of the screen.

lovo ai select voice cloning

Step 2. Record one minute to upload your voice date to it to start the AI voice cloning process.

Step 3. Click "Create a Voice".

lovo ai voice cloning input file

Its Voice Cloning feature currently supports English only.

Step 4. After finishing the voice cloning process, you can preview your voice. If you don't like the result, click "Recreate a Voice" to start a new project; Otherwise, click "Use This Voice."

lovo ai voice cloning use voice

Step 5. A new pop-out window will appear, and then you must fill in the Speak Info, Gender, Age, Accent, and Style. Then, agree to its terms of service. Finally, click "Save changes."

lovo ai voice cloning edit save changes

Step 6. Then go back to the "Voice Cloning" panel, you will find the voice you added shown here. (Alma's voice was created by myself.) After that, you can choose this voice and use it to create AI-generated text-to-speech.

lovo ai voice cloning added voice

How to Use AI Art Generator in LOVO AI

Please remember this feature is only available in its Advanced Mode.

Step 1. Click the "AI Artist," then use some sentences to describe the image you want to generate.

Step 2. Choose an image style and click "Create" to start generation.

lovo ai art generator add project

Step 3. Wait for a few seconds; then, you may preview the generated images. Add to your project if you like it.

LOVO AI Voice Generator Alternatives

Considering the price of LOVO AI is higher than its rivals, here we also listed some alternatives to text-to-speech and voice generator features.

EaseUS VoiceOver--Best Free Online VoiceOver Generator

EaseUS VoiceOver emerges as a free text-to-speech website, providing both text-to-speech conversion and an AI voiceover generator. Despite its recent release, it rivals competitors with a comprehensive set of features, leveraging AI for speech generation from written text. Users enjoy flexibility with options to modify voice speed, pitch, pause, and more.

Supporting conversions in nearly 150 languages and featuring over 450 built-in voices, EaseUS VoiceOver eliminates the need for sign-ups or logins. Notably, uploaded files and generated voices are automatically deleted upon leaving the page.

EaseUS VoiceOver



  • Online working mode only

Click now and discover EaseUS VoiceOver.

Murf AI --Create realistic voiceovers for videos and presentations

Murf AI serves as an online platform for generating voiceovers in over 20 languages, featuring a diverse selection of 120+ text-to-speech voices. Users can personalize the pitch, tone, and speed of the voice through a user-friendly interface.

The platform also provides the option to enhance voiceovers by adding pauses, music, and images. Furthermore, users can conveniently download the text-to-speech MP3. Murf AI extends a free plan with limited features and a subscription plan starting from $13 per month.

murf ai


  • Have a simple and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Offer a wide range of options such as different accents, ages, and styles
  • Able to customize ai-generated voices according to specific preferences


  • Inaccurate pronunciation may happen
  • No more options for altering speed, pitch, and adding pauses

Listnr AI--Generate natural-sounding speech from text

Listnr AI is an online tool comparable to LOVO AI, offering a parallel set of features. With a vast array of choices, you can pick from over 900 voices available in 142 languages and fine-tune aspects like voice style, emotion, and background music. So you can use it to do Cantonese text-to-speech, Japanese text-to-speech, etc.

Beyond text-to-speech capabilities, Listnr AI facilitates the creation of text-to-video content. You can seamlessly embed your audio on your website and distribute it across platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Notably, Listnr AI extends a free trial covering 1000 words, with a subscription plan starting from $19 per month.

 listnr AI


  • Offer an intuitive user interface for ease of use
  • Use AI to automate the recording process
  • Share audio on multiple platforms


  • The free plan has limited word conversions

To Wrap up

This blog provides comprehensive reviews of LOVO AI. It gives you its features, pros and cons, and detailed steps to use it. Also, it offers 3 cost-effective alternatives. Before purchasing it, you might read it carefully. Based on vocal quality and customization options, we recommend EaseUS VoiceOver as the best option. Download it from the button below.


These are the most frequently asked questions about lOVO AI on the web.

1. Is there a free AI voice generator?

Yes, EaseUS VoiceOver is one of the best free AI voice generators that boasts a wide range of voices and more customization options.

2. Which is the best AI voice generator?

Based on our experience, some of the most popular and best AI voice generators include LOVO AI, Murf, Speechify, and EaseUS VoiceOver.

3. What is the best AI tool for text-to-speech?

LOVO AI might be one of the best text-to-speech tools, others like Speechify, NaturalReader, and Play.ht are also on the list.

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